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batsman13 ateam 05-15-2013 10:05 PM

is this any good?
Ive played both the first and second game, but FC2 made me give up hope for the series
I loved the first one for the story and map editing, how good are those aspects in this one?

Ive heard a lot of good things about FC3, but after FC2 i felt forced to just ignore the series from then on, and i havent given this game a chance because of that

So anyone recomend this one to me?

One Winged Joker 05-15-2013 10:09 PM

I've never played the first Far Cry, and although I wouldn't say I didn't like Far Cry 2, I never finished it, which speaks for itself. I borrowed Far Cry 3 from a friend without much hope, but I have to say I played it until I completely finished its single mode. Maybe you could wait just a few months to see if it gets a discount, since it's already getting somewhat "old".

I definitely liked it better than Far Cry 2.

Opiate42 05-16-2013 01:38 PM

Yes. Play it.

Never played the first Far Cry.

I just beat the story in FC3 last night, there's two different endings and both are awesome. It was a riot and a very well done story. It's not every day you play a one-man-army-mass-murdering-shooter game with a soul. It was a pretty cool trip and left me with a bizarre feeling afterward I can't really describe.

Far Cry 2 was boring and buggy as hell. Never made it very far into it, may go back and try it again one day, but I doubt it, too many other games to catch up on.

Infernal 05-16-2013 06:13 PM

This game is absolutely amazing! a must buy!

kestrel 05-17-2013 06:00 PM

I agree with many of the previous comments - this game is good and worth playing.

EMP 05-24-2013 06:27 PM

Was a little iffy on getting the game, I fully beat it and now think it's one of the best games I've played in a while!

X monkfish69 X 05-26-2013 05:53 PM

This is probably the best Far Cry of the series so far. The original PC version was also great and FC2 comes in a close 3rd followed by the awful 360 version called 'Far Cry Predator: Instincts' where you had animal/feral powers - Was not a good entry in the series.

FeatherbottomMR 05-26-2013 06:36 PM

Got this game yesterday and it is very good so far

Inebriated Jedi 06-02-2013 02:33 AM

I don't think the story or the characters are anything special, but the game is an absolute blast to play. I'd recommend it.

Ragnarok1986 06-02-2013 10:49 AM

Easy to do and you have so much freedom.

I unlocked every thing on the first part of the island before even starting a mission :)

Ninja Eagle 06-02-2013 12:22 PM

One of the best games I've played on the 360, that's for sure. You should definitely pick it up. Well worth it I promise you.

iBuzz7S 06-02-2013 01:55 PM

Great game. Open-world and from what I could tell, you have no restrictions as to what you can and can't do.

Not only is it a great game, the achievements are decent too. And once you're done with it, move on to Blood Dragon. ;)

XGL SilentWolf 08-18-2013 01:04 AM

Really good game, I liked it that much I took the time to 100% it (well before the DLC came out) like most people have said it is free roaming so you can do pretty much anything in the order you want to. There are a lot of side quests and both endings are great.

jt89 08-23-2013 09:40 PM

yh i'm playing this now as i got it for a late birthday present i've never played any of the previous ones but i'm finding this enjoyable to play =)

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