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Tindalos 12-07-2007 07:00 PM

PC Achievement Trading Thread
Disappointed this thread is not started.. Wasted hours talking with those in the "Achievement Trading Thread" only to find out xbox360 is not cross-platform with Vista.

Anyways, I'll be hosting a trading session this weekend. If anyone is interested please reply to this thread. I'll set a time/date if there is interest.

Thoughts on how to obtain the achievements:

Sweet Revenge / Never Give Up / The Cleaner -
Map: Diner
Sessions: 10
Rounds: 3
People: 4 - 8
Time: 4
Notes: Pair up per session, traitor = decoy, cop = achievement collector, Meet at fence then have decoy kill the achievement collector. Achievement collector comes back as cop, and revenge kills decoy through the fence. The fence is where the getaway van breaks when leaving, on far right side of spawn.

Crime Buster / Double Trouble / Mr. Popularity -
Map: Diner
Sessions: 10
Rounds: 3
People: 5 - 8
Time: 4
Notes: Assuming 5 players. Have two people assigned to kill ONE other merc. This creates two traitors for each round. Then the 5th wheel (odd man out) kills both traitors.

Mercenary /
Family Member / Some / A lot / Cash Addict / Most Wanted / Mr. Play-It-Straight / 50 to Won / Rush Hour / Perfect Split
Map: Mall
Sessions: 15
Rounds: 3
People: 4 - 8
Time: 7
Notes: Run through, everyone will equally split the cash. One round have one person kill other players and make out with at least 1.5 mil.

Map: Diner
Sessions: As many as it takes
Rounds: 3
People: 4 - 8
Time: 7
Notes: Run through, kill cops at the diner, then get in getaway van (do not enter building where the senator runs )

Celebrity / True Elite-
Don't bother, worth 0 points.

Codename_47 01-20-2008 10:06 PM

i must say im severely pissed off that it isnt cross platform given thats the reason i bought it

Damebag666 02-22-2008 01:31 AM

i duno when you posted that so that weekend might have passed but i just got the game and im up for doing some online achievements,legit or boosted. id prefer legit for the most part but theres one or two that are quite hard so i dont mind boosting them if trying to get them legit fails horribly. if the weekend that you wanted to do it in has passed do you wanna do another one?

and alright fourtyseven, fancy running into you on here haha. how ya been,not seen ya online recently? well atleast when iv been on haha

Kirtaner 02-26-2008 07:22 AM

I have it on PC and need all the multiplayer achievements

DeeJay2e 02-27-2008 01:39 AM

is this still going on? i bought the pc version because it was "cross platform" and got severely screwed when i found out it wasnt. anyways looking to boost the online PC ones so i can finish this one up as well.

send a msg to deejay2e

Corpsebean 03-05-2008 10:01 PM

I wouldn't mind getting achievements on PC version if anyone wants to add me.

DarKsuN 03-31-2008 02:06 PM

I play K&L on PC version too. I need online achievements. Add me if we are enough for do a boot achievement server. add me : X DarKsuN X ( with a message says : kane & lynch achiev or something like plz ;) )

thor0298 04-14-2008 05:06 PM

i just got this for pc and will boost for some online achievements
gamertag bittersweet711

Littleweasel 04-22-2008 06:12 AM

I am a cheater! Wheeeeeee!

Lt Dark Hunter 04-27-2008 05:06 AM

Hey I'm trying to organizing a boosting party tomorrow. I'm off so I'll be on all day starting at about 9 or 10 am Pacific time.

scxzor 05-09-2008 04:51 AM

I'm also down for some achievement trading: scxzor.

hs6868 05-23-2008 03:32 PM


boofarama 06-16-2008 04:56 PM

ill be down for boosting the pc version anytime..

Welsh Rambo 07-03-2008 06:04 PM

Im up for boosting .. duno if anyone will every reply but worth a shot :p

Jbrizzel 07-22-2008 12:51 PM

I'm def in on sum PC boosting on K&L. Very sad why theres not to many that own this great game!

enzo gamerz 10-22-2008 09:01 PM

i got this game on pc for free today , and i need all online achievements

Jbrizzel 11-14-2008 10:06 PM

Ok, post back in this thread if you want to boost, all we need is 4 ppl tottal. So we need 3 more. I might have 2 ppl that already want to boost this offside x360a so ill let yall know whats up.

knightsofavalon 11-18-2008 10:35 PM

Replying to say that I'm interested in gaining some multiplayer achievements for myself and others. Gamertag's the same as my forum name.

Creech 11-20-2008 06:01 PM

My ideal start time is 7am PT (GMT -8) but I am very flexible.

If you have not played the console version, you need to be aware that this is not a fast process, some of the achievements take 50+ hours. Please don't say you are going to participate if you are not actually interested in doing so. Five people is the best bet, although it can be done with four.

If you are interested in joining a group to complete all of the MP achievements, please reply with the following information:

Your forum name, your gamertag, and if Sat or Sun is better for you.

1. Creech, Creech x360a, Sat or Sun

FullyLoadedBird 11-29-2008 08:29 PM

ill join add me as a friend

Creech 11-29-2008 09:04 PM

I looked at your gamercard and you are playing the console version. Do you have the PC version?

STILL JOEkOOL 01-05-2009 10:55 AM

hey i just got the game and me and my who has two acc to play with want to boost so send me a friend request and message saying u want to boost kane and lynch thanks

Mu0n 01-12-2009 11:41 PM


Originally Posted by STILL JOEkOOL (Post 1475454)
hey i just got the game and me and my who has two acc to play with want to boost so send me a friend request and message saying u want to boost kane and lynch thanks

Just got the game too. I want in on those MP achievements. Mu0n729 is my gamertag.

GoS CPT Stewart 01-23-2009 01:14 PM

Hey guys, I've got the game too and would love to get some of the MP achievements. Add me.

hammycfc 01-31-2009 02:22 AM

i am wantin to boost this cos i would only tale 1 day to get kane then when i have him i can make anyboby him trust me i boost on the 360 kane and lynch 20 matches and ill have kane just need 3 ppl to help and thay will get kane to ok add hammycfc

Ficus 02-06-2009 12:16 PM

hi, just got this game. i am willing to play with anyone to unlock achievements, i haven't done anyone so far. please add me to your friend list. gamertag: ficus86

strey101 02-10-2009 12:52 AM

Im down hit me up EoTL punisher

Skyburnbright 02-10-2009 01:10 PM

Hey guys, I also would like to help get the online achievements and get them myself too :) I'm down for it anytime, add me if you want my GT is "Skyburnbright"

xpigmyx 02-21-2009 10:16 AM

is anyone still playing this game online
i just got it and i want to boost some

F TANK 03-03-2009 10:28 AM

Anybody still boosting this online (PC)?
I need most of the online achievements, but of course this game is absolutely dead


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