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HareJordan23 06-05-2013 05:31 PM

DLC pricing...
Has anyone seen the season pass go on sale yet?

Should I wait for the pass to go on sale or do games even give you a discounted pass?

Kunduz 06-05-2013 05:59 PM

DLC and season pass were on DOTW between March 26th and April 1st, 2013. So was the game, I wouldn't expect them to be on sale any time soon.

ShawnSig 08-27-2013 04:23 AM

There is a Rockstar sale on right now, probably for about a week. L.A Noire on Demand for 50% off and the season pass is 75% off or something like that.
I'm seeing the game for $15 & season pass for $3.
I was about to buy these but some people are complaining on MajorNelson's forum about getting taxed an additional amount on content they just purchased after getting the new dashboard update. Someone bought a MSP card and had to pay tax when they bought it(I'm guessing he's Canadian because some places charge gst&pst), then they got charged more taxes when they bought something on the marketplace.

darth nerdius 08-27-2013 04:53 AM

Oh fuck that im not paying tax when i buy a card and when i buy something. Only goty from now on for me. One of the cigar magazines does this kinda... think its thompson dont qoute me though. They sell cigars at a super low rate ship them to you then at the end of the year they send an invoice to your state calculate taxes on total cigars and ship youu the bill. So really its not a low rate but minus taxes and hit you up later. A jail i was in did to. Bought 1 dollar smokes sold them to us for 6. Based sales taxes on the marked up prices. That sherrif is now in prison though so it all worked out for the good

ShawnSig 08-28-2013 05:46 AM

Oh, it turns out that the marketplace doesn't charge taxes when you buy something with MSP that was already on your account before the conversion. But the stores where I live will probably still charge taxes on remaining MSP cards.

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