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SynysterChris 12-18-2007 05:52 PM

Online Achievement Guide (Tower Of Death)
Updated added more character stuff.
I would also appricate it if a mod would sticky this for me. as it will help people. thanks
Game Basics:
Fun Facts:
Kakashi: when facing Zabuza you can use Zabuza’s Water Dragon Jutsu against it him. You have to have use Sharingan first. What level of Sharingan you use depends on what Level of Water Dragon Jutsu you can use.
Haku: Can do Jutsu One Handed! To perform this hold the LT and RT down and then use the left analog stick to move in the direction for the jutsu this work with both Charka Concentration and Crystal Ice Mirrors.
Example: LT/RT held down and then with the left stick press >^ for charka concentration and >*for Crystal Ice Mirrors.
Game Control Key:
^ up on stick
> Right on stick
< Left on Stick
* Down on stick (don’t have a down arrow)
A B X Y are the same as controller
RT right trigger
LT left trigger
RB right bumper
Jutsu Basic’s:
  • Jutsu’s don’t stack. Example: If u are Naruto and u use sexy jutsu, then u use chakra concentration the sexy jutsu is canceled.
  • Defense Jutsu’s don’t stack or add. Example: Armor of Sand, Sharingan, Needle Jizo. If u use any of these Jutsu’s at lets say a level 1 then use a level 2 or 1 while u still have the first level one applied the earlier jutsu is canceled and the new one replaces it at the new level of jutsu u cast.
Side (double) Step/ Guarding Tactics:
  • A side step is your basic tactic to get a good position on your opponent. This allows you to dodge your opponents attacks and leave them open for one of your own. To use the side step double tap any direction on the control stick or d-pad which every u prefer to use. You should see dust puff up from the ground near your characters feet. If performed correctly.
  • Substitution Jutsu is a good tactic to use to catch your opponent off guard but should be used sparingly because it does use charka and could leave u at a disadvantage if use it to often. To perform the Substitution Jutsu press B as right before u are hit to disappear behind your opponent. You should see a cloud of smoke and a log appear where you where if done correctly.
  • Guarding. Most people rarely to never use guard but can be a crucial when u have little or no charka to perform a substitution jutsu. Guarding can be a great way to catch your opponent off guard and give u a chance for a counter attack. You should see a blue aura in front of your character if performed correctly.
  • Defending against special attacks. One way of defending against special attacks is if your opponent is say Zabuza and he is trying to perform Water Dragon Jutsu, u can quickly use a jutsu of your own. Try to pick something that has a quick cast time such as chakra concentration like level one or sexy jutsu something quick to stop them from using their jutsu. This also leaves them open for a counter attack as they are stunned for a second from a failed jutsu.
  • If u find your self against an opponent that uses ^Y, ^X over and over again there is a simple trick against these idiots. Who in my opinion suck at this game and really piss me off. Jump and press Y this attack will slightly home in on them and once u hit them press X this will add and extra attack making it a combo also leaving u a chance to use one of your own Jutsu’s. Another trick to stop this is double-back step (same as side step except u step back) and when they use the ^Y, ^X attack they will be behind u leaving u and opening to attack. This may take some time to master but will pay off in the end because there are a lot of people who abuse this in the game.
OK I hope this helps anyone who needs these achievements. If you need anything else post and I will get back to u or pm me... Good Luck!
Also I would really appreciate it if you use this to post wither or not this guide as helped you in any way. And also post if you think I should add more or add


SynysterChris 12-21-2007 12:29 PM

Character Stragieties

Naruto's Strength lies in his fast quick attacks, along with his ability to pull off quick jutsu.

But Naruto's weakness also lies in his chakra control. which is pretty weak too many substitutions are your chakra is gone and you can be left pretty vonerable. Use keep to side-stepping opponents, and you should be able to keep your charka undercontrol.

Stagieties with Naruto:
1. some simple 3 piece combo's all it consistist of YYY combo then a side step or just a simple Y to keep your opponent off his guard and then leaving you room to get in a good combo such as YXX Thus allowing you to get in a Air combo. THese short hits are good against quick jutsu character's such as Kakashi, Naruto, jiriaya, sakura, Temeri, Ect..
2. Naruto's Ability to use Jutsu Real Quick is a key deciding factor in most matches. especially when facing a good opponent. When facing quick opponents like Rock Lee or Haku. The best thing is to get a little or big distance and use a LVL 1 or 2 Sexy Jutsu. Then make your attack with everything you've got.
3. When put at a kuni fight quickly avoid them and use a LvL 1 sexy jutsu to confuse then and then you can quickly run in or get a LVL 1 shadowclone probably didnt think of that and your opponent probably isn't thinking that either or if you have the charka maybe a LVL 2 ShadowClone your call.

Neji"s Strength Lies in his quick stong attacks. Neji also has decent amount of Chakra, And his Chakra Control is Excellent either his 8 Trigrams or Chakra Concentration is fast charging, try substituting behind your opponent with either a quick back step and charging up a LVL 1 or 2 Chakra Concentration. This can go for all Characters with quick Chakra control.

Neji's Weakness are minimal, just some of his attacks can leave him open to grabs and low range counter attacks.

Stragieties with Neji:
1. Like with Naruto Neji's has some powerful 1 2 hit moves that will chip away at health. Side-Step and hit X works best. This also works it UP Y spammers. and if their feet leave the ground finish up the combo (XXXX).
2. Another good thing about Neji is his moves have very little recovery time. when you see a opening or go in for a Down Y attack then Air Combo.
3. Try switching up the X attack for a UP Y or UP X attack to throw them off guard or if you get good enough try chaining the XXXX combo to an UP X Or UP Y combo to get then down so you can preform a jutsu.

Gaara's Strength Lies in this brute strength and Good Defense power with health and Chakra to burn. Gaara has lots of health so dont worry to much about getting hit especially by weaker characters like sakura although watch your health cause if they get in too many you could be in trouble.

Gaara's weakness is the recovery time inbetween moves like His Forward Y, and at then end of many of his combos leaves him vonerable if they dodge the last attack.

Stagieties with Gaara:
1. Gaara's can deal a lot of damage with Chip Damage with pity attacks with just hitting X and Y and the YYY combo is great for the faster characters. Just remember to keep side-stepping if your opponent is side-stepping too. go in the opposite direction to catch them.
2. Another tip when facing fast character's Ie. Rock Lee, Haku, Sakura. if you get them in a combo dont play with them especially Lee and Haku they are two that can change the tide of battle very quickly if not dealt with fast. Don't bother using Sand Armor just use Sand Burial.
3. Armor of Sand is a good tool to help with stronger character's or when you want to concerve your chakra in the fight. Just remember if you get caught in a Jutsu It goes away.

Orochimaru's Strength is he is Very Strong but that's about it besides his genjutsu, though not as quick as Naruto's Sexy Jutsu. Another is He has quite a bit of chakra. and dosen't use much chakra to Substitute.

Orochimaru's Weakness is he is Very Slow and Very Predictable, His moves are Slow and leave a lot of room for counter attacks. Also if you are not good with him he is tuff to get used to for he doesn't play like the other characters.

Stragieties with Orochimaru:
1. I find that his Back X the Y combo does a good amount of damage. This attack is Slow and has cover's quite a bit of distance so is best to use at medium range. to garentee a hit. The only draw back is people sub it alot so beware. and get ready to sub their attack. Also watch for the grab as alot of advanced players will grab you do to the recovery time of the move.
2. His UP Y and UP X are good when in Close quaters, also just Tapping Y is probably his quickest One hit attack that will help you in fights. against fast characters and UP Y spammers.
3. Get some distance and use Genjutsu to confuse your opponent then you have two option's like with Naruto you can either rush in for some physical attacks or use your Striking Shadow Snake Jutsu.
( GOOD LUCK with Orochimaru, he is very hard to get through the tower with so he will probably be your last to beat it with)

Haku's Strength Lie's in His Shear speed and ability to preform multipul combos at Once. Haku also has pretty much and unlimited amount of chakra, and to substitute it takes pretty much no chakra at all and recovers really fast.
Haku's Weakness is he's defense Haku can be defeated in a few strong hits or a rage mode when they get in those combos that seem to be impossible to dodge or sub.

Straigeties with Haku:
1. Haku is very fast so you want to be a little aggressive with him a good combination of combos are YY then X then XX YY then YYX.
2. I perfer to use Chakra Concentration when I get the oppertunity as it compensates for Haku's lack of strength. Only LVL 2 is really necessary but if you can spare the chakra at the time then 3 is ok.
3. Haku's UP Y is Very good and even if subb'd can sometimes still connect mostly becuause of the horrid programming. But more than anything don't hesitate to sub with Haku's Overpouring amout of chakra, and keeping moving to avoid your opponents attacks. And counter with small hits to do some damage.

Kiba's Stregth's are that he is very stong and does short combos that are hard to dodge. He also has good chakra control.

Kiba's weakness are you can get carried away with blindly attacking which can leave you open as some of his attacks have a bit of recovery time. and his chakra is pretty weak as it runs out way to fast at the wrong time. If faced with a fast opponent stick with low level jutsu.

Stragieties with Kiba:
1. Kiba has a wide range of short combos that deal a good amount of damage. with little or no recovery time. which can be combined to create new combos. like Y then side step the Y X XX Y YXX. and then that sets them up for the air combo.
2. A good idea when fighting a character with quick low level jutsu like Kakashi is to keep about a 3 to 5 feet away at all times and keeping the pressure on with short combos. if you see them go for the quick jutsu use his Forward X to stop that.
3. YXX is a good set up for and air combo and to preform a jutsu. also Kiba UP X YX is good for getting some distance between you and your opponent to set up for Your Fang OVer Fang.

Sakura's Strength Lies in her quick movements and fast attacks and her abilty to do jutsu in a very short distance from her opponent. She like Haku and Sarutobi Have an almost limitless amount of chakra to do with what they will. Sakura also probably has the most health in the game. Plus has the only ability to heal themself during battle.

Sakura's Only weakness probably are that she does little damage with her attacks, and she has no attack jutsu. But thats not really a huge disadvantage.

Stragieties with Sakura:
1. Keep close unless you plan on using a jutsu. but keep the pain comming with quick strikes Y's and X's to keep the damage racking up.
2. Keep switching it up and try an air set up like YXX or UP YXX and thus giving you a chance for healing palm Jutsu or Chakra concentration.
3. Use kuni if your opponent is on the run it will prevent them from using a jutsu against you, but remember they can sub and get a attack of their own off on you so be ready to get out of the way or sub their attack.

Saskue's Strength is he is a pretty well Rounded Character He's Stong and Fast and also has the Sharingan which can help out alot with fast characters. And can change the outcome of a fight.

Saskue's Weakness are That You can End up Being Very Perdictable if you keep up with the same move over and over. And some of his move's also have a bit Recovery time which can turn against you.

Straigieties with Saskue:
1. Saskue's YYY is very hard to dodge and Even sub unless subbed at the first hit. And can be linked with another one to double the damage or another combo.
2. For some reason Saskue's UP Y seems to have an uncanny ability to turn around and still hit you after a sub or and UP Y dodge. So prey that this happens and prey it dosent if your fighting him.
3. Use the Sharingan It Helps plus with it combined with grabs works very well.

SynysterChris 12-21-2007 01:01 PM

Character Stragieties Cont.

Kakashi's Strength Lies in His Speed, Attacks, Chakra(amount), and Jutsu that can all be preformed very quickly even a few feet away from your opponent. Also Moving with unpredictable movements makes him hard to sub. And with his Sharingan makes him and hard opponent to hit.

Kakashi's Weakness Lie in his medium range attacks which if too close to your opponent they can counter with an attack of their own before you get the chance to strike.

Stragieties with Kakashi:
1. Take advantage of His speed and quick jutsu charge, if and opponet is comming in hot and heavy back up and Jutsu them with a Lighting Blade. Or in Cases with faster character's Use Your Sharingan to protect you from their onslaught.
2. Kakashi is Strong make good use of Small hits they can turn into big combos and your opponent may find himself/herself losing more life than they espected.
3. Use your Sharingan, Especially against Lee, Gaara, and Haku as it can help deal with a barriage of his from Lee and Haku. But in the Case of Gaara can help out the Usually spammed Forward Y attack which can save your charka instead of subbing it. You could also try subbing his Forward Y and Grabbing him while he recovers.

Zabuza's Strengths are He is Extremely Stong, And can Desimate an Opponent in a few Combos. He has A Good Amount of Chakra, and has very good chakra control allowing you to use jutsu's pretty quickly.

Zabuza's Weakness are that he is Very Slow And his Move take time to do. which could leave you open to a counter attack. His Moves are also very perdictable.

Stragieties with Zabuza:
1. Stay a good 3 feet away because most of Zabuza's moves need a bit of a coushin to get off. Zabuza's Forward X Y X is a great Combo that will give you plenty of room, after the hit to get off a big jutsu LEVEL 2 or 3 your choice but if your not good at doing it I suggest using a Level 2 as it wastes less chakra.
2. When far from your opponent use his Back X Y attack as I will do some serious damage and Leave you plenty of room for a jutsu.
3. Down attacks work very well when opponent is getting up, also take advantage of Zabuza's grabs they are fast, and are strong, a nice trick that works with all characters is when your opponent is getting up try to time it so when they are standing you character grabs them.

KingGotenW 12-21-2007 01:49 PM

KingGotenW 12-22-2007 05:49 AM

ok im seriously getting pissed at this!! EVERY time i fight sakura i lose EVERY time. it seems like my combos do like half as much damage. im seriously about to throw my controller against the wall. i just lost to her AGAIN and i was on round 5.

edit: im also starting to get pisse dat people that ONLY do the ^Y move. im serious thats all they do.

matthewmcg360 12-22-2007 04:20 PM

what the fark is the substution jutsu?

SynysterChris 12-22-2007 08:09 PM

Why are u playing this game if u dont know what the substution jutsu is?
just kidding but its the dissapearing trick that u do in the game the B button thing to dissapear behind your opponent. and a log appears.

KingGotenW 12-23-2007 12:51 AM

they teach it to you in the story mode...

IceKingz 12-23-2007 07:42 PM

Wow...after this long I have only had 4 achievements online: Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke, and Gaara. These ones took a while to get... Just recently IN A ROW, I got Neji and Haku. Both of them were straight wins and I never had to restart.

Neji, I faced Shikamaru for every round and Haku, I faced Sasuke on the last round and it was a decently tough match, we both had a little health left but I knew I would probably win because he had rage mode a while before I did. (Normally a bad sign unless you get in a huge combo)

Edit: Oh my gosh. I just got the achievement with Zabuza and Rock Lee, both taking two tries. I've REALLY got the hang of this and fast too. Just Sakura, Shik, Kiba, Roch, and the two new players once I buy them. I tried with Sakura and made it to 3rd round and barely lost. Oh well, I don't even care if I keep losing right now, I'm so excited.

Edit 2: *couple of hours later* Just got the achievement with Sakura... I've really picked up to online play. Just Kiba, Shikamaru, and Orochimaru to go!!

KingGotenW 12-24-2007 09:12 PM

well since "somebody" made me delete me 1st post about how this guide hlped me ill post it again down here. i currently have genin,chunin,jounin,naruto,sauke,and rock lee achievments. i just cant seem to win with other character. but w/o this guide i never wouldve made it that far. as far as im concerned screw the online achievments!!

happy now?

SynysterChris 12-25-2007 06:29 PM


Originally Posted by KingGotenW (Post 542239)
well since "somebody" made me delete me 1st post about how this guide hlped me ill post it again down here. i currently have genin,chunin,jounin,naruto,sauke,and rock lee achievments. i just cant seem to win with other character. but w/o this guide i never wouldve made it that far. as far as im concerned screw the online achievments!!

happy now?

sorry but it just would have looked weird to have them in between posts. well thank u very much.

Ghostly Legend 24 01-08-2008 02:53 AM

all u do with sasuke naruto sakura neji rock lee and the others is just to press up yyx and then use axxy or axxx and then use jutsu

CrazyenigmaJ 01-19-2008 02:33 AM

Is there anyway you could give suggestions for countering people who spam side stepping? You mentioned how to stop ^Y ers with A Y and I was wondering if there was a similarly simple way to stop side steppers.

stormnl 02-02-2008 02:49 PM

Ok this is pretty crappy :( I can push on til the third round.. in the third, I ALWAYS fight either Sasuke or Rock lee (I think I only had to face Kakashi once or so).. I mostly lose it to them and have to start all over >.< I can't seem to get the hang of it! Any general tips which might help? Even though its a very good explanation of game mechs and character abilities above, I can't make it :(

Ghostly Legend 24 02-13-2008 05:41 PM

can u give me help on how people side step faster than normal

ccj 02-13-2008 08:21 PM

Story Mode
how do i get more training points with out doing a ninja race i already finished the hide and seek and the ramen dilivery and i was wondering how can i get more training points with out doing a ninja race on story mode?

SynysterChris 02-13-2008 10:47 PM

there are many topics on this already put if you have completed all the training with other characters and story missions or extra missions that is the only way to get more training points sorry.

ccj 02-13-2008 11:39 PM

oh i know that i've done all the missions for now i'm at the part when i just got done fighting gaara and i don't know what am i sopose to do so i was thinking they wanted me to get the only combo thats left because itachi is coming and thats why i said is there any way i can get more training points with out doing a ninja race!

ccj 02-14-2008 02:57 AM

and what did you mean about i get to train with the other characters do you mean i get to be neji or saskue and train like that or you mean i can train with them as naruto if you mean that how can i train with them i fight them all the time and i win they only give me cash no training points!

MapleMire 02-14-2008 10:42 PM

good tips ill try this out when i get the chance, add this to the guide

Hurricane x360a 02-15-2008 02:54 AM

how do u side step really fast

Death_Daemon 02-15-2008 11:45 AM

every time i try to play there's this guy called Circus Million or something...
and each time i vs him. he plays as choji... and i hat it how he has the easiest combos and the easiest jutsus 2 pull off....
is there any sure-fire way to stop losing against this fat homo???

Hurricane x360a 02-15-2008 11:43 PM

side step and use yxx to get him in the air

Death_Daemon 02-16-2008 12:46 AM


Originally Posted by Hurricane x360a (Post 648680)
side step and use yxx to get him in the air

thanks!!! i really appreciate it

Achiever TM 02-28-2008 11:37 PM

there are someone thet knows when comes out an update that make the last 4 achievements possible to unlock??

Tricka21 03-03-2008 11:01 PM

Hey what's up, I was just curious are you gonna add any tips on how to use Shikamaru because no offense towards him or anything, but he's absolutely crap in this game which is dissapointing because in all the other Naruto games he like so ownz + he's one of my favourite characters.;)

SynysterChris 03-05-2008 10:04 AM


Originally Posted by Hurricane x360a (Post 648680)
side step and use yxx to get him in the air

WOw Its not cheating and it really easy to get out of, just side-step after the first hit.

thedude314 03-06-2008 05:38 PM


Originally Posted by SynysterChris (Post 695255)
WOw Its not cheating and it really easy to get out of, just side-step after the first hit.

well, I tried using it, and that combo worked for me, but synysterChris is right, it's easy to avoid. anyone else have any suggestions? I keep getting to the third match and I keep getting taken out by people ranked in the top two hundred.....its bullshit. right now i'm just trying to beat the exam with naruto.

faytz 03-08-2008 01:11 PM

An easy way to get up the tower in the Forest of Death with Naruto is Jump up and press Y and X after for some good damage. Then follow up with a few ground combos such as the normal X,X,X,X then Y,Y,Y. After that use the uppercut kick to get him on the floor and use your Shadow Clone jutsu level 1 and make sure you got the right timing on both attacks and it should be a K.O.

thedude314 03-08-2008 09:05 PM


Originally Posted by faytz (Post 702007)
An easy way to get up the tower in the Forest of Death with Naruto is Jump up and press Y and X after for some good damage. Then follow up with a few ground combos such as the normal X,X,X,X then Y,Y,Y. After that use the uppercut kick to get him on the floor and use your Shadow Clone jutsu level 1 and make sure you got the right timing on both attacks and it should be a K.O.

alright, thanks man, I'll give that a try.

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