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darth nerdius 06-29-2013 12:46 AM

why is this listed as a call of duty
This was published outside of the call of duty franchise due to beef between activision and infinity ward. I know its bit nit picky but i applauded them for showing tue big tough activision that you cant bully developers

iBuzz7S 06-29-2013 01:08 AM

The "beef" between Activision and Infinity Ward happened months after Modern Warfare 2 was released. Even so, Activision owned and still own Infinity Ward and Modern Warfare 2 was published under Activision.

Whether they like it or not, Modern Warfare 2 is Activision's game, just like most Call of Duty games are.

Harry98 08-30-2013 09:34 PM

because it's the 6th Call of Duty game

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