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AgentOrange330 07-10-2013 04:34 AM

Collectibles Walkthrough
For the sake of directions in this walkthrough when I mention north, south, east or west I'm referencing the circular mini map. North would be the one arrow on the mini map that is more prominent.

Mission 1:
Immediately at take off turn approximately 45 degrees to the right and you'll see a bright blue light from a welder on the top of a construction building. Pedro is there.

Go to the very first waypoint of this mission. There is a fenced in building on top of a small hill. The crate is just to left of that building in a small valley between hills.

Mission 2:
When you start the mission you need to destroy an outpost. Destroy it. Immediately after the objective is to destroy the factory. Fly straight ahead to the south east side of the map. The crate is behind a low brick warehouse with two big pipes coming out of both sides. This is part of one of the factories you need to destroy.

After entering the cave you'll be piloting a drone. Immediately upon entering the cave turn around 180 degrees and fly down the tunnel. Pedro is there at the very end.

After returning to where you started there is a small room directly to your right. The crate is in there on the right hand side of the room.

Mission 3:
After the sniping section you'll be tasked with clearing the hideout. Find the lighthouse on the coast and follow the coast around so the water is to your left. As you round the corner there is a fenced in barn with Pedro standing in the middle of the fenced in area. This is on the north end of the island.

Continue following the coast around to the east side of island until you see a small fire and a raft on the shore. The crate is right there near the fire.

If you continue to follow the coast from there you'll come upon a small fortress wall. The crate is inside these walls. This is on the southeastern side of the island.

Mission 4:
When tasked with destroying the radar station fly northeast from the station, across the river right to a mountain that is in the center of that strip of land. Pedro is right on top of the mountain. Do this before you completely destroy the radar station because if you do you're immediately taken to a section where you don't have control of you chopper. I'm sure you can find it later in the mission but its right near where you are for the radar station so grab him now.

From Pedro fly just a short way directly north. Near an intersection on the road that runs down the center of the island is a crate. If you already have Pedro this area is just southwest from the two bridges you destroy during the boat chase.

Immediately after regaining control of the copter after destroying the coca fields the crate is right in this area. It's at the base of a mountain, kind of near the waters edge in a small clearing. You don't need to fly far at all from where the game gives you control of the copter again. If you just spin to the right you should see it.

Mission 5:
On the south side of map, behind the really tall oil tower and near some power lines is a crate behind some houses. Very near the maps edge.

Go to the southeast edge of the map. This is the end of the map near the flight control tower. You'll see a small fire and a car. Pedro is in this area.

You'll need to find a vehicle. From where the dump tuck is parked a crate is just to the southeast of there. It is in a group of three piles of purple and blue shipping containers kind of near a crane and a building with a small smokestack.

Mission 6:
From the base you start at there is a large mountain directly to the east. Fly over this mountain and the crate is at its base near a road.

From the first outpost you need to eliminate fly directly north. Pedro is standing in a small fenced in area with a small house near it.

In that same outpost there is a radar station atop a hill in the southern part of the outpost. From that radar station fly south-southwest. There is a crate amongst some hills there.

AgentOrange330 07-10-2013 04:35 AM


Mission 7:
Towards the end of the mission when you need to destroy the AA units. A crate is on the shoreline on the eastern edge of the island. Its right near the water. Grab this before destroying the AA units because the mission ends as soon as they're destroyed.

From the area where you need to destroy the AA units fly south-southwest to a small island that is a little way off of the coast. Pedro is on this island as well as a crate. Same thing as before. Get this before destroying the AA units.

Mission 8:
From the start of the mission, after you drop the tank off, fly north along the coast until it turns to the west. Follow the coast just a little bit more. A crate is on the beach right near the waters edge.

Again, from where you dropped off the tank. Fly east-southeast. There is an island off shore with a lighthouse. The crate is on the beach of this island.

Directly north from the lighthouse island and just across the water on a beach is Pedro. Heís in an area with a fence and a few small huts. You can see him from where you picked up the crate near the lighthouse.

Mission 9:
From the stadium that you follow the convoy to. While hovering over the stadium look to the north west. There is a tall apartment building with a bright light on the top of the building. Pedro is standing right near that light. You should be able to see the light from the stadium.

From the stadium fly south-southeast. In a small yard near some bigger apartment buildings is a crate. It's very near the stadium. You don't need to fly for more than a second or two to find it.

From the stadium fly directly east. There will be a block of apartment buildings with a fountain in the center of the square. The crate is in this area. From the stadium you only need to fly a second or two. Very close to the stadium.

Mission 10:
When Pierce is on the train Max will say something like "They're coming from the city." At this point the train should be going around a right hand bend. At the bend you'll want to fly due west where you should see a rock formation with smoke rising up behind it. Behind the rock formation is Pedro near a burning truck.

Pierces train will come to a stop and your objective is to kill the enemies in the oasis. On the northern bank of the oasis hidden amongst some trees is a crate.

Once the train stats moving again you'll need to destroy four AA batteries on the train. Destroy them and then follow the train into a large city area. The train will make a full loop around this city before going into the last area in the hills. The crate is almost directly in the middle of this city. If you fly to the smokestack that is in the main part of town and fly a little ways to the northwest you'll see it. It is near a large unfinished construction building in the parking lot alongside the roadway.

This is also where you can get the Arc for the ďObtainer Of the Lost ArcĒ achievement. Towards the very end of the level near where the last train comes straight at you there is a bend in the track. If your facing the track in the direction Pierces train is traveling its on the left side of the track on a small hill right on the final bend. There is a giant stack of crates there that you need to destroy and the Arc is in it. You can get it before the cut scene with the train if you just fly ahead of Pierces train. The funny thing is sometimes the game will show a bright yellow light as you come into the area and that's where the Arc is.

Mission 11:
While defending the friendly forces on the riverbank fly northwest across the river. There is a crate there in a small clearing amongst a large group of trees. Not too far from where the wooden bridge and the sand bridge are on the river.

Finish defending the river bank and wait until the convoy appears. This will open a little more of the map for you to explore. Follow the river around to the north and keep following it as it turns west. There will be a wooden bridge and right past there on the side of the riverbank will be a small dock. Pedro is standing on that dock. At that very same bridge if you turn directly north you'll see a hut and some small houses. There is a crate in this area.

Mission 12:
After refueling mid flight you'll have to destroy helicopters that are targeting buildings. Fly to the northern end of the area that this part is in. There will be a large smokestack along with one of the buildings you're supposed to be protecting. A crate is right in the area near the large smoke stack.

Defend the beach from the enemy landing and wait until the drones appear. Don't destroy the drones until you have Pedro and the crate in this area because once the drones are destroyed the game moves forward and you canít return to this area. Fly out to the eastern edge of the map and look for a really tall rock formation with a broken up boat right next to it. Pedro is on the very top of this formation looking out to sea.

From the rock formation that Pedro is on fly north east to a separate rock formation. There is a crate on top of this formation. You should be ale to see the crates lights from where you got Pedro.

Mission 13:
Right from the very start of the mission turn your chopper 90 degrees to the left and face east. You'll see a dirt road heading out of town. Follow that road down just a little ways and Pedro is there. You can actually see him flashing right from where you start the mission so just hover until you can see him.

Provide air support for your convoy until you're told that the enemy is coming from all sides. The convoy will come to a stop. Look south-southeast and you'll see two large low laying oil tanks behind a larger stand up oil tank. There is a crate near the two big round tanks.

From the last crate fly east-northeast just a little ways and you'll see an area with a few small houses and a few small trees. There is a crate in the middle of this area. You may actually need to fly out of the mission area to grab it but it is possible to pick it up

AgentOrange330 07-10-2013 04:37 AM

There you have it. This was my first attempt at a walkthrough so please excuse the fact that it may look a little amateurish. Any help or constructive criticism as to how to clean it up is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions as to where anything is or need clarification please don't hesitate to message me. Enjoy!

Barad 07-13-2013 11:23 AM

Really appreciate this man, great work. Mind if I link my guide to this thread?

AgentOrange330 07-13-2013 03:55 PM


Originally Posted by B A R 4 D (Post 5889265)
Really appreciate this man, great work. Mind if I link my guide to this thread?

By all means. Be my guest. Happy I could help.

Barad 07-17-2013 03:35 PM

Thanks bud will note you as credit due.

RaLLeX 07-19-2013 03:10 PM

Hey you made a guide ! thats great stuff ! i did not visit this Forum/thread for like over a week and now we have a guide ! thx for making this ! Now i can finnaly finish the achievments in this game so much more easy !

AgentOrange330 07-19-2013 03:45 PM


Originally Posted by RaLLeX (Post 5897737)
Hey you made a guide ! thats great stuff ! i did not visit this Forum/thread for like over a week and now we have a guide ! thx for making this ! Now i can finnaly finish the achievments in this game so much more easy !

No problem. Glad you liked it. As I said, If anything is unclear or needs to be updated please let me know...

AssassinDK 07-29-2013 11:17 PM

Thankyou AgentOrange! Much appreciated and very helpful.

Ace Attorney 86 08-13-2013 02:31 AM

Hey thanks for the guide! I'm having some trouble finding one of the crates in mission 4. it's the 2nd crate on the mission select if that helps. this one is a pain because most of the ground is yellow and the invisible walls and timed missions make this a chore. Anything you can add that might help? I looked for it for a solid half hour and no dice. :(

AgentOrange330 08-13-2013 04:19 AM

Not entirely sure which one is which to be honest but I'm guessing its the one on the long skinny island. If its that one the island I mean is the one where you find Pedro. It's also the one that has the two wooden bridges that you destroy during the boat chase section. From those two bridges if you just fly right down the middle of that island it's quite close to those bridges almost smack dab right in the middle of the island. Fly SLOW in that area and you should see the lights blink eventually. Look for this one BEFORE destroying the radar station. That point isn't timed so you have plenty of time to fly over that island to look for it.

If its the other one that's even easier. AS SOON as you get control of the copter immediately following destroying the cocoa fields don't fly anywhere. Just turn to the right and same as above, fly slow or hover until you see the lights on the crate blink.

Ace Attorney 86 08-13-2013 10:55 PM

Hey thanks for taking the time to answer, it was the second one. I think I was going to far, it blended in really well with the yellow ground lol thanks!

AgentOrange330 08-13-2013 10:57 PM


Originally Posted by Ace Attorney 86 (Post 5932500)
Hey thanks for taking the time to answer, it was the second one. I think I was going to far, it blended in really well with the yellow ground lol thanks!

No problem at all. Honestly that mission was the HARDEST to find all the collectibles for me. As you said, they blend in more so on that one than any of the other missions...

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