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McDurbin 07-17-2013 08:04 PM

For those playing the JP version of this game and/or want a better guide
First off, credit goes to Seddo for making the original guide. Seddo's guide (Click here) The only thing I take credit for is the screenshots and putting the achievements in the right order. Everything else in the guide is Seddo's work.

I know this is a really old game and not many people will be playing this. But for the few gamerscore whores who play this game I think you may find this helpful.

First, for those playing the Japanese version of this game, you'll notice a large portion of the game is in Japanese except for the menus. So if you want to know what level you're on so you can follow a guide for an achievement you can only tell by the picture of the level, unless you know Japanese. So what I've done is loaded up the english version of the game and took screenshots of the levels as they're loading so you can know which level you're on. Also, I have added a screenshot of the load save page to show what each level is in Japanese in case you miss an achievement and want to load a level but don't feel like randomly picking saves hoping you picked the right level.

I have grouped the achievements based on the order in which you can unlock them and put the screenshot of the level at the top for those playing the jap version. For the miscellaneous achievements, most can be done on any level. I just place them on levels that I think they are best to go for while playing on that level or when doing cleanup.

I just noticed that you can select any level when on the world map. So the order I have the levels listed might not be the same. Just find the mission your on and look at the achievements you should go for on that level.

You'll need to play the game twice as extreme isn't unlocked at first, so play on easy for your first playthrough. Also, keep a save for each level as once you beat the game you can't do level select if you miss an achievement and don't want to try and do it on extreme difficulty.

Single player/co-op

Level 1 Monastery
Level Specific Achievement(s) One Careful Owner

Ensure BMP survives until the end of Monastery.

Right near the end of the first level you'll come across a tank, as soon as you get into it drive forward and blow the blockage out of the way, shoot at the enemies and a couple of turrets that are firing at you. Proceed further and you'll see your teams chopper shooting at an enemy chopper, shortly after there will be a tank blow that up before it has a chance to shoot you. Carry on until your come to a corner go around and then exit the tank to take care of an enemy with a RPG, after that jump back in and proceed forward keep edging forward whilst peaking around the corner to get a shot at another tank but it sees you. After that there should be not more threat so just carry on the level on foot, the achievement will pop up at the end of the level.

Miscellaneous Achievement(s) Scorched Earth
20 Destroy at least 75% of destroyable objects in a mission.

To unlock this achievement you must destroy atleast 75% of destroyable objects in a mission, just simply go around the level shooting boxes, flammable containers and bottles, just simply rampage throughout the whole level. The first level seems to be the smallest of the ten available so that would be the best level to complete to get the achievement. I personally got it on the second level. Brawler
20 Achieve 10 melee kills in one single player or co-op mission.

Achieve 10 melee kills in one single player or co-op mission. This can be tricky at times even though it seems simple. A few times when i've ran upto an enemy to melee him he's melee'd me back and sent me into MIA, so the best way i've found to do this is shoot the enemy first so the enemy starts to hunch down in pain and then whack him quick before he recovers from the gun shots, the best level for this is most probably the first level as there's not loads of enemies running at you at any one time. Ain't Got Time To Bleed
20 Complete any Campaign or Co-op mission without going MIA (no loads or checkpoint resumes allowed).

Just complete any mission in single player or co-op mission without going MIA, you are not allowed to reload checkpoints or the achievement will not unlock, if your not the best player at the game it might be best of to play a mission on easy, the first mission will probably be the best to complete this. Co-operative Mission
15 Complete any mission in Co-op.

Simply complete any one mission of the ten available in co-op, this is probably best done on the first mission on easy as there are no checkpoints during co-op play, can get a bit frustrating at times if you keep dying but keep your cool and take the level your playing slowly. If your going through the co-op campaign as normal this will unlock by itself anyway. Perfect Partner
20 Complete a Co-op mission without either player going MIA.

Again not a easy thing to do, best of doing the first mission on easy and talking corners slowly and using the lean feature for extra protection, always watch your back for enemies running behind you and always work together don't go off in two different paths.

Level 2 Whaling Station
Level Specific Achievement(s) Saving Private Yelkin
Ensure Private Yelkin survives in Whaling Station.

Right at the end of the level, you'll come across this fella, could be a bit tricky on hard difficulty so the best option could be to do it on easy as you'll have a vehicle with a turret attached to it aswell as a chopper that shoots at you and several enemies getting in the way, just do everything you can to save him, also be careful when it says 'press A to talk' as i did and accidentally meele'd him and he died.

McDurbin 07-17-2013 08:04 PM

Level 3 Township
Level Specific Achievement(s) Compound Problem
10 Escape from police compound without going MIA in Township.

This one is pretty easy actually and it unlocks pretty much near the beginning of the level. Start the level as normal and work you way through killing the enemies and you'll soon enter a building with a few cells and there's usually one enemy stood in there so kill him and carry on moving forward, about 10 seconds after i left the building the achievement popped up for me. Police Protection
10 Save RPF troops in town square in Township.

As you play through the mission like normal about half way through after entering a few buildings you'll soon come to open area with a few RPF troops in the middle with enemies located all around the surrounding area, just take out out all the enemies that are in the open and the one's that are in the buildings and this achievement will pretty much unlock straight away. Search And Rescue
10 Rescue Bishop Three in Township.

Rescuing Bishop comes right at the end of the level so after going through the the level like normal you will find yourself a tank, drive it out into the open area and shoot the enemies around there, at this points two tanks come out, take them both out before either one can do any damage to you. Exit the tank and head over to the structure in the middle of the map and you'll spot Bishop, simply kill all the enemies that ambush you and after a while you'll get some of your men in choppers and tanks showing up and clearing the remaining enemies out for you, the achievement should pop up and the level is complete.

Miscellaneous Achievement(s)

**You'll have to stick with one character to get this achievement. Just pick one and replay the level later or try for the other character on the next level.** Lang Time Dead
20 Complete any campaign or co-op mission with at least 50 kills and 30% accuracy using Lang.

To obtain this you must complete any mission with atleast 50 kills and 30% accuracy using Lang, this can be unlocked on single player or co-op. This is best done on easy as you'll have more time to aim at the enemies without going into MIA when shot in quick succession, just take your time and line up your shots before pulling the trigger, it could be best to mentally count how many enemies you've killed so you know how many you've exactly killed. You are able to go into MIA on your way to getting this achievement. Graves Digger
20 Complete any mission with at least 50 kills and 40% accuracy using Graves.

To obtain this you must complete any mission with atleast 50 kills and 40% accuracy using Graves, this can be unlocked on single player or co-op. Just like 'Lang Time Dead' this is probably best done on easy and once again just line up your shots for perfect head shots to get the one shot kills. You are able to go into MIA on your way to getting this achievement.

Level 4 Castle
Level Specific Achievement(s) Defend The Doctor
10 Ensure Dr. Pessich survives until end of Castle.

During the mid way point (sort of) after walking across a short outside balcony you'll enter a big cave and see this doctor on a computer, get your team mate to defend him. Now there will be 4 doors that open one after each other so get your grenade's and grenade launcher attachment ready and take the enemies out as quick as possible so you don't suddenly become surrounded. After this the doctor will follow you and stay around corners until you've killed all the enemies in that section, it should be pretty straight forward from now on to keep him alive. Prisoner Release Programme
10 Ensure FSB Agents survive until the end of Castle.

During the midway point in the castle level you'll be inside a cave, after killing of the enemies around the area walk down the slope and across from a sort of small building there's a couple of cells with some FSB agents in, there should be a button to press close by that will open the cells enabling the agents to come out. The agents now follow you and participate in shootouts, though there not the best of shots they can be pretty handy just make sure you kill the enemies first before they have a chance to aim at the agents.

Miscellaneous Achievement(s)
**I got this achievement on this level, but you may get it sooner or later than me** Kill Streak
20 Score 50 kills in a row without going MIA.

Simply get 50 kills without going MIA, again it's probably best to do this on easy, just be careful going around corners and use the lean feature for the corners and always watch your back as i've been killed many times from a sly enemy running up behind and melee'ing me, this can be obtained on any level really but the first few levels are most probably the easiest.

McDurbin 07-17-2013 08:05 PM

Level 5 Submarine Easy Slider
10 Commandeer hovercraft and ensure it survives to perimeter wall in Submarine Facility.

Quite early on in this level after killing off all the enemies in the opening area you'll get told to take a hovercraft, so proceed forward with it and shoot all the enemies that are down the hill aswell as a couple on top of the mountains and proceed forward. Exit the vehicle and take out a enemy with a turret by firing a well placed RPG shot, you could just leave the vehicle behind the wall and carry on on foot and the achievement will still unlock. Vertically Challenged
10 Destroy Jump-Jet in Submarine Facility.

You get the opportunity to blow the jet up right at the end of this level in the area where the level actually started, it is slight tricky if you have no RPG ammo. There's 3 ways to take it down, if you have RPG ammo then it's will take a couple of well place shots to bring it down, you could use the hovercrafts turret to bring it down but i usually got killed or the hovercraft blew up the last option is the longest but using your standard guns it will eventually take it down. Could be best done on co-op as two guns are better than one.

Level 6 Diamond Mine

Level Specific Achievement(s) Your Cousin Dances Naked...
10 Listen in on 4 guard conversations in Diamond Mine without being detected.

To listen to the first conversation, as soon as the mission starts give your man the order to stay in that position so he doesn't get in the way and then run down and hide to the side of the big construction vehicle to listen to the conversation. Then wait for Atongwe and his followers to walk away and walk up the stairs as soon as there out of sight ignore the guards and run across and follow them, as they proceeded to walk through the building and walked down the small steps, stay at the doorway and listen out for the second conversation.

As they start walking away, slowly follow them to the other side of the compound and hide behind the blueish vehicle to the right hand side, you should hear the third conversation. Watch Atongwe and his followers walk inside the building and wait the the guard near the door to walk away, swiftly move into the building so the guard doesn't notice you. Wait for them to walk up the stairs and slowly follow them, as the door closes at the top wait a few seconds and then walk towards the door and just peak around the corner to listen to the fourth conversation, as Atongwe walks away the achievement should unlock. Out Of Sight
Track Atongwe in Diamond Mine without being detected.

This could be pretty tricky for some and could take a few goes but you should do it eventually. You could also try and go for the 'Your Cousin Dances Naked...' achievement while your doing this. As soon as the mission starts watch Atongwe movement and after a minute or so he should start moving towards the stairs in the far left position from your starting point. After he's entered the cabin with his followers, quickly move towards the cabin and make sure no guard sees you, carry on to the other side and follow him across the compound again with out alerting the guards, enter the building shorty after him and follow him up the stairs slowly, after a conversation with two other people he should go into a room to the left with one other person leaving one person standing out side, kill him with the sniper rifle and then proceed to the door and move inside, kill the guard in here and wait for Atongwe to finish his business on the laptop and the achievement should pop up.

Miscellaneous Achievement(s) Collateral Damage
Make 10 indirect kills in a mission by shooting explosive objects such as barrels or gas cylinders.

So for this you just have to wait for enemies to run or stop near explosive barrels and shoot at the barrels before they run off, i think the best level to do this is probably 'ATAK Diamond Mine' as there is plenty of barrels thought this level aswell as a fair few explosive barrels right at the end of the level during the ambush. 10 kills shouldn't be a problem to receive on this level. Minute Man
20 Destroy 45 objects in 60 seconds.

Can take a few tries to accomplish this but one of the best areas i've found to do this is right near the end of the 'ATAK Diamond Mine' mission, in the area where you have to plant the C4 charges, to proceed to the LZ. Just take out all the enemies around this area and try not to blow up the explosives, once every enemy is dead, start shooting all the explosive barrels and containers and this should unlock.

McDurbin 07-17-2013 08:06 PM

Level 7 Chemical Tanker

Level Specific Achievement(s) Change Of Priority
10 Ensure hostages survive on Tanker.

On the mission 'Chemical Tanker', near the start of the mission you will see four hostages surrounded by three guards, you must kill the three guards and protect the four hostages. when you've killed the three guards the hostages will run away to a safe place on the ship, when you follow them there should be the four hostages that you've saved, shorty after this the achievement should unlock.

Miscellaneous Achievement(s) Splash Damage
20 Achieve 10 grenade kills in one mission.

Achieve 10 grenade kills in one mission during single player or co-op, the grenade launcher attachment on Lang's gun also counts towards these grenade kills. The best time to throw the grenades is when your in tight corridors with quite a few number of enemies present, make sure you reload your ammo when you see ammo boxes so your never low on grenades, the best level to probably get this on is 'Chemical Tanker' due to the narrow corridors throughout the level.

Level 8 Sawmill Deal Breaker
10 Track down and kill Kwennoir in Sawmill.

This one is a bit tricky and could take you quite a few tries to achieve as you are unable to set of any alarms off. So go around the level sneaking and taking opt shots at enemies, there are several alarm systems, about 4 before the bomb and there is one AI next to each one somewhere. Make sure to sneak and take them out first. When coming across the hostage leave him there for the time being as when you untie him he runs to the window and sets all the alarms off. Once your in the building with the bomb you'll locate Kwennoir downstairs next to it. From the stairs you could lob in a few grenades or use the grenade launcher on your gun to fire into the corner room where the bomb is a well placed shot should kill him. Curse Of The Bambino
10 Rescue Foley in Sawmill.

Starting the level as normal move forward until you come to the huge open area with all the cut down trees, carry on through this area killing the enemies and you'll soon enter a building just around the corner you'll see Foley on the ground move upto him and untie him, Foley now has to survive right to the end of the mission for the achievement to unlock.

McDurbin 07-17-2013 08:06 PM

Level 9 Refinery

Level Specific Achievement(s) Delta Force Stay The Course
10 Ensure all Delta Force members survive until the end of Oil Refinery.

During the oil refinery mission along the way you'll come across a number of delta force members, now although these people are pretty helpful and can take out a few enemies, they can sometimes be stupid and just stand in the open and get shot and just die, so you'll have to help them alot and make sure you take the enemies out before they can line a shot up, probably best done on easy as the enemies accuracy wont be as great and the delta force members wont die as quick, just simply escort them throughout the level and watch out for machine gunners.

Level 10 Military Command Base Gas Tap
10 Prevent gas from being released in Military Base.

To prevent the gas from being released you must first go through about 3/4 of the 'Military Base' level. The room is real close to a checkpoint so if they do release the gas, you can die and start over.

You know you are in the room when, if you do not succeed in stopping them, a green gaseous substance starts flowing from vents in the ground. Once you are in the room, there is a ramp to the right and you go up it and then have to kill everybody that tries to make a run for the console to flip the switch to activate the gas. Campaign Completed (Easy)
50 Complete campaign mode with any combination of single player and co-op on Easy difficulty.

Just like it says, complete the 10 chapters of the game's campaign on easy difficulty, this can be done with any combination between single player and co-op. Campaign Completed (Normal)
75 Complete campaign mode with any combination of single player and co-op on Normal difficulty.

Just like it says, complete the 10 chapters of the game's campaign on normal difficulty, this can be done with any combination between single player and co-op. Campaign Completed (Hard)
100 Complete campaign mode with any combination of single player and co-op on Hard difficulty.

Just like it says, complete the 10 chapters of the game's campaign on hard difficulty, this can be done with any combination between single player and co-op. The game does sometimes get frustrating now, so keep your cool, be patient when picking off the enemies and try no to rush the level. Campaign Completed (Extreme)
150 Complete campaign mode with any combination of single player and co-op on Extreme difficulty.

Just like it says, complete the 10 chapters of the game's campaign on extreme difficulty, this can be done with any combination between single player and co-op. To actually unlock the extreme difficulty you have to play through the game atleast once first. The game does get frustrating now, so keep your cool, be patient when picking off the enemies and try no to rush the level.

Side Note: These achievements should actually stack up, so completing the game on the hardest difficulty should also unlock the achievements for the lower difficulties.

The 10 missions to be completed are 'Santa Cecillia Monastery', 'Sveta Ostrov Whaling Station', 'Kyrkalov Submarine Station', 'Kolyma Castle', 'Metuwe Township', 'ATAK Diamond Mine', 'Chemical Tanker', 'Salem Union Sawmill', Petro Naviera Refinery' and 'Military Command Base'.

You can see which missions you need to complete by clicking on 'Awards' at the main menu then 'Statistics' and the pressing 'RT' twice. A list should then come up with coloured stars next to each mission to verify which mission has been completed and on what difficulty. Co-operative Campaign
30 Complete a full campaign in Co-op.

Credit to Chuppernicus for this method, click here , basically just make a save before the level is over then once you finish it quit out to the main menu and load up local co-op and plug in a second controller and load up your save and finish the level and it will give you credit.

McDurbin 07-17-2013 08:16 PM

I will correct any mistakes as I play the Japanese version, but feel free to point them out if you notice it before me.

Jack Knows 09-22-2013 02:08 AM

Nice guide Dobin ;). This will be very helpful when I do it.

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