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Shiftie 08-02-2013 04:33 PM

Achievement Guide and Roadmap
Guide by: Shiftie and H0p3sfa|L
Also a thanks to Schreckofant for the quest guide work

  • Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
  • Offline achievements: 14 (400:gsicon:)
  • Online achievements:0
  • Approximate amount of time to 400:gsicon:: 20-30hrs
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1.3-2
  • Number of missable achievements:Hero of the Resistance OR Man of Honour, Mentor, Specialist, Completionist
  • Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
  • Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes, must be played on Extreme for Mutant
  • Glitchy achievements:None
  • Unobtainable achievements:None
  • Extra equipment needed?None

Route 1 - One Playthrough and Change:
Considering how much help a good character build, and a focus on getting experience from secondary quests can be, you can actually get this game done in about 1.33 playthroughs. First, set the game to Extreme for Mutant, and make sure that right off the bat you are getting, and completing, every secondary quest possible for Completionist. Make sure you are always talking to Innocence, in order to get Mentor, and looting every container you come across for Crowbar (loot EVERYTHING). It's also recommended that you follow the skill tree tips under the Mutant achievement, as you will also get Specialist by maxing out a skill tree.

In order to make this just over a single playthrough, you will want to save at the end of the second chapter, when you need to choose sides for Hero of the Restistance or Man of Honour. Both are relatively the same difficulty on Extreme, so pick whichever one feels right first and complete the game. Then save yourself some time by loading up this save, picking the other option, and completing the game again for what should be your last achievement.

Route 2 - Two Playthroughs:
This path introduces people to the game at a much slower pace by going through a lower difficulty first (either Hard for Hard as Nails, or Easy, since Hard as Nails and Mutant stack anyway). You can scope out the secondary achievements now, to get an idea of when each becomes available so you are less likely to miss any during your second playthrough.

In playthrough two, make sure you finish up any loose ends, most importantly; picking the other faction at the end of Chapter 2, so you get both Man of Honour and Hero of the Resistance, between the two playthroughs.

Achievement Guide: The Great Escape 10:gsicon:
Finish Chapter 1 at any difficulty level

Story related, unmissable.

You will get this achievement when you complete The Great Escape mission, and escape from the Prison. Note that getting Bob to help you out (side quest) can help you get through the last few areas on Extreme difficulty. As for the boss, look at the information under the Mutant achievement. Aurora execution 15:gsicon:
Finish Chapter 2 at any difficulty level

Story related, unmissable.

After the fight at the train, and the outcome of the battle for Innocence, the Chapter will quickly come to a close when you are asked to join one of the two factions. This achievement will pop alongside the Mentor achievement. Plot smasher 20:gsicon:
Finish Chapter 3 at any difficulty level

Story related, unmissable.
After fighting the giant worm, and taking out the Technomancer Boss, you will need to return to your faction leader (Marco or the General) and discuss your next course of action. Once you decide to head out to the Source and deal with the Technomancers, the achievement will unlock. Hero of the Resistance 20:gsicon:
Finish the game with the Resistance at any difficulty level

Missable (See Man of Honour)

At the end of Chapter 2, you will get the "Choose a Side" mission where you must choose to join either the Resistance, or Honour Grant. Speak to Judy at Charity's bar in order to join the Resistance.
SAVE prior to making this decision if you are on Extreme, you've finished all of the sidequests so far, and you wish to save yourself a second playthrough on the other side. Man of Honour 20:gsicon:
Finish the game with Honour Grant at any difficulty level

Missable (See Hero of the Resistance)

At the end of Chapter 2, you will get the "Choose a Side" mission where you must choose to join either the Resistance, or Honour Grant. Speak to Devotion, near your base, to join General Honour Grant.
SAVE prior to making this decision if you are on Extreme, you've finished all of the sidequests so far, and you wish to save yourself a second playthrough on the other side. Good start 5:gsicon:
Upgrade a skill

After your fight with Fatso you will be able to upgrade your character. Tap :dleft: or go through the :back: menus to reach the skills screen. Pick any of the two available skill trees available right now, and then one of the three available skills in that tree and upgrade it (you get 2 upgrade points per level, so you can upgrade something else now as well). Tough Skin and First Aid are good starting points as this can be a rather difficult game combat wise, and it's unforgiving on Extreme. Recycling 10:gsicon:
Upgrade an object

After beating up Fatso at the very start of the game, you will quickly run into a fan among the prisoners who will give you a cracked tube (weapon). Tap :back: to reach the menu screen and find the cracked tube in your weapons tab to equip it with :abut: and then tap :xbut to bring up the upgrade/modification options. The only slot you can upgrade on this weapon is the handle, and you should have the required items to upgrade the handle with fabric, increasing it's critical hit chance, and unlocking the achievement for you. It's important to keep your items as upgraded as possible to make your life easier on Mars, so make sure you always check containers, scrap piles, and corpses, for new items to upgrade your weapons and armor with (and also to craft items with). Pest Control 10:gsicon:
Kill 15 moles

Story related, unmissable.
You will get all 15 kills in the Drilling Well area of the Crater while doing the Weapons for the Battle story mission. They aren't overly difficult, aside from attacking you and your two allies in rather large groups, but there are a few explosives that you can loot off of corpses in the caves, and you will also have access to your first ranged weapon - the nailgun. The moles come in several different sizes, with the larger ones obviously being the most difficult, but you can start each fight off by using stealth mode (:ls:) to open the battle with a powerful attack on the first enemy. Mentor 30:gsicon:
Influence Innocence's personality during your conversations

All of your secondary companions in the game have some things you can talk to them about while you're out running around with them. In chapters 1 and 2, press :ybut: near Innocence to talk with him. Do this frequently to make sure you go through all possible discussions with him, and try to pick a side during the discussions (support him, or go against him) to influence him. This will pop alongside Aurora Execution at the end of Chapter 2. Specialist 30:gsicon:
Unlock every skill and upgrade in a single skill tree

You will need to spend a total of 36 points (18 levels worth) on a single skill tree in order to get this achievement. You will want to do as many sidequests as possible in order to get the desired number of experience points, and you most likely will not be able to max the Technomancy tree out (unless you save points for it), as it will only be available after you finish Chapter 1. Thus, it is important to make a choice early on and focus on upgrading that tree, with putting as few points as possible into the other two trees. Crowbar 30:gsicon:
Empty 50 containers

Containers little crates/boxes (or containers!) scattered throughout the game that you can open up to find loot that you can then use to craft items and upgrade your weapons and armor. To help your chances of survival you will want to loot as many containers and scrap piles as you can find in the game, and you should have this achievement very early on in Chapter 2. Completionist 50:gsicon:
Finish all of the secondary quests in Mars: War Logs

Despite the achievement description, it would seem that you do not, in fact, need to complete every secondary quests, only certain quests (it's recommended you do all side quests).

Check out the Completionist thread Schreckofant put together, HERE, for help with this achievement.

Shiftie 08-02-2013 04:36 PM Hard as nails 50:gsicon:
Finish the game in Difficult mode

See Mutant. Mutant 100:gsicon:
Finish the game in Extreme mode

You can start out on Extreme mode, which requires you to thoroughly master the game, as well as have a pretty big focus on the secondary missions (which you need to do for an achievement anyway) for experience, and also to loot boxes and scrap piles (which you also need to do) for enough scraps to upgrade your items, and create ammo and healing items to make your trek through Extreme, less extreme.

Recommended Skills (I call this Sapper Spec)
Max Out Tough Skin (Combat) and First Aid (Renegade)
Upgrade Science of Evasion twice (Combat)
Work on Renegade until the Technomancer tree unlocks
>Max Subtility and Vicious as early as possible, as well as at least Assassin 1
Once Technomancy unlocks, upgrade Empowering Fluid twice.
Finish upgrading the Renegade tree for Specialist, or at least get Combat Injections 3
Toss any other points into Weapons Mastery (Combat) and whatever else you want.

Overall: Combat - 9, Renegade - 36, Technomancy - 3*
*I wasted a point on Stable Shield.

Skills and Reputation:
Invest in +xp % skills to increase your leveling rate and thus the number of skills you can unlock. You can upgrade Handiwork if you want, although with Good alignment it becomes cheaper to buy ammo from a merchant.

As for your reputation; you can either refrain from harvesting serum from enemies to reach good and excellent reputation (recommended) or harvest all enemies for a boost in serum and a decline into the Terrible reputation. If you help everyone you can, remain nice, and spare your enemies, you will get a discount at merchants (50%!) and eventually a boost in your companions hp and damage (also 50%!), which both greatly outway the Terrible rewards in my opinion.

Weapons and Armor:
Weapon: Bone tip and heavy grip
Armor: All Technowarrior
The most important skills you have are sand throw and wound. The first isn't upgraded via weapons, but you can increase your chance of wounding by 15% by giving your weapon a bone tip (or 5-10% with a lesser tip). You also want to reduce damage, while increasing your damage, which you can do with the heavy grip.

As for the armor, you will want to start off upgrading to Reinforced Leather, then Metal, and finally Technowarrior as they become available. This will reduce all incoming damage substantially, and with the abundance of health items, and lack of any need for fluid regeneration using this spec, damage resistance is what you will need most.

Combat Tips:
Use stealth :ls: to sneak up on unsuspecting enemies and thin their numbers prior to starting battles. In some cases you can even stealth knockout (Assassin 1 skill required) all of the enemies in a group. This aspect of the build doesn't come in hand until Chapter 2 starts, however.

Use sand throw! I kept sand throw bound to :rtbut: for the duration of the game, as it is fantastic in combat. Of course, it can't be used against enemies with visors or goggles, but when enemies are blinded (Technomancers included!), they have a chance to hit their allies for huge damage (compared to you) and are also unable to accurately hit you, or block your attacks.

Wound! In a similar fashion to sand throw, wounding will greatly weaken an opponent to the point where the move at a fraction of their speed, they're unable to block your attacks, and you will be able to do more damage to them. While critical hits can do huge damage in a single blow, focusing on increasing your wound chance % allows you to do more damage in the long term, and also allows you to shoot enemies with your nail gun (high wound chance) to basically crowd control multiple enemies with wounds.

Chapter 1 Boss tips:
Try and save as many nail gun nails as possible as you make your way from the prison to the train station as they do considerable damage to the boss while his shield is down. Once the fight starts, be sure to utilize your blind ability to quickly take out the other enemies, and note that blind also works on the boss, though it doesn't do much. Once it's just you, him and Innocence, Innocence should be targeted for a majority of the fight, allowing you to keep whacking the boss in the back for bonus damage and a quick finish.

Chapter 3 Boss Worm:
After spying on Wisdom, and before talking to the General, make yourself a ton of healing syringes as the boss worm fight involves taking tons of damage and is immediately followed by another boss fight, though he's basically just an upgraded technomancer - quite a pushover.

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Shiftie 08-02-2013 04:37 PM

Saved again.. always use protection.

Kairi 10-12-2013 07:53 PM


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Eluxation 10-19-2013 12:49 PM

Your achievement guide for 'Mutant' achievement helped me get 400/400 on this game! Thanks!

Shiftie 10-21-2013 06:06 PM


Originally Posted by Eluxation (Post 6053893)
Your achievement guide for 'Mutant' achievement helped me get 400/400 on this game! Thanks!

Hey, congrats :)

BoomsticKiller 12-06-2013 11:46 PM

Good guide man, thanks.

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