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Destro 09-08-2013 11:14 PM

Your joking me right?
I am searching for a rank match... takes forever(the game just been released...) and what do i see... a little message saying to raise the opponent minimum, switch to tag or blablabla and there sorry for the issues and trying to fix them... CMON !!! They had all the time to fix this with the regular DOA, they never did, and now this?

I got just the game, sure its discounted at 40$, but i mean... i was hoping to play online like 1 match after the other... no freaking wait, thats why i bough AGAIN the same game...

Even lobby matches are ridiculously empty... and no simple match??? Ok...

Its not a couple characters and costumes that made me buy it again really... I want a working online... hope they do fix it quick, cause i won't own it for long...

edit : wow... all i get is opponents cancelling the fights... or unable to connect or worst... a prick that only do online to get his 100 matches... wow cool , he don't even play (mode sarcastic on) so i can rack free wins... (mode sarcastic off) seriously damn it i want to PLAY.... PLAAAAYYY !!!

PaxyTheGreat 09-10-2013 10:46 AM

I was getting the same thing when searching for ranked games. I found that playing in the offline modes with Throwdowns set to accept would get me far more games that sitting in the online menus.

I'd really hoped the online would be better with this version. Oh well, whatever, nevermind.

Destro 09-10-2013 01:40 PM

Yeah i noticed it later, yet still 1 throwdown on 8 works... so its no improvement since last game.

I played a lot yesterday and i noticed the game now rely way more on juggles, wich is something I TRULY HATE in fighting games, in DOA5 normal it was ok, but now its way too present. I made a big mistake buying this game, should had rent it, do the 800 or so easy achievements and thats it.

Paid 45$, store would give me 16$ back... :( im hoping to be able to trade it on a free listing website, maybe ill be lucky but i doubt it...

The Stray 09-10-2013 09:19 PM

There's no need for complaining, although the ticker mentions they're working on fixing the ranked stuff, but that's already fixing enough for damage control, lol. :3

supadryz 09-10-2013 09:41 PM

Will tell you what's a joke I ordered this on pre-order from, it was meant to be on my door step on Friday yet here we are Tuesday & I'm still waiting! Not happy. To rub it in even further is they emailed me my pre-order DLC code friday.

Destro 09-11-2013 03:03 PM


Originally Posted by The Stray (Post 5989334)
There's no need for complaining, although the ticker mentions they're working on fixing the ranked stuff, but that's already fixing enough for damage control, lol. :3

Its something, but thats still pretty dumb they removed simple match, thats all i did for the most part of DOA5, before going rank for the Lisa Swimsuit. Eventually i was not able to find a single gam in simple matches... so i had to remain rank :( but i still managed to do around 2000 simple matches...

I hate wasting time watching people fight, im no beast of the beast in fighting games, i can't memorise crazy ass combos and i play by instinc mostly. But in a lobby of 6-8 people its not enough, so i usually put Kumite to be sure to be able to play all matches but then people complain and eventually leave.

Simple Matches where perfect because you just fough one dude, and when either of you was tired, you leave and find another, thats it. Only times i would do Lobby Matches is when im with friends... where its to not play every matches. But when im i supose to do while i wait for te 5+ matches ... chill on internet? Sorry i don't play video games to spend time waiting...

Thats is my main complain.

Then the next one is the atrocious juggle system, seem now the groud is made of jello and the characters just rebound all over the place and/or stay suspended in the air like they where fighting in space... i find this dumb and i saw more dumb ass juggle combos that do 60% life damage in 4 days of playing this game, then in my whole run on DOA5 normal... and not to mention that was mostly BASS that did them before... with his big gappling combo(no juggles)

KingBroly 09-11-2013 06:42 PM

Throwdowns count as Ranked Matches. MUCH easier way to get the achievement that way.

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