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JKSullivan 10-22-2013 12:42 PM

Single player - cannot replay missions
Is anybody else having issues replaying missions? Seems to have started for me after the latest update - it worked fine before, but now when I try to replay one, it gives me the message about the checkpoint as normal, but if I accept that message it just repeats over and over until I hit B to cancel. It returns me to the character, but none of the controls work except the start button. I've tried reloading, restarting the console, and switching characters - nothing has worked so far.

JKSullivan 10-22-2013 01:45 PM

Out of curiosity, I loaded an earlier save and it worked - after some experimenting, it looks like the issue only started after I completed "The Last One." I had made a save immediately prior to that mission, and I can use that to replay missions, and another immediately after, which has the problem - both are at 100% completion, so the only difference I can see is the actual mission completion.

Very odd . . . but at least I can get my achievement again!

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