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Ryot Control 10-29-2013 01:02 AM

Gal Gun Roadmap and Achievement List
Gal Gun Road Map (Indefinite Masterpiece in Progress)
-Estimated achievement difficulty: 9/10
-Offline: 39 (1000)
-Online: 0 (0)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 50+ Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs: Multiple six level playthroughs
-Number of missable achievements: 0
-Glitched achievements: 0
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? N/A
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No
-Extra equipment needed? Turbo pad highly recommended.

Welcome to the Gal Gun Roadmap! This game is a Japanese On-Rails shooter in which the protagonist you play as gets shot up with an unhealthy dose of swagger that makes you the most popular boy for one day. However, having so much swag literally causes all the females in the school to come running to smother you with professions of love and letters of questionable content. Amazingly enough, this game was promoted in 2011’s Tokyo Game Show with several booth girls that would shoot each other with squirt guns, showcasing typical attention grabbing Japanese shenanigans that really promote the premise of the gameplay.

Probably the most ironic thing about this on rails shooter is that despite the initial shallowness of the game, it becomes one of those, "Easy to play, almost impossible to master" kind of monsters when you learn about how stats affect the endings, where to find rare girls in certain rail scenarios and requirements to fully complete the school girl compendium come into play. Galgun's gameplay and lore is so deep, it has it's own wikified strategy guide that outlines a majority of the game mechanics. Unfortunately since most of us can't fully read Japanese, this roadmap and achievement list is as close as we can get.

Requirements for completion:
There are several proficiencies that the player must master in order to complete this game.

Thirteen achievements are for all endings and for achieving 200% doki doki against the main girls during the final doki doki sequence.
Nine score related achievements that require a max score of 600,000 in one story run.
Eight achievements involve perfect runs against the mini bosses/games; Two mini games for each branch.
Seven are collection achievements that require the completion of the character data profiles.
Two are miscellaneous achievements for completing the tutorial and for ten ecstasy shots in a row.

Game mechanics:
Ecstasy Shot: When running the crosshairs over a girl, you will find that each girl being targeted has a different area on her body where words would pop up. The area is called the, “Ecstasy Shot.” If the player can hit that area on the first shot, it becomes a one-shot kill that maximizes points earned for that target. Hitting the sweet spot on the second or third shot still produces bonus points but at a lesser extent and incapacitates the target. Chaining these skill shots consecutively adds bonus points and assists with the score based achievements.

Doki Doki Mode: The player will accumulate swagger as you defeat high school girls and teachers on your journey to find your ideal girl. Doki Doki also serves as a room clearing power bomb that instantly incapacitates every girl on screen and awards you points as if you have hit each one of them in their sweet spot. (Does not contribute to the 10 Ecstasy shots in a row achievement however.)

In Doki Doki mode, you are literally STARING at your target and are attacking your character with your eyes. (Citation needed) As you scroll around the target, you will find places where the words get bigger and smaller. The larger the words, the faster the points and affection gauge accumulate if you attack that spot. If you hold the RT button, the camera will lock in place and slowly zoom in on that area of the target. Your swagger will drain faster using the, "Stare of Doom" but the payoff is that you can make tons of progress in filling the affection bar. There is the chance of the person covering herself during focus mode, losing all possible points for that focus. Pay attention to the, "Doki Doki" sound as you focus; the faster it gets, the more likely the girl will ruin your nefarious plans and waste your hard-earned swagger.

You will need Doki Doki mode to unlock additional pieces of info on each girl in the compendium. It's like you're really staring into their soul!

The importance of Stats:
You will notice that you have four statistics that will shift during gameplay depending on your initial choices and your doki-doki victims. The first three are strength, fashion and intelligence and only apply to appealing to the final girl's individual taste in swagger. The final one is your perv power level and actually determines how much of a power bonus you get when entering creeper stalker stare mode. Unfortunately, letch level is also a double edged sword and is a statistic that all the end girls do not like and can effect your ability to get the best ending with them. The bonus you get from the pervert stat is almost negligible if the player can stack enough swagger so it is always best to max out the other three as much as possible.

Stats only change in doki-doki mode.

Akira (Red) requires max strength
Kaoruko (Blond Twin Drills) requires max intelligence
Kaname (Blue) and Aoi (Rabbit Haired Blond) both require a balance of Fashion and Intelligence.

Even More Game Mechanics:
More, more and more Game machanics goes here.

Conclusion goes here

Ryot Control 10-29-2013 01:02 AM

Achievement List 1
はじめの一歩 -10

Story based achievement which is awarded for completing the tutorial.
エクスタシーフィーバー -10

Awarded for 10 successful ecstasy shots in a row. Ecstasy shots are earned by finding the sweet spot on each girl and hitting them with your first shot. During regular gameplay, the player will find that when running the crosshairs over a girl a small notification will pop up. If the player can hit that area on the first shot, it becomes a one-shot kill that maximizes points earned for that target. When the player successfully chains 10 ecstasy shots in a row, the achievement will unlock. Chained ecstasy shots award additional bonus points and levels of swagger, required for doki doki mode.
ランク達成 F -10
F ランクに到達

See ランク達成 神.
ランク達成 E -10
E ランクに到達

See ランク達成 神.
ランク達成 D -10
D ランクに到達

See ランク達成 神.
ランク達成 C -10
C ランクに到達

See ランク達成 神.
ランク達成 B -10
B ランクに到達

See ランク達成 神.
ランク達成 A -10
A ランクに到達

See ランク達成 神.
ランク達成 S -10
S ランクに到達

See ランク達成 神.
ランク達成 SS -10
SS ランクに到達

See ランク達成 神.
ランク達成 神 -20
神 ランクに到達

Point grade achievements are awarded the moment you pass the required threshold. All point grades must be earned in one story run. The following scale contains the required number of points required to earn each achievement.

600,000 can be scored in the story mode, but it can be very difficult to accomplish. Score attack mode is available after the completion of at least one story mode, and includes every stage variant that you have played to completion in story mode. (Different stages for different girls.) Choosing score mode after playing all four normal story girl routes will unlock enough stages for score mode to make getting 600,000 points a breeze.

F - 50,000
E - 100,000
D - 150,000
C - 200,000
B - 250,000
A - 300,000
S - 350,000
SS - 400,000
GOD - 600,000
スーパー読書家 -20
アクションイベント かなめ 本選び パーフェクト

Kaname mini game 1
スーパーモンスターハンター -20
アクションイベント かなめ 怪物退治 パーフェクト

Kaname mini game 2
スーパー鉄球マスター -20
アクションイベント 晶  特訓 パーフェクト

Akira mini game 1
アクションイベント 晶  モジモジ パーフェクト

Akira mini game 2
スーパーモデル -20
アクションイベント 薫子 絵のモデル  パーフェクト

Kaoruko mini game 1
スーパー檻破り -20
アクションイベント 薫子 誘拐犯  パーフェクト

Kaoruko mini game 2
スーパー作曲家 -20
アクションイベント 葵 歌詞作り パーフェクト

Aoi mini game 1
スーパープロデューサー -20
アクションイベント 葵 ゲリラライブ パーフェクト

Aoi mini game 2

Ryot Control 10-29-2013 01:03 AM

Achievement List 2
かなめとラブラブ -20

See, "葵とラブラブ"

See, "葵とラブラブ"

See, "葵とラブラブ"
葵とラブラブ -20

These four achievements are related to the final doki doki mode when you confront the target girl for the final time. Usually during this mode, you are successful once you fill the heart meter to max and can end the mode by pressing the Y button. However, in the final confrontation, these achievements are awarded when you go above and beyond and earn the equivalent of 200% of the heart meter. After reaching your goal, continue your ogle assault until the achievement unlocks during doki doki mode.
かなめグッドエンドクリア -50

かなめトゥルーエンドクリア -50

晶グッドエンドクリア -50

晶トゥルーエンドクリア -50

薫子グッドエンドクリア -50

薫子トゥルーエンドクリア -50

葵グッドエンドクリア -50

葵トゥルーエンドクリア -50

ぱたこエンドクリア -100


Ryot Control 10-29-2013 01:03 AM

Achievement List 3
プロフィール制覇 -30

This is the achievement for completing all profiles for each character. This will require entering doki doki mode with each girl three times in a single playthrough over multiple games.
称号マニア -10

Unlocked when 50 titles have been collected. See 称号マニア2.
称号マニア2 -20

Unlocked when all possible titles have been collected.

There are eight titles per rank, and with 10 ranks makes 80 titles total. It would seem that the titles are directly tied to your statistics, and are awarded when certain stats are met after shifting parameters on a successful doki-doki mode. Reference this link in regards to a rough estimate as to what is required to unlock titles. The titles will only unlock at that rank, so when you shift stats will determine if you unlock a new title or not. One achievement will unlock for receiving 50 titles, and this achievement will unlock after acquiring all 80.
一年生の秘密 -20

Awarded when completing all info in the First year tab in the student class roster.
二年生の秘密 -20

Awarded when completing all info in the Second year tab in the student class roster.
三年生の秘密 -20

Awarded when completing all info in the Third year tab in the student class roster.
先生の秘密 -20

Awarded when completing all info in the Teacher/Other tab in the student class roster. To complete one character profile, the player must enter doki-doki mode on the same character three times in one playthrough. A star will indicate how many times one girl has been targeted. Once a girl has been successfully targeted three times, a yellow star will appear by their name every time you encounter them in the game indicating that you no longer have to profile that girl.

Ryot Control 10-29-2013 01:04 AM

Findings post

In doki doki mode, when you attempt doki doki mode with the same person in one playthrough, you will find that you will accumulate stars. after accumulating so many stars the girl will be marked by a star with their name when they are supposedly maxed out. May be relevant in finding all profile info for each girl.

Confirmed: There are three teachers in the game. After getting 3 stars for each teacher the achievement popped. EVERY girl probably needs to targeted about 3 times in doki doki mode to complete the girl's profile in the class roster. Even though there are multiple profiles, only the 3 teachers are required for the achievement.

GOD score can be achieved in Score attack. From the main menu, after beating going through all girls routes, choose the first menu choice, then the last menu choice, then the first menu choice. It will allow to ti run through all the previously played routes without the mini games or the boss fights. If looking for particular girls to finish their profiles, you can choose each girl's individual routes below the first choice of the final menu.

Biggest mistake I've been doing since playing this game. When quitting out of game, you'll have an option for X and B. It is asking if you want to save your progress. X means no. B means yes. Always pick the B button when quitting out.

Titles are gained during a specific rank. Rank is earned after breaking a score threshold. You can only earn certain titles after becoming a particular rank.

Title guide can be referenced here.

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