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Natanji 02-04-2008 07:01 PM

Achievement Guide, Gameplay Tips and Boss Strategies
Okay folks, I decided that I'll write the guide for this game. It might take a few days until I complete it but overall I want to share what I learned from this game so that everyone can get quick help here. Feel free to send me any comments or make suggestions on how to improve it, preferably by PM.

I'll use this post to make a few general notices on how to obtain the achievements. As the hard part is not finishing it but scoring well on it and that relies on more detailed knowledge about the game, you will still not get around practising the game. You need to be familiar with the areas simply, otherwise the best advice won't help you. If you are unsure, many nice videos on Youtube (there's quite some 100% videos) could help you - even better, you can use the game's replay function to download the replays of the top Rez HD players and just watch exactly what they do then. This is really recommended especially for score attack.

If you have trouble with the bosses, I wrote a small guide on that in the next post all at the bottom.

When I refer to "charged shots", I mean a 8x-shot - in order to do it, you have to lock on to multiple enemies (or for one that has multiple hitpoints, lock on multiple times on it) by just keeping the normal fire button pressed - and only let go once you see "MAX" written inside your crosshair, indicating that you can't lock on to more targets than that at once. Once you let go then, a small chorus should be heard to show that you did it right.
This is perhaps the most important technique in the game, and in order to unlock all achievements you will absolutely have to master it!

Small guide/tutorial for starters:
In order to unlock area5, you need to get 100% analysis on areas 1-4 in play mode. You can check this with the progress bars that display for each level when you are in the Play mode menu.
How to get more analysis? Pretty easy: throughout areas 1-4, there will be exactly ten small bots flying by that have something like a blue box attached to them. If you shoot the bot the box is freed, and if you then hit the box 8 times a network portal opens, increasing the "level" in the game with both the graphics and sound getting more and more complex over time. In order to get 100% analysis, you need to open all ten network portals in each level. They're really not hard to spot, but in case you missed one you can re-do that level in play mode (doing it in score attack won't count!) in order to unlock area 5.

Another hint: some people find it easier to use RT/LT to shoot instead of A/B. An apparent advantage is that you can rapid fire a lot better without your fingers going numb ;)

Scoring tips
If you want to get a high score, two things are important: first, you should always try to fire fully charged shots, so shooting 8 shots at once. It doesn't matter if it's at one enemy or at different enemies, but the number of simultaneous shots determines the points multiplier - if you fire 8 shots at once, you will get 8x the score that you'd do with hitting the same targets with single shots! Do the math.
Also, in order to have more targets available, it is a bad idea to always take enemies out right away. Leave yourself time, even let them shoot at you - every rocket means a higher multiplier. Just don't let them fly away - if they do, release the button so you don't lose any points by not hitting and taking down an enemy in the end.

Aside from the achievements, there's many things you can unlock in Rez. This is done exactly the same way as in the DC and PS2 version. A list on all that is in the third post below this one.

Achievements EARTH
20 Clear play mode area1
For this you just need to play the first level and beat the boss in play mode. I doubt that anyone would have problems with this once they understood the basic principle of the game. If you should have problems, try doing the in-game tutorial - it's really well-made. If you get hit a lot, keep in mind that you can also just tap your fire button to hit the enemies instead of holding it.
If you have trouble with the boss, see the boss section in the second next post below. MARS
20 Clear play mode area2
This is pretty much the same as for the first area. Try taking out enemies as soon as they are on your screen so they don't even get to fire their rockets, and take the enemies that take more than one hit out one by one. You will also have to start looking for weak spots on the enemies here - this particularly goes for the long, big ships that will fly through below you starting at level 01. There's no sense shooting everywhere on them - you better just fire charged shots at the big, yellow "eye" they have and they'll be gone within seconds.
On level 08, you will encounter enemies that have six guns connected in a wide circle around them. Don't bother about the guns; if you manage to take out the middle part which is the actual enemy, you will not only immobilize the gun, but also any shots they might have fired at you already will disappear into thin air.
If you have trouble with the boss, see the boss section in the second next post below.
20 Clear play mode area3
Things are getting harder from here on; but still it's just the same old thing: finishing the area. You will encounter annoying small enemies that look like half yin-yang-sign that fell into a red paint bucket; you should really take those out with rapid fire as they're usually very close to you when they start shooting, plus their movement sometimes is rather chaotic. For the long snake enemies on level 07, try hitting their heads - that's their only sensitive part. Don't be afraid if they start shooting at you: if you rapidfire at them while they charge their shot, they won't be able to hit you and you'll get them in the end.
If you have trouble with the boss, see the boss section in the second next post below.
20 Clear play mode area4
Here you will encounter violet enemies that will fire charged shots if you don't hurry to take them out, so make this your first priority if you see them. The bigger violet ships that unload lots and lots of enemies are best taken out by focussing your fire on their middle target point (which is their weak spot). Don't be afraid of the "gate" enemies that appear after half of the level; when they are still open, focus on the part that has three points rather than the one that has one, as the three points usually turn after the gate has connected making it harder to point on them, while the one point on the other half of the gate stays in the middle and doesn't move around much from the rotation. Overall from this area on it doesn't make much sense to use rapid fire anymore, as most enemies have at least 4 hitpoints so you're more effective with charged shots.
If you have trouble with the boss, see the boss section in the second next post below.
20 Clear play mode area5
Note: If you wonder about where area5 is, you didn't get 100% analysis on areas 1-4. That is needed in order to unlock area5. See all on top of this post for more information on that topic.
Okay, first of all: area5 is the longest of all areas. If you should not make it the first time, it might feel a bit demotivating because of having to do it from the start - but I tell you, it's really worth it! And after having played it a few times, you'll find it a walk in the park. Seriously.
Most important here is that you always open the "gates" that are appearing. Otherwise you'll fly right against the wall. So take those out rather earlier than later; you'll notice that your shots *do* in fact take some time to reach their targets if you keep them as the last things to shoot (and eventually hit the wall). The good news is that you won't have to shoot any network portals here, because once you opened the gates up you'll automatically fly through them.
Don't hesitate to use your overdrives here, when lots (and I mean *lots*) of enemies are on the screen they can save your life. You should better spare one for the boss battle at the end of the level however; more on that - as usual - in the boss section in the second next post below.

Natanji 02-04-2008 07:04 PM Assassin
15 Shot down over 95% in areas1-5
For areas 1-4, this should not be too hard. Once you played the game for a while, you should be able to kill as many enemies on the screen as possible; in the worst case you can always use rapid fire. For area 5 however, this can get pretty hard and takes quite some practice! Don't hesitate to use your overdrives here, there are plenty throughout the level and this will help you especially for the enemies that would otherwise just fly past you quickly. Always try hitting enemies already even if you don't see them because one of the "gates" is hiding it; in general, you should keep your fire button pressed at all times. For the snakes that come out of the ground and shoot rockets at you, do them as soon as they appear so that you won't have to waste time by shooting their rockets later. For the giant snake enemies that go through the whole area, it is vitally important that you focus on their head; not even overdrives will kill them if you missed the few seconds where their head is directly visible to you. buster
15 Get a local ranking of 1st in boss rush
Okay, for this you have to score at least 300.000 points in boss rush. Of course you need to have boss rush unlocked (this is done by getting the Laser Assassin achievement just above), also it helps a lot here if you don't need to care so much about getting hit so in beyond mode options, set yourself to the highest possible form (Final Form) so you can take some damage; because you won't get many chances to heal yourself. If you don't have the Final Form available yet, try the hints at The Rezident achievement; the Final Form will be unlocked for beyond mode in the process.

Boss rush has the bosses appear right after each other, as the Giga version. To make a long story short: use the general scoring tips posted all on top, so try only shooting fully charged shots. Try leaving yourself time with the bosses: always shoot at side-targets, rockets they fire at you etc. - but try to hit the actual boss as few as possible to prolong the time that it exists and so that it spawns enemies that you can get points from. There is no time limit, in the worst case the boss will self-destruct somewhen, so don't worry about that. This is especially important for the area 4 boss, where instead of shooting at the small disc that is actually the boss, you should try taking down all those small cubes.

For the area 5 bosses this strategy only makes limited sense; rather try taking all but the real final boss out very quickly, and then take your time on the final boss by shooting the triangles that the turning circles in the middle shoot out. Also, leave yourself time once you destroyed one of the the circles: it's usually a got idea to fire 9 fully charged shots at the middle part then, but then wait till it shoots out all those tiny rockets so that you have more cannon fodder to boost your points.
The Forgotten
15 Get a local ranking of 1st in lost area
Let's make it short: follow the scoring tips all on top in the first post. If you managed to unlock lost area, it should be a piece of cake to get those 150.000 points. If you have trouble because of getting hit too much, do The Rezident achievement first (see below) to unlock the Final Form for beyond mode so that you can start already leveled up.
Ultimate Cracker
15 Get a local ranking of 1st in all 5 areas in score attack
All I can say here: look at the scoring tips all on top and then practice, practice, practice. This is rather easy for areas 1-4 and if you played through the game and know the levels, you should be able to get those 150.000 points on your second or third attempt. However, area 5 can get a little hard because the game wants 300.000 points of you here! Actually it helps to do a similar attempt just like for scoring 95% here, just that you should never use rapid fire of course. Take your time with the giant ship enemy that shoots lots of rockets, because those rockets can give you quite some points. Make sure to shoot down the snake enemies, use your overdrives at the right spot. You can finish the area 1-4 bosses in area 5 pretty fast, but for the real final boss you should take your time; it is possible to rack up far over 70.000 points just from that one boss. Further details on this can be found at the end of the description to the Firewall Buster achievement. Breaker
10 Clear score attack over 30 times
Well, that says it already. You have to complete score attack 30 times. And yes, you have to finish it - if you die, it isn't counted.
It doesn't matter which area you do it on, but I strongly suggest to go for area 1 because it's the shortest. Also I recommend that you only do this after you already got the Ultimate Cracker achievement, as you will already have a few score attacks counted then.
Overall, this is rather annoying to do. Try to be sporty: try beating the online highscores! That might give you a bit more motivation to actually do this. ;) Hacker
15 Clear direct assault (trance)
Important info: this is somewhat confusing maybe, but they don't mean that you have to complete the trance mission that unlocks when you get first place on lost area.
Instead, there are different direct assault modes. You start out with the normal mode, and once you played through it the next mode will unlock. There are six different assault modes (normal, ambient, punk, oldschool, psychedelic and trance) and it goes without saying that you have to play through the first five in order to unlock the sixth mode. So, this means you basically have to beat the game six times.
What helps a lot here is if you already got the Firewall Buster achievement. That will unlock unlimited overdrives for beyond mode, and luckily direct assault *is* a beyond mode :) You will still have to take care of the boss battles because all of them (except the area 1 boss) require you to move the camera around at some points, but for the rest you can just lean back and tap. Parts of this guide were written while doing just that - tapping the overdrive button from time to time. ;) Important however is that for the last run, when you actually do direct assault (trance), you can't use infinite overdrives. It can be used to get the different direct assault modes because those are just in-game unlockables, but it's not possible to obtain the actual achievement with it activated.
Also, if you have The Rezident achievement you should already have the Final Form unlocked for beyond mode. Selecting to start with this can also help you for direct assault mode. Rezident
15 Achieve 100% shot down and support item in areas1-5, or play for over 10 hours
Luckily you can just do the 10 hours of playing. You will automatically get this when going for the Trance Hacker achievement because of all your play time racking up, still there also is a cheap way to do it: just turn the game on in the evening, select the Trance mission from beyond mode and leave it running - it is an endless mission, and it will count to your play time. Next morning you just quit the mission and there, achievement unlocked. :)
By the way: you unlock Trance mission by getting first place (150.000 points) in lost area (also in beyond mode).

Natanji 02-04-2008 07:59 PM

Boss guide
Important to know for all bosses is that each of them comes in three different versions: Mega, Giga and Tera. The Tera boss is the hardest and will only appear if you manage over 98% shot-down in an area first. The Giga boss will appear if you get at least 95% shot-downs and you'll get the weakest of them, Mega, if you get any shot-down rate below that. The version of the boss will be displayed in the "console" window just before the boss, in case you're curious. This is also helpful if you try getting at least 95% shot-downs everywhere - if you should only get a "Mega" version, you don't have to do the boss battle to see that you failed that goal but can restart the level immediately.

Area 1 boss: This one is rather easy to finish. At the first stage, you basically have to shoot the walls around it down and then you can hit it. From time to time rockets will shoot at you; these are somewhat special as only the middle one can be hit at first, it creates a shield around all the others. Once you shot the first one down, you can shoot all others down too. If you are going for a high score, you should be patient at this stage of the fight and not shoot anything directly *at* the boss - instead, just try shooting down as many rockets as you can. Still keep in mind that after some time, the boss will automatically move on to the next stage; it would be a shame to have not shot down some wall parts at that point. ;)
In the next stage the boss will move it "tentacles" around until two of them start glowing in green (he's charging a rocket there) - if you are a bit fast you should be able to keep him from shooting anything there by just shooting those green spots down quickly. The boss will then build up another wall around it, see above on what to do.
At times the boss might also decide to turn around, shooting rockets outwards in all directions; the rockets usually won't hit you though, so just keep shooting at the glowing green end of the tentacles. After this there is another wall built up, and also another tentacle attack just like before. If you are going for a high score, don't shoot at the wall here at all but only concentrate on the rockets; otherwise the boss will already move on the the next stage (hitting around 20 of the firewall plates is already enough for that!) and you will effectively lose rockets to shoot at. Be patient, take your time.
This last stage of this boss has it materialize a ring of blue boxes turning around it; over time, little spiky disks will evolve out of these boxes, flying right at you. If you just want to take down the boss, you can focus on it, just defending yourself with rapid fire against any oncoming spiky discs. If you want a nice score, take your time here and just shoot down the ring and the discs as often as you can, never even once shooting at the boss. Once you shot down all the blue boxes, a new ring of them will appear so you can rack up quite some points this way until the boss is destroyed after four or five times of spawning those enemies.

Area 2 boss: This guy tries hiding from you in some sort of fan-shaped structure. At first, the boss will fire shots at you from one of its "arms" - at first those shots will miss you, but if you wait too long the guns will sooner or later fire at you, so take them out fast. After that, the fan will close around you and then try to mash you with walls that are coming at you. Just shoot the four small yellow points that stick out of the walls to destroy them; at the end there will also be a few big yellow points that are exactly in the middle, you have to hit each of those 8 times before the wall is destroyed.
Remember the very first stage of this boss fight? Well, the next one is exactly like that. Next thing, you will see the actual boss come out of its hiding place. So what are you waiting for? Shoot it as much as you can! It's not possible to kill it at this point though, because it will hide again and then the next stage begins. Some sort of tree structure will be created and small yellow spots on the twigs will spawn yellow jellyfish enemies that you shouldn't let get to close to you. You also have to shoot down the yellow spots; the tree will rebuild at some time so then you'll have to do it all again, but luckily afterwards it will be finished.
Now it's time for another first stage. After that the boss will appear again, and if you keep firing at it enough now it should be a piece of cake. If you are going for a high score, don't shoot too much at the boss at this last stage. Instead you should shoot at the bombs that it spawns: nicely enough it's always 8 of them, perfect to rack up some points here. After some time the boss will self-destruct anyway.

Area 3 boss: Here the boss fight will not present the actual boss to you; instead, there will be many stages to actually get to it. The first one gives you the opportunity to score quite some points already: you will be flying to the boss arena, and boxes will kind of jump around. Shoot them, if you destroy some of them you can get a few bonus nodes here, giving you valuable points if you're going for a high score. Only after that the boss will actually initialize. In the first stage you'll fight a wall of lasers; jsut shoot them down, a good way to keep getting lots of targets at once is by just moving your crosshair up and down at the rightmost border of the whole wall on the screen. Be careful, aside from the common blue lasers that just shoot a beam out horizontally there are red laser that will shoot diagonally, making it hard to spot if you'll get hit by them on your way or not.
You enter the next stage when the protective wall is taken down completely, and now you'll have to destroy lots of what I'll call "batteries of enemies" - those grey things with a red line on them. You should focus your fire on those whenever possible - they give you lots of points, and if you manage to ake all down before time runs out and you move on to the next stage of the fight automatically, you'll score an extra 5.000 points for this. Most definitely worth it. But it won't be that easy, because there's a reason why I called those things "batteries of enemies" before - out of each of them, when you fly by there will be a hell lot of enemies spawning! You only have to be afraid of the red and purple ones, the other usually won't ever reach you. It's nice to earn some points to take those down; however as it's more important to take the batteries out because otherwise the enemies won't stop coming and will just keep blocking your whole field of view, you shouldn't focus too much on them. However you should use any overdrives that you have left at this point to take one enemy swarm out, as this will give you a great opportunity to shoot at the batteries before new enemies spawn again.
In the final stage you won't need any overdrives really. Instead, you're going for the actual boss now. It's still hidden inside a thick tube that is turning around all the time. On the upper part of the tube are red spots. It helps to also have your crosshair just on the rightmost part of the tube on the screen, because it's turning by itself you will quickly gather a fully charged shot. If you manage to shoot down all the red spots, the tube will open, giving you free space to shoot at it with lots and lots of charged shots. The tube will close again after a short time and the whole red-dot-shooting is repeated. In case you disregarded my earlier advice and still have overdrives left, feel free to use them now - it will take away around 80% of health at once! Your enemies here are red rockets that actually spawn out of any red dots that were not shot yet. You can mostly take your time before you need to shoot them down, as they'll travel a few times around the whole tube before they can even hit you. In any case, make sure that you shot most of them down before you shoot down the last red dot, otherwise they'll go on your nerves when you're trying to only hit the boss inside. On the other hand, forget about taking all rockets down and only then focussing on the dots - when all rockets are down and there are still red dots left, rockets will respawn from those! This is also the tip I can give anyone who wants to collect points: take your time here, be patient as usual, and just try to only take the rockets down.

Natanji 02-04-2008 09:54 PM

This is a list of cool things you can unlock in the game that don't have anything to do with the achievements; however, some of those may help a lot with the beyond mode related achievements.

"Secret" ending: If you manage to shoot 100% of the enemies down in area 5, you will see a somewhat special ending (you can also take a look at it on Youtube if you are too lazy).

Beyond mode: This mode will unlock once you beat the game (by completing area 5 in play mode). It allows you to tweak your character and also has a few extra areas that you can play. Included is also the direct assault mode which will allow you to play through the game completely in one go.

Infinite Overdrives: If you score first in boss rush mode (over 300.000 points), you can activate this in the beyond mode options. You will always have overdrives ready then; sadly this only works in beyond mode ;)
Important! With this option activated, your score will not be ranked and you will also not be able to get the Trance Hacker achievement. You can still obtain in-game unlockables however, so e.g. it does work for unlocking all assault modes (see Trance hacker achievement above for more info).

Immortal: If you finish the Trance Hacker achievement - meaning you finish direct assault (trance) - you will get this beyond mode option unlocked. As the name says, you will be invincible in this mode.
Important! With this option activated, your score will not be ranked and you will also not be able to get the Firewall buster achievement. You can still obtain in-game unlockables, but you will have to beat boss rush without this activated in order to unlock the achievement.

Unlockable forms for beyond mode
Zero Form - get 100% shot down in area 1 in play mode or play the game for at least 5 hours.
Second Form - get 100% shot down in area 1 in play mode or play the game for at least 5 hours.
Third Form - get 100% shot down in area 2 in play mode or play the game for at least 6 hours.
Fourth Form - get 100% shot down in area 3 in play mode or play the game for at least 7 hours.
Fifth Form - get 100% shot down in area 4 in play mode or play the game for at least 8 hours.
Final Form - get 100% shot down in all areas in play mode or play the game for at least 9 hours.
Morolian Form - get 100% shot down and support items in all areas in play mode or play the game for at least 10 hours.

Unlockable views for beyond mode
Near View - First place in two areas in score attack mode.
Far View - First place in three areas in score attack mode.
Dynamic View - First place in four areas in score attack mode.
First Person View - First place in all areas in score attack mode.

Unlockable lasers for beyond mode
Note: the numbers correspond to the forms of the character (1 is for Zero Form, 6 for Final Form).
1 - Complete score attack mode 5 times.
2 - Complete score attack mode 10 times.
3 - Complete score attack mode 15 times.
4 - Complete score attack mode 20 times.
5 - Complete score attack mode 25 times.
6 - Complete score attack mode 30 times.

Unlockable areas for beyond mode
Lost area - complete area 5 in play mode.
Trance mission - First place in lost area.
Boss rush - score at least 95% shot-downs on areas 1-5 in play mode.

Unlockable direct assault modes
Normal - Complete area 5 in play mode.
Ambient - Complete direct assault one time.
Punk - Complete direct assault two times.
Oldschool - Complete direct assault three times.
Psychedelic - Complete direct assault four times.
Trance - Complete direct assault five times.

Penn 02-04-2008 11:07 PM

Good stuff.

I think it's important to add that you can select your form for the direct assault modes as it defaults you to the second form if i remember correctly.

The Morolian form, although it's the coolest form in the game with awesome laser effects, it doesn't appear that you can level down from it so if you get hit it's game over. Can anyone confirm this or did my game just go freaky on me?

Natanji 02-04-2008 11:17 PM

I also get that with the Morolian form. It's supposed to be a form to just play if you feel either really lucky, or if you want to really boast about how good you are ;) I agree that it looks cool however.

I have already written the hint about the direct assault mode selection pretty much everywhere; it was only missing from the Trance Hacker achievement as far as I saw it. I added it there, is it okay like this now?

Ry Fryy 02-05-2008 05:58 AM

Thanks for all the tips. :)

Caleb Goessling 02-05-2008 06:53 AM

If you've played Space Channel 5, you know the Morolians are a race of aliens that like to dance. Having one of them evolve or de-evolve into one of the Rez formes would be... strange? I mean, they're strange, and both games are strange, but still... Know what I mean? Just not right.

Caleb Goessling 02-05-2008 09:41 AM

I just got an in-game unlock that I haven't seen documented before, not even for PS2, though I'm guessing it's there.

What I got was the Beyond Mode option "Immortal," which obviously lets you play any Beyond Mode stage without worrying about taking damage. I can't tell you what unlocks it though, because I did a number of things for the first time all at once. I got a local ranking of first on Direct Assault, completed Direct Assault without using Infinity Overdrive, and completed Direct Assault (trance). It could have been any or all of those things that caused the unlock.

Edit: it was completing Direct Assault (trance). Says so in the post-unlock version of the "Trance Hacker" achievement description.

Ry Fryy 02-05-2008 05:16 PM


Originally Posted by Caleb Goessling (Post 623655)
What I got was the Beyond Mode option "Immortal," which obviously lets you play any Beyond Mode stage without worrying about taking damage.

Ooooh, that's kewl. :eek:

Darunia 02-05-2008 06:58 PM

I haven't beat Direct Assault, but do you still see the ending and credits in that mode? If so, would it be possible to turn on infinite overdrives, hereby getting the Butterfly ending more easily?

Natanji 02-05-2008 07:04 PM

Yes, you see the ending. And yes, you'll get the butterfly ending. I got it myself during one of my infinite overdrives - direct assault runs.

Thanks to Caleb for the info on "Immortal", I'll add that to the list of unlockables.

Faroon 02-06-2008 08:33 PM

This is really helpful, thanks a lot!

Natanji 02-08-2008 05:29 PM

I made some small updates here and there, also I added the third boss to the list. More will come somewhen later, promise.

Marx0r 02-09-2008 05:40 AM

Holy crap. That may be the longest arcade guide I've ever seen. Which isn't necessarily a good thing. The content's fine, as far as I can tell, but we may end up breaking it into 3 or 4 threads, ex. "Boss Guides" , "Unlockables", etc. Don't do anything as far as new threads, just keep editing here and we'll work it out when it's done.

Keep up the good work! :)

Natanji 02-09-2008 08:36 AM

Thanks a lot ;) I basically had the decision to either really help the people reading this guide, or just be very descriptive without saying much new things as the achievement descriptions tell what you have to do already and you can just reach that by practicing of course.

I figured I wanted to give fellow players real help though, so they can unlock the achievements faster and don't even have to watch lots of replay videos like I did before figuring out how to do it. That made it a tiny bit long ;)

I get your point about splitting it up into different threads, that's fine really: it's always possible to link between those after all, and it might help the general overview.

RobotEater 02-11-2008 11:21 PM

Awesome guide, is there any way we could get some strategies for the Area 4 boss? I'm having some trouble with it.

Natanji 02-12-2008 01:07 AM

I'll continue working on this guide shortly. Yes, I'll definitely still do it; some unexpected things came up however and so it might still take till the weekend even.

ReneG 02-14-2008 08:47 AM

Nice guide, was really helpful. Thank you for writing it :)

Tavvy 02-19-2008 09:07 PM

Thanks for the guide helps a lot :)

Tavvy 02-23-2008 10:21 PM

To unlock direct assualt trance mode do you have to do all above or can you just do the top normal direct assualt 5 times?

Natanji 02-23-2008 10:55 PM

You can do only the first one five times to unlock the trance mode.

Tavvy 02-24-2008 12:56 PM

Do the direct assaults get harder as they go down? So trance is the hardest or not im not sure?
By the way i think the Morolian Form is one hit so its better not to use that if your doing the direct assaults just in case you get hit!

Natanji 02-25-2008 06:17 PM

I wouldn't say they get "harder", just that they get "different". That's all there is to it.

I've got a question. Would anyone be interested in writing the area 4 and 5 boss guides? Those are still missing up there, and right now I simply can't find the time to do them. Would really be appreciated. Of course I'd credit you for that when putting it up there.

Tavvy 02-25-2008 08:00 PM

I finally got the Direct assualt (Trance) achievemement today which I am really prode of but no i was wrong it just get different with different colours and stuff but the bosses get slightly hard when you put unlimited amount of overdrives on because if you look at the first boss once you take down his big shield thingy and gets the rings round him normally there is only 1 ring but this time with overdrives on there are 2.
For the 2nd boss more of its arms try to hit you i think.
For the 3rd, 4th and last boss I dont really see the difference but may be fast not sure?

Anyway last achievement left for me is the 30 score attack one and got up to 15 today so got some time to kill on that :(

judagrmn 02-25-2008 09:06 PM

I just finished the direct assault trance level a little while ago so I finally have 200 on this game....gonna give it a break now lol

Natanji 02-26-2008 08:36 PM

Actually Tavvy, the difficulty of the boss depends only on the shotdown percentage you get in a level. Of course if you use inifinite overdrives, that will always be close to 100%, thus getting you the harder "Tera" version of the boss ;)

Tavvy 02-26-2008 08:43 PM


Originally Posted by Natanji (Post 675994)
Actually Tavvy, the difficulty of the boss depends only on the shotdown percentage you get in a level. Of course if you use inifinite overdrives, that will always be close to 100%, thus getting you the harder "Tera" version of the boss ;)

Teehee its funny you commented me this because I realized that today while I was playing score attack to get the last achievement.
On my first run on Mission 1 i got around 99.44% (I missed 1) and two rings appeared and made the boss hard but then I did it again and got around 97.50% and only got 1 ring round the boss and was easier!
So I think to get the harder bosses you have to get around 99% + or only miss around 1 or 2 enemies
But anyway thank you for correcting me!!

Natanji 02-27-2008 07:28 PM

Ehm, it is in fact written in my Boss guide already ;) "Important to know for all bosses is that each of them comes in three different versions: Mega, Giga and Tera. The Tera boss is the hardest and will only appear if you manage over 98% shot-down in an area first. The Giga boss will appear if you get at least 95% shot-downs and you'll get the weakest of them, Mega, if you get any shot-down rate below that. The version of the boss will be displayed in the "console" window just before the boss, in case you're curious."

Tavvy 02-28-2008 07:25 PM


Originally Posted by Natanji (Post 678529)
Ehm, it is in fact written in my Boss guide already ;) "Important to know for all bosses is that each of them comes in three different versions: Mega, Giga and Tera. The Tera boss is the hardest and will only appear if you manage over 98% shot-down in an area first. The Giga boss will appear if you get at least 95% shot-downs and you'll get the weakest of them, Mega, if you get any shot-down rate below that. The version of the boss will be displayed in the "console" window just before the boss, in case you're curious."

Ha ha wow I am such an idiot i also read that part some time ago but I most probably forgot about it. Sorry :(
Anyway i was going to comment to say to everyone I FINALLY GOT ALL THE ACHIEVEMENTS SCORING ME ANOTHER 200 Gamerscore from this fine game!!
I got the Power Breaker achievement today which finished my achievement hunting for this game so now time to wait until Lost Odyssey gets to my house and the bonus 1000 Microsoft points to purchase Pac-Man C.E :)
Thank you for the guide once again!!

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