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Jamski 12-18-2013 12:01 PM

Street crime cases help.
Apologies if this has been asked, couldn't find the answer on here although I'm sure I have seen it before somewhere.

I need to mop up a few street crime cases, but how do I know in game which ones I've done, as ones I've already done will still come over the radio right??

Do I just need to drive around and keep redoing them until I've done them all? Or can I tell which ones I've done somehow. I know it says on the social club, but how do I know which is which when they come over the radio?



bLaKgRaVy 12-18-2013 10:30 PM

Basically in Free Roam, all street crimes come over the radio whether you've done them or not. When you hear one, the only way to tell if it's one that's been done or not is to press Start and look at the Map. If you see a red running man as a result of the radio transmission you just heard, then that's a crime you haven't solved. That's really the only way to tell as the one's you've completed stay on your map.

I've completed all the Traffic Desk cases and street crimes and I'm on the third Homicide case. I purposely haven't done any Homicide street crimes because I'm waiting to do them in Free Roam when I complete that desk. I've heard the radio go off numerous times during he first two cases but as of right now I can't remember if the street crimes remain on your map if you don't respond to them. I'll check tonight and reply back.

I'd print out the first post in the above thread or even the checklist below to check off which ones you've done (courtesy of KryptoniteDragon on the forums). That's how I'm keeping track.

EDIT - When you're in free roam, if you are playing within a time frame that street crimes show up, ALL street crimes (for that time frame) will appear whether you've done them or not. Basically set a waypoint on one, have your partner drive there (fast travel), do it, then when that's done, set a waypoint on another and keep repeating. If there are no more street crimes but you know you still have more to do, exit out of free roam then enter back into it. you will enter at the correct time frame. Very easy. Most street crimes from start to finish take like two minutes.

Jamski 12-18-2013 10:57 PM

Amazing! Thanks very much.

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