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reedomann 01-25-2014 06:07 AM

Kiflom symbol wont show up
Im having a problem with the kiflom mission. i just did the one where i wore my robes for 10 days then took the plane to the airfield and completed that mission. Im waiting for the symbol for the next mission to pop up and it wont pop up! I've been skipping days in the safehouse for over 10 days now. Just wont show up. The next mission I have to do is the one where you wonder through the desert for 5 miles.

NoNameX03 01-25-2014 08:35 AM

If you've done the plane delivery (mission "Delivering the truth"), then you don't have to wear the Epsilion robes anymore... not for now.

You've done all you need to do. It pop-up for me after a few in-game day. Just continue the main storyline or collect collectibles and the Epsilion contact point will eventually appear in the desert, west of Sandy Shore Airfield.

Before going there, be sure to put back your robes... and have 50k$ for next mission.

Good luck with that "pain in the a**" mission... you're gonna need it. Running 5 miles in desert... pffffff, what a time-wasting mission.

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