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bros 1337 02-28-2014 10:59 AM

Online boosting
We where a group of 30 to 40 dedicated boosters wanting the achievments L,XL and XXL
The problem was understanding how you boost this as nobody really knew or didn't want to share knowledge about it.
I finally got hold of nV KiD RoBoT who explained the basics then a booster from his side LJParnell told me the rotation schedule to get points wich we used to get some points at the start.
I was not happy about how slow it was going so i started to make a few new rotations testing how to shorten the time boosted with help and ideas from guys in the group.
The Facts
Only the 2 or 3 first fights gives you good points after that you have to clear him of your recent player list to get those good points again.
A new boxer starts with 500 skillponts everytime
Skillpoints eventually increase your Skill Level if the gap is to big between skill levels like more then 5 levels, points traded are lower for each level.
Rank 1 on the leaderboards will always get the belt if he is active

Point collectors/takers and point givers/pushers. your going to need 16 boosters for this rotation i called my groups Europe and America

Point collectors/takers - ABCD
Point givers/pushers - 1234

Rotation / Ladder / the snake
Stage 1 four fights
A vs 1 once they match A tells B to search
B vs 2 once they match B tells C to search
C vs 3 once they match C tells D to search
D vs 4 once they match D tells A to search
Repeat 4 times important to talk all you have to be hearing is searching matched searching matched for 1 hour or how ever long you choose to boost
pointgivers to give your points as quickly as possible do illegal blows everytime you loose remove your boxer and pick him again the gives you 500 skillpoints everytime rememeber to only do this if your att 500 points if your level is high and you have 600 you still give more points, in the long run it makes a difference thanks to mfeforever for explaining this
Stage 2 Four fights
A vs 2
B vs 3
C vs 4
D vs 1
Stage 3 Four fights
A vs 3
B vs 4
C vs 1
D vs 2
Stage 4 Four fights
A vs 4
B vs 1
C vs 2
D vs 3
back to Stage 1
Left fighter wins vs Right fighter

here is the Visual look if you dont understand the one above TOP fighter wins vs bottom
Stage 1 x4
1 2 3 4
Stage 2 x4
2 3 4 1
Stage 3 x4
3 4 1 2
Stage 4 x4
4 1 2 3

top fighter ABCD wins vs bottom 1234 fighter
So you do this until you reach 3000 skill points with ABCD both for the America and Europe group and you put them into this next rotation Fyp0 is the guy going for the belt rank1
use the 3000 skillpoint guys to level up 4 guys at 6000 repeat again and push for the last 8500 points and the belt

Stage 1 x4
Fyp0 vs Alpha
Bravo vs First
Charlie vs Second
Delta vs Third
Stage 2 x4
Alpha vs First
Bravo vs Second
Charlie vs Third
Fyp0 vs Delta
Stage 3 x4
Alpha vs Second
Bravo vs Third
Fyp0 vs Charlie
Delta vs First
Stage 4 x4
Alpha vs Third
Fyp0 vs Bravo
Charlie vs First
Delta vs Second

back to Stage 1

visual look

Stage 1 x4
__1 2 3
Stage 2 x4
1 2 3
Stage 3 x4
2 3___1
Stage 4 x4
3___1 2

top fighter wins vs bottom
back to Stage 1

Within 15 to 30 h of boosting like this it should net you the belts it
Sounds like allot it is this is for dedicated boosters only
I made a deal with k4ng4rooz that if he gave us the last belt we needed he would never have to worry about us overtaking him in the leaderboards seems to be important to the guy.
So much that he stoped playing the game and been loosing points on the leaderboards just so everytime i get the belt and don't defend it ill loose points around 50 back when we stopped we had top 2 positions on all 3 leaderboards and to be in the top 3 you needed 7000 to 8500 skillpoints.
Im keeping my word that i wont mess with the leaderboards but here is how you can do it.
Tuckin Fyp0 has not played this game since july 2013 and don't plan to either neither does "The Group"
just trying to help 360A community as it has helped me the last 6 years
sorry about my poor english hope you understand
The Group
Has achieved the belts and wont play FNR4 again

Tuckin Fyp0
Strait Capi
Park Lane N17
Don Cheevo
x TheWorstGamer
Iced Hawk

Rest of individuals inside the group remains anonymous until they tell me otherwise

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