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Mister Buds 03-05-2014 05:02 PM

I absolutely can not beat the final boss
I'm at the final boss on Normal difficulty and I absolutely can not beat him. All I can find anywhere is "oh, pin him down with light attacks, so easy." Bullshit.

First of all, where the fuck is the rage meter? Is it the red bars in the bottom right corner? Or the red bar underneath my health in the top left corner? Either way, both of them are full at the start of the fight, yet neither my Light Form nor my Ray of Light are available to use. Why? So, I'm forced to run to the nearest red gem thingy, break it, and then I can use my magic.

The boss is way too fast, I can never get any distance from him. He keeps punching me, which stuns me, and does a ton of damage before I can get away. He also summons spikes out of the ground that hit me regardless of where I am and do a ton of damage. If that's not enough he also casts a freezing spell some times so he can just have an absolute free-for-all on me. His orb attack is the only thing that I CAN deal with...

But anyway, I have had runs where I've hit him with the Ray of Light attack 100+ times and he still will not die! I have even checked out some Youtube videos and still can't see that I'm doing anything wrong here. Been stuck here for 45 minutes now.

The most hilarious part is that this is recommended as one of the levels to not take any damage on. HAH. More bullshit guides from x360a...

EDIT: Finally fucking beat him after about a 15 minute run. Don't know how this is going to be possible on Pro though.

Spanish Assault 03-22-2014 03:24 PM

Yeah the description on how to beat him in the guide is terrible. Forget beating him on pro, worry about the Dark temple Boss on Pro. Gave up on completing this game.

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