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epictales 03-12-2014 05:03 AM

Solid strategy for Holda and Trundula
Holda and Trundula are the bosses I see most people complain about the most and indeed they are pains in the butt. However I have found two pretty solid strategies for dealing with them.

Holda: for the second form I have found that carrying Gretchen around and staying away the boss works wonders. Once she slams her spear into the ground and makes the lava pools, set Gretchen down and go to town with your best spells for as long as you can. I found Vlad's Impaler I & II and Mag Mel's Rose are good for early fights, but MMR III, Colchis Trap III and Elizabeth's Fangs are devistating once you have them :). Then pick up Gretchen again. Rinse and repeat. Even while carrying Gretchen I think it pretty easy to dodge Holda's spear, and this prevents gretchen from standing in lava or getting knocked off.

Trendula: You still need a little luck at the start. Avoid the witch's attacks and get to the covered tower as quick as you can. You are safe in here, even from the purple vortex attack (though you have to stay near the wall so you don't get blown out a doorway). fill your witchcraft slots with as many versions of Maar's Lance as you have for quick access. Target the boss' head and use Enoch's Hammer I to stun her then pop out and hit her with a lance. Rinse and Repeat. This method takes a awhile, but I still always get an "S" for time, so don't sweat it.

I hope this helps all of you who are having trouble with these bosses. I don't know if anyone even plays this game anymore...

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