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SouP x360a 02-22-2008 08:13 AM

Turok Achievement Guide Kill - 20
In a ranked match, get three separate kills within four seconds of each other.

This will take skill and luck. Some tips I can offer are to have some power weapons, like Dual Shotties, Stickyguns, or an RPG. In large FFA wait for some people to group up and hit them with an RPG. Also, if you see someone knifing somebody else, you can quickly kill them both for a double, and hopefully get lucky and find another person for a triple. in Side - 20
In a ranked match, kill the enemy carrying your flag 5 times.

In a ranked game of small team or big team CTF, stay by your flag. When an enemy picks it up, kill them. An easy way is to wait until they turn their back and start running, because with the flag they will run slow. It's easy to follow behind them and catch up and knife them in the back.
It has been posted that this is killing him 4 times, not 5. I don't remember when I got it, I wasn't counting. If it doesn't unlock on the 4th, just get another kill. 1 - 30
Finish Co-op Map 1

This is "The Lost Valley." This can be done in private or player, but I recommend doing player if your going for All Purpose Warrior.
Some tips for Mission 1: Watch out for the snipers in the part where you have to hack the 4 terminals, they are very deadly. 2 - 30
Finish Co-op Map 2

This is "Shadowed Paths." This can be done in private or player, but I recommend doing player if your going for All Purpose Warrior.
Some tips for Mission 2: Make sure you have a bow to take out the two snipers in the towers and the rocket turret in the beginning. At the end, when you have to protect the helicopters, it is much easier if you stay inside the base, because there will be snipers out in the field which you came from. 3 - 30
Finish Co-op Map 3

This is "Breaking the Sword." This can be done in private or player, but I recommend doing player if your going for All Purpose Warrior.
Some Tips for mission 3: When you have to descend into the pit and hack the 2 terminals, jump down on the pipes, don't take the ladder. If you use the pipes you can easily start shooting back at any enemies, while the ladder leaves you vulnerable. At the end of the level, you don't need to get to the chopper to win. You need to eliminate all of the enemies. There are 2 snipers, in the towers, and several RPG guys. Be very careful at the end. Hero - 25
Return 5 flags to your base in one public game.

Similiar to Thorn in Side, but instead of killing the flag carrier, you have to return the flag after he dies. You do not need to be the one who killed him. To return it, just walk over it. - 15
In a public match, kill the same person 5 times in a row without killing anyone else in between.

Basically what the description says. This is boostable, join Small FFA with a friend and hunt each other down. You can die and still get the achievement, you just cannot kill anyone else. Shot - 15
Kill 5 opponents in a public match with headshots.

Aim for the head. You can tell you got a headshot because of the red mark on your little gun in the corner that says you killed him.
You can also do this with your friend the same time you are doing Arch-Nemesis, just kill each other with headshots. Award - 20
Achieve an accuracy of 75% or greater in a ranked match with at least 20 shots fired.

ALOT harder then it sounds. Use a gun that doesn't spray. For example, a SMG and Pulse rifle will continue to shoot for a split second after you kill the enemy. I used a shotgun and I only took shots on unaware opponents. I never constantly fired, only 1-2 shots at a time. Be patient, and you will get it. Round - 15
Finish a public DM battle with a battle rating greater then 100

Really easy. I'm not sure how exactly battle rating is figured, but play a few games and you'll definitely get it. It isn't hard, even my bad rounds got me around 95 battle rating. Bag - 10
Kill one creature, one enemy, and yourself in the same round of a public match.

Another very easy one. Kill a creature, which is a scorpion or a raptor. On some maps you may need to "release" the creatures by activating switches. Kill any enemy, then kill yourself by standing on your own grenade or something. - 30
Play a full ranked match without dying.

Easier then you'd think. I'd recomend CTF. Find a good hiding spot and stay put. Make sure its near your base, but not near your flag wear an enemy would see you. Also be alert and ready to kill an enemy that notices you, and if you are noticed switch to a new spot. - 15
In a public match, capture the flag twice with no shots fired and no kills awarded.

I would recomend playing with your knife out, fingers OFF the triggers. Just keep on trying to grab the flag and bringing it back. Change your route everytime you go so they don't get a set pattern of what you do. Be patient and you will get it. After you have the 2 flag captures, just wait until the game ends. Hunter - 15
Kill 20 dinos in one public game.

Similiar to Exterminator, but with raptors. My recommended map for this is Fire Storm. The raptors are in the dried out "canals" in the bottom of the map. They respawn in a central tunnel linking the canals. Devote a match to killing them, and it should pop up right when you kill your 20th one. - 15
Kill 20 bugs in one public game.

Similiar to Dino Hunter, but with the giant scorpions. My recommended map is definitely Spire. Under the bridge in the middle of the map is a huge scorpion nest. There will be 2-3 alive at a time and they respawn very quickly. It will pop up when you kill your 20th one. - 15
Get 10 kills and 10 deaths in a player free for all match.

This means you have to essentially lose the match. Play normally until you kill 10 opponents, then after that commit suicide until you have 10 deaths. You will then be "spectating" and will watch other players until the game ends. You will get the achievement after the game is over. - 15
Play a full round of each gametype in public or private matches.

You can easily do this with a friend in private matches. Just play every game type, which are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, CTF, Assault CTF, and Wargames.

SouP x360a 02-22-2008 08:14 AM - 15
Knife kill your rival in a public match.

When you die, the player who killed you is your rival. He will be glowing bright orange, so he is easily distinguishable. Simply find him and knife kill him. Can take a little while, but pretty easy. Could also boost it with a friend. Weapons - 15
Play a public match using only the bow or the knife, getting at least 10 kills.

Use the bow OR the knife. Not both. If you prefer shooting, grab a bow and get 10 kills with only it. Or if you like the knife, knife 10 people in one match. Do not get 5 bow kills then 5 knife kills, as it will not unlock. Can also be boosted with a friend. Warrior - 30
Win 10 public games of each team game option (Small Team, Large Team, Co-Op)

The 10 co-op matches must be won in player matches, not private. The 10 small team and 10 large team wins can be both player and ranked. I would suggest keeping a tally of how many wins you have in each. of Citation - 25
Get 100 kills in ranked matches.

See "Medal of Commendation" of Commendation - 50
Get 500 kills in ranked matches.

Practice, practice, practice! The more you play, the better you get. I would suggest using dual shotguns. They are very powerful and have a surprisingly long range. And dual shotguns can kill people running at you with the knife very easily ;). Play team games, because CTF games last longer and you could easily rack up 30+ kills in a single match if its a standoff. - 10
Destroy a dilo with the stickygun during a public match.

This can only be done in Co-op Map 2. After you hack the terminal next to rocket turret, follow the path up and you'll find raptors eating dead meat. Over to the right in the dead bodies is a stickygun. After you kill the raptors, 2 dilos will come (one at a time). One sticky explosion will knock it down, and the 2nd will blow it up, gicing you the achievement. Please make sure this is in player, NOT private. - 20
Kill at least one enemy with every weapon in the game during public play.

Player or ranked matches, get one kill with every weapon over your career. The weapons are: Knife, SMG, Shotgun, Pulse Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Bow, RPG, Sticky Gun, Mini-gun, Grenade, Flamethrower, and Pistol. Battle - 10
Participate in a public 6 on 6 team game.

Play ranked or player Large Team games. If it's the full 6v6 and no one quits, you'll get it when the game ends. Just keep playing until you get a full game. Blowout - 20
Play a full 8 on 8 private team game.

You can play a few public matches then start sending out invites, or check the forums here in the "Achievement Trading Thread." Chances are someone is organizing a get together for this achievement.
Link to Achievement Trading Thread: First-Class - 35
Finish a ranked match with 100% accuracy and at least 5 kills

Two easy ways to do this. Use the knife for stealth kills, but you cannot miss.
An even easier way though is to use a rocket launcher. Lock on with RB and take shots you know will it. It's very easy to get kills this way, and after a couple of games you'll have it. Master-Class - 40
Finish a ranked match with all headshots and at least 5 kills

Very tough. Use the pistol or the sniper, both are great for scoring headshots. Find someone standing still and get the headshot. Whenever you see someone else knifing someone, get close and zero in on there head for that split-second when they are standing up straight but can't move. Same if they are being mauled by a raptor/scorpion, just wait for that split-second window. Take your time with this one. Canadian - 20
How aboot defending your flag, eh? And that's in ranked matches, sorry.

Pretty much the same exact thing as Thorn in Side. Kill the flag carrier and return your flag five times in a ranked match. See "Thorn in Side" for tips. Game Ribbon - 20
Whoa Momma!

This is a story-related achievement. You'll get after beating the first T-rex in the level Mother Superior.
When the fight starts take out the knife (to run faster) and get under the tree in the middle. Take out your secondary, which is hopefully a pulse rifle. Now basically shoot the crap out of the trex with the pulse rifle. It will take some time, but the trex will eventually go down. When it goes down run out with your knife to the back of its head and use it to do a little cutscene where you run up and stab it in the eye. While this fight is going on the trex will sometimes jam its head into the tree your under. All you need to do is back away from it and shoot its face. If you grabbed the sticky-gun early in the level, this fight will go by very fast. Ribbon - 20
Fishing anyone?

Like Big Game Ribbon, this is a story-related boss fight achievement. You will get this after you kill the giant eel monster in the lake.
With your flamethrower, position yourself next to a lava vent with gas coming from it. When the boss dives at you headfirst, shoot the gas with the flamethrower, and it will explode, damaging the boss. Continue doing this until it dies. Your napalm grenades will also hurt it alot.
Attack to watch out for are:
Swinging Tentacle: He swings his tentacles sideways at you. You can shoot them to stop them, but i found it much easier to just backup against the cave wall where he cant reach you.
Rock Throw: He basically just throws a rock. Pretty easy to predict, just use the dodge move to jump away.
Stalagmite throw: Throws the giant stalagmites hanging from the ceiling. A little tougher to dodge then the rock, just keep using the dodge move. Your Shotguns - 35
Complete "Mother Superior" without using the ORO Shotgun

When you reach this level, get rid of your shotgun as quickly as possible. After the T-rex, when you have nothing but the shotgun, use your bows TEK arrows to kill the Dilo's. If you do shoot your shot gun accidently, like I did, kill yourself and keep playing from your checkpoint. It should still unlock at the end of the level. Dominance - 25
Knife kill 50 creatures in the Story Mode campaign

Use your knife to kill 50 dinosaurs in story mode. Any type counts, raptors, the little lizards, even those herbivore ones. You'll easily get it on your normal playthrough, just keep knifing.

SouP x360a 02-22-2008 08:15 AM Service Ribbon - 40
Complete the Story Mode campaign and unlock Inhuman difficulty

Complete the game on Normal or Hard difficulty. See "Turok Campaign Ribbon." Campaign Ribbon - 60
Complete the Story Mode campaign on Inhuman

After beating the game on normal or hard, you will unlock Inhuman. The major differences are:
1) Always use cover, enemies are stronger & more powerful.
2) Raptors are much more difficult to knife.
3) Enemies throw grenades VERY accurately.
4) Stationary turrets WILL kill you instantly.
Always keep a pulse rifle on you! It is your best friend! And always make sure the enemy you shoot at actually dies, and doesn't give you one of those little fake-outs.! - 40
Head shot 10 enemies in a row during the Story Mode campaign.

When you get the sniper, take your time and carefully shoot enemies in the head when they are standing still. You can miss and still get this, and you can get a body shot and still get this, as long as the body shot doesn't kill them. They must be killed by a headshot. 10 in a row and it's yours, a lot easier then many make it out to me. Ribbon - 10
Pin an enemy to the wall with an arrow in the Story Mode campaign.

With the bow, shoot an enemy near a wall in the head or the chest and you'll pin him to it. See "Pincushion" for tips. Defense Force - 25
Successfully fight off 20 Raptor mauls during the Story Mode campaign.

A raptor maul is when the raptor jumps on you and you have to push the buttons shown on screen to get it off. You'll get this eventually playing through campaign, just like Dino Dominance.'s A Trap! - 15
Get dinos to kill 5 soldiers by sticking them with the flare in the Story Mode campaign

The beginning of the chapter of "Hero's End" is great for this. In the beginning of the level there will be two soldiers being attacked by two dilos. Use the shotgun's flare (RB) to hit one of the soldiers, then let the Dilo kill it. If you get a successful kill, MAKE SURE YOU SAVE OR IT WILL NOT COUNT. Then kill yourself to restart the level and repeat. Love - 15
Kill 3 soldiers with one ORO Copperhead Rocket Launcher shot in the Story Mode campaign

Easy enough. A good place for this is one the level where Logan is killed. After you pick up his rocket launcher and blow up the helicopter, save it and progress to the base. Once you enter the base, climb the tower to the immediate right and wait a minute. Soon, a group of soldiers will gather at the bottom of the tower. Easy 3+ kills., 4, 3, 2, 1... BOOM! - 15
Kill 3 Soldiers with one Frag Grenade in the Story Mode campaign.

A little tougher then the rocket one, but still easy. A good place for this is one the level where Logan is killed. Once you enter the base, climb the tower to the immediate right and wait a minute. Soon, a group of soldiers will gather at the bottom of the tower. Lob a grenade down and shoot a little bit to keep them from running, and you got it. - 25
Pin 50 enemies with the Bow in the Story Mode campaign.

Not difficult, but will take some time. On the mission in the beginning of the game, when you and Slade have to go through an enemy base to cross the valley. When you first enter that base, you and slade will split up. In the next few rooms you can get some very easy pins and knife kills. When you get to the part where you must climb up the flights of stairs, save and kill yourself to restart this segment. You can average 3-4 pins per trip, and even more knife kills per trip. Make sure you save before killing yourselves, OUR IT WILL NOT COUNT. or Animal - 30
Record 100 stealth kills of soldiers with the ORO P23 Combat Knife.

Get 100 knife kills, easy as that. They do not need to be "stealth," just knife kill them. See "Pincushion" if you wanna rack up some knife kills fast.

Demiize 02-22-2008 04:50 PM

Nice guide :)
19 retail games 100%
3 live arcade 100%

MapleMire 02-22-2008 06:13 PM

Nice guide but you forgot the achievement pictures.;)

SouP x360a 02-22-2008 09:11 PM

Fixed. Wrote it last night, added pics this morning.

XzAceOfSpadeszX 02-22-2008 09:51 PM

Nice Guide, all I need is some more online achievements and then im done

DAUNTEDFLETTY 02-23-2008 10:03 AM

good job m8 this will come in handy

matthewmcg360 02-23-2008 04:48 PM

Great guide.

SpongeBob x360a 02-24-2008 06:28 AM

Nice achievement guide. I have to use this when i get turok tomorrow.

MapleMire 02-24-2008 09:08 AM

OMG unbreakable is so hard to get. Im so close but in the ned they end up fighting near me then they finds me. I tried CTF but then my team killed me because i wasn't doing nothing. This is so hard.

SouP x360a 02-24-2008 08:30 PM

Keep trying, you'll get it eventually =P

MapleMire 02-25-2008 12:51 AM

If you wanna inprove your guide give tips on how to beat the 2nd T-Rex battle. Many people are having trouble with this.

Snugglepuffle 02-27-2008 11:27 PM

wouldnt the thorn in the side achievement unlock if you had gotten pratically canadian in a match as the only stipulation change is "returning the flag" :S
with thorn in the side do you just have to kill the guy carrying it then not return the flag? :S

chiefgonebad 03-04-2008 01:02 AM

great guide really helped

neIIy99 03-04-2008 08:01 PM

for practically canadian i got by shooting a sticky onto the flag and as soon as someone on the other team tried to take the flag i blew it up and did that about 5 times and the achievement popped

SouP x360a 03-06-2008 02:43 PM


Originally Posted by neIIy99 (Post 693605)
for practically canadian i got by shooting a sticky onto the flag and as soon as someone on the other team tried to take the flag i blew it up and did that about 5 times and the achievement popped

Haha, wow, thats a clever way to do it.

masterzach 03-08-2008 12:45 AM

i cant get the achievement for 20 creatures killed. can you do it in private match?

SouP x360a 03-08-2008 05:51 AM

No, you cannot do that in a private match. Only in player or ranked matches. Check the guide for tips.

Hammer 5O2 03-08-2008 06:07 AM

im getting this game within the next few days so this will help immensely!

GangstaPanda 03-09-2008 05:38 PM

:boomThis really helped a ton. good work

Chocobacon NWO 03-09-2008 07:13 PM

Nice guide.

SouP x360a 03-10-2008 03:26 AM

Thanks all =D

ultimatep00n 03-23-2008 09:27 PM

ok u cant do it with dual shotties i tried it, got them all in the head and i didnt get it

aussiegamer 04-01-2008 07:16 AM

Sticky this already. this is a fantastic guide.

Dead Rabbit14 04-01-2008 07:38 PM

for Accuracy Award do you NEED to kill the enemy? cuz i was thinking of jsut shooting 20 bullets, having them hit then hide :p

Ruthless 07-13-2008 04:28 PM

Why has this not been stickied? Its one of the most detailed guides on x360a!

Shame its so hard to boost even now and its been out ages.

SootierJJ 09-02-2008 05:33 AM

who needs boosting in thiis game message me

SootierJJ 09-06-2008 07:02 AM

this game is a joke i got 23 online achievements in one night

xDAx AWESOME 09-15-2008 08:17 AM

So why did I not get any credit when I created the original guide, written pretty similar to this one?

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