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Khaos 04-12-2008 04:01 AM

Game Info

Release Date: April 21, 2008

Midway's hit basketball franchise returns with NBA Ballers: Chosen One, featuring classic pick-up-n'-play hoops action inspired by the 1993 hit NBA Jam. Chosen One showcases more than 80 playable NBA superstars and legends, hundreds of new Create-A-Baller items and, of course, all-new "Shut 'em Down" super moves and "Act-A-Fool" combos that help separate the best from the rest!
  • NBA superstars: Perform insane dunks, ankle-breaking crossovers, and the sickest playground moves with more than 65 of the NBA's elite superstars and legends. Battle for court supremacy in 1-v-1, 2-v-2, or 1-v-1-v-1 match-ups in the most lavish locales the sport of basketball has ever seen.
  • "Shut 'Em Down" Super Moves: Take control of your superstar by unleashing more than 30 unique and over-the-top "Shut 'Em Down" Super Moves. Collect them all and showcase your skills against the competition.
  • "Act-A-Fool" combos: An all-new combo control system allows you to string together multiple "Act-A-Fool" moves to outshine your opponent like never before. Cross up your opponent and use him as a ladder on your way to the hoop, or bounce it off his foot and pull a spin-move before stopping short for an easy 15 foot jumper.
  • State of the art graphics: Unparalleled graphical realism brings your favorite NBA superstars to life right in your own living room. NBA Ballers: Chosen One maintains the franchise's legacy of having the most authentic player likenesses of any sports video game.
  • Customized players: Create your own Baller with customized gear from head to toe including shoes, clothes, headbands, tattoos and more! Enter each match up in style as you and your crew arrive with customizable over-the-top entrances featuring helicopters, cars, jets, and more.
  • Sounds of the game: Hip-hop legend Chuck D calls the play-by-play action while producer Just Blaze mans the ones and twos with more than 30 custom beats created exclusively for NBA Ballers: Chosen One. The adaptive music system changes the music while you play, allowing you to feel the momentum swings as they occur on the court!
  • Online competition and content downloads: Take your NBA superstar or unique "create-a-baller" online and compete with and against your friends around the world. Downloadable content keeps the game fresh with new gear, players and more with more than 500 exclusive items to choose from.

keli1989 04-12-2008 06:15 PM

Do you know if you can go through all the modes as the customizable character?

ShaunMichael80 04-12-2008 06:29 PM


Originally Posted by keli1989 (Post 791032)
Do you know if you can go through all the modes as the customizable character?

I believe you can, based on the premise of the game it would seem to be you can

g2thecore 04-13-2008 12:11 PM

Seems like some easy achievements on this game. The only thing I hate is that it forces you to play it twice.

BumpyJB 03-04-2009 06:44 PM

Whats the best way to get the super block down I am stuck on the (1 super dunk, 1 super steal, and 1 super block) I cant get the super block for some reason. Can you help or anyone?

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