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Klungel 04-24-2008 07:04 AM

How many Landmarks for the achievement.
I did the construction of all 12 landmarks, but no achievement.
What i did.: for the airport to build i created on a large flat area a huge materials yard.
With a loaded yard and lots of money, i saved the game.
Then did the construction of the airport and got the airport achievement.
I reloaded the save and started the construction of the Landmarks.
My in-game Landmark-menu shows 12 landmarks.
I'd built 6 and saved the game, then sold them and built the other 6.
No achievement unlocked , not even after waiting a game-year.
So thinking i must be the owner of all of them, i loaded the save with the 6 landmarks and focused on making money to build the other 6.

So , i got now 12 Landmarks - side by side - i own all of them = no achiev.

I did the construction of all other types of buildings except the Ski-resort, the game won't let me.
So , who can tell me what i'm doing wrong or what i need to do to get the Landmark achievement.
Thanks in advance.

borandi 04-24-2008 06:43 PM

I thought there was more than 12? Say 20 or so?

I know when I got my achievement I had masses of materials and just built them one after the other in quick succession. If you sell them on the same map then build them again, maybe that doesn't work and you might have to start a new map.

Multicade 12-12-2010 10:03 AM

Is this game available in the US?

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