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foxhunt99 04-25-2008 06:01 PM

Mercenary achievements guide
There are 2 achievements in Mercenary mode

Mercenary Mode: Unification
Claim victory in a Unification Battle in Mercenary Mode(SW2XL) and save your game.

To do this, keep fighting for 1 same lord. For example, if you pick a mission,
under the mission name there will be "Date VS Shimazu", you will be fighting for Date clan in this mission. After a few missions for Date, you will get to choose a event to ally yourself to Date clan. Pick that, then pick playing missions for Date clan, eventually you will get an option to do Unification battle, win it and save. Should happen around level 50.

Mercenary Mode: Greatest
Become the greatest in the land in Mercenary Mode(SW2XL) and save your game.

There are 10 precious swords, you need to obtain them all, and beat level 100.
They come in no particular order.
Four of them can be bought though merchant offer through events (not shop), you will get event like "Special offer from Merchant", pay 30 gems to get sword.

Other six can be obtained though missions, the missions are:

Escort Princess - part 2
Defeat the fake No
Defeat sword master
Rob the rich
One man riding
Musou fighting

You need to win those missions to get the sword. The last sword mission comes at lv 99.

Other Tips:
The fastest way to get both achievements is to join a clan, once you can pick the unification battle mission, do it, but save to another slot to get achievement. Then load previous save before the unification battle to continue on to lv100.

I will play it again to make sure I didn't miss anything.

Andrew14man 05-25-2008 06:32 AM

this helps man. good job.

should be added to the achievement guide

boofarama 06-20-2008 03:23 PM

nice guide

knockton55 12-24-2008 11:39 AM

Ace guide man, that level 100 seems daunting though *sigh*

KrazyKevin1 01-18-2011 11:47 PM

Hey, I realise this guide is quite old. I've just got the download content and this has helped a lot. Few things I'm going to add for those who haven't done this yet.

You must go to select event to choose to join with the Date force after a few battles. I think it costs 50 orbs, I done this around an hour ago and wasn't really paying attention.

Accept anything which has "Cost 0" You're usually given free orbs or gold or some random crap. Getting orbs is alright though.

If you think level 100 might be daunting, it's not too bad. It's different from the normal missions. All doors are open and the only thing you have to do is kill the main commanders on the opposing team. So it takes around 2 - 3 minutes per mission as you don't need to pay attention to anything else. If you have the original 1000, then you should have a pretty strong character. I'm using Yukimura Sanada and it hasn't been a challenge at all. (Probably because I have him at level 70)

To get the "Escort the princess part 2" mission. You must purchase the "Rescue the princess" From the select event option. I think it costs 20 orbs. Then there's the "Escort the princess" Which I think is 15. Definitely not more than that for either mission but I don't remember precisely. Self explanitory really but for those wonderng why they can't find certain missions then this will help you.

I'm gonna go through the rest of it now, I'll post about which other missions you need to purchase and how much they cost plus which level.

KrazyKevin1 01-19-2011 01:03 AM

Anything I have in bold and underlined is a mission for a legendary sword. The stage next to each level I write is the stage I decided to do the mission not when it is unlocked. The name of the mission I write is how I find it in "Select Event" DO NOT look for it in "Select Mission" until you have bought it. If the stage isn't in bold there isn't much point in doing it.

I can't provide help with the missions I have already done but I'm only at stage 38 in Mercenarys mode. Basically avoid using orbs on the special events which say "Support from ******" Missions, they just increase your guards stats and there isn't really any point in that. Any that say "Thanks for" whatever, are free and are always gifts.

I failed one mission due to a stupid time limit and not really paying attention, apparently the rewards on the missions change as well as the map/enemy. The principle is the same.

Stage 39: Secret documents - costs 8 gems
- Reconaissance and Recovery'
- Receive 4 gems
- "Thanks for claiming secret documents" + 15 gems

Stage 40: Kagemusha, costs 20 gems.
Tip for this mission. All 4 officers are doubles, so kill them all as fast as possible. It will then say someone is acting suspiciously, go to that point of the map and the real enemy is there.

- Reward is 8 gems
- Legendary sword Munechika
- Thanks for defeating Kagemusha, All guards' strength have been increased.
- Gift from Princess - 6 gems.
- Offering from peasant (Cost 30 gems)

Accept the offering from peasant
- Legendary sword Murasame

Stage 41: Treasure Transport: costs 8 gems
- Thanks for protecting the treasure + receive 12 gems.

Stage 42: Peasant Rebellion: costs 10 gems
- Thanks for suppressing Rebellion + 15 gems

Stage 43: Kemari Hunt: costs 8 gems
- Thanks for finding Kemari Ball + 15 gems (This is getting a bit tedious now so I'll start just saying the reward)

My internets shit so I'm gonna post this now just in case. Continuing...

KrazyKevin1 01-19-2011 01:37 AM

Treasure Theft has now been unlocked since completing Kemari Hunt.
I cannot confirm if it is unlocked for being on stage 44, or for the mission I just completed. I'd recommend doing the Kamari Mission just in case.

Stage 44: Treasure theft, costs 15 gems (see above)
- Legendary sword Yasutsuna
- Thanks for... reclaiming... the treasure. Mercenary Level was Increased.

I have no more 'Special Event' missions so I'm going to just randomly select missions until more appear.

By now you should have 5 Legendary Swords. I didn't write down the two I already had. One was a gift from "Escort the Princess 2" and One was bought from the Merchant. I can't recall the stage I received them on, it was around 20 or something.

Achievement Available: Stage 47: Unification Battle. Cost 0 gems
Remember to save your file on two slots before accepting this.
Once you have accepted this, you will receive an orb of some kind. Not sure if it's random, I got a Range Orb. Then go to select mission and do the mission for your clan. Once you have done this, SAVE THE GAME ON A DIFFERENT SLOT.
So now you have this achievement and you're like... "What the fuck, new game? I saved it twice? I'm not doing that shit again." So uhhh, return to your dashboard, start up the game again and you get the option reload the other slot.

Do not accept any missions which say "Uniting the Land" from this point on also.

KrazyKevin1 01-19-2011 04:11 AM

Stage 51 Mighty Swordsmen Cost 25 gems
- Legendary sword Sukesane
- Thanks for defeating swordsman - All guards' strength has increased.

Stage 61: Treaty Delivery, costs 10 gems
- Another "Thank you for" Increased Mercenary Level. (It actually never went up from 4... again)

Stage 71: Hero of the Battlefield, costs 20 gems
- Legendary sword Koshino
- The predictable thanks... + 8 gems

You should now have 7 of the 10 swords. I assume one is left as a gift, one from a mission and one from level 100. This should have been wrapped up in 50 levels at the most.

Stage 81; Go to 'Special Events' There should be an offering for 35 gems.

- Legendary sword Osamitsu

Stage 86; Dream Team, cost 25 gems
- Legendary sword Odenta
- Thanks... guards' strength...

Stage 99 Special Events, 40 gems.
- Legendary sword Ochiba

All swords collected then finish stage 100.

pacisback2stay 02-23-2011 03:07 AM

Thanks for posting i hope to use it one of these days. Is is really worth the amount that they charge? I love the warriors games but just seems like a lot of cash for some very small DLC. Any thoughts?

KrazyKevin1 03-22-2011 05:02 PM

Despite the price, I actually enjoyed it. You can get a higher max level than 50 also by using it which would have made getting the original 1k a lot easier. You can get to level 70 and also to get the achievements for other people's storylines by signing in a second controller. You use your level 70 to go through the game using the second controller while the gamertag you want the achievements with is on the first controller.

If you liked the original Samurai Warriors game this is pretty fun. Plus you can just run directly to the objective and do what you want oppose to having to listen.

DarkSephiroth 01-09-2013 04:57 PM

Not sure if anyone reads this but...
I don't know why but I played the way that I did only battles where I'm on Date's side and always got all the free events and I got to the unification battle at stage 28.

Then I started again and now I'm at stage 26 and I have done all of the special event missions listed here that doesn't get you any swords and I have the sword from escort the princess and one from the merchant. I'm just wondering why I have these so early :confused:

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