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aPerfektFIaw 08-02-2006 12:17 AM

Achievement Guide
I will update this guide accordingly as more information is found to make an achievement easier... if anyone has anything to add let me know...

12 World Warriors - 5
Play a match with all twelve characters in single player arcade mode
Simply play 1 match with each character in the single player arcade mode... not difficult

Perfection - 5
Complete a Perfect Match at Default Difficulty or Higher
Easiest way i found to get this achievement is to get to Zangief with anyone... lose to him and pick E. Honda... Stand still and just do the 100 Hand slap by rapidly pressing any punch button... Do this for both rounds, if you get hit, die and try again.

Bonus Bonanza - 10
Complete a Perfect Bonus Round
your best bet is to use someone with a rapid move... like E. Honda's punches, Chun-Li's Kicks, or Blanka's electrifying move (refer to the move list thread i made for more info:

Explanation of Bonus Rounds...
Every time you beat 3 fighters in the one player
modes, you will have to do a bonus game.

Destroy the car by damaging the right side of it
first, then jump over to the car's left side and
attack that enough times to destroy it for good.
Destroy the car before the timer runs out to
complete this bonus game.

Barrels are dropping down overhead. Destroy them
by attacking them. Destroy them all to complete
this bonus game.


Easy... smash all the barrels when they aren't on fire.

World Champion - 15

Complete single player arcade mode
Self explanatory... you can set the difficulty to easy to achieve this faster if you'd like

Perfect World Champion - 30
Complete single player arcade without losing a round
A little more difficult than the Hyper World Champion Achievement... you can't lose a round in any match when playing through the single player arcade mode... you can set the difficulty to easy to achieve this faster if you'd like

Hyper World Champion - 25
Complete single player arcade mode without losing a match
You can lose a round in single player arcade mode, as many times as you want, just don't lose the entire match against anyone. Complete the arcade mode under these stipulations... you can set the difficulty to easy to achieve this faster if you'd like

7 Stars - 20
Complete Single Player Arcade mode at Highest Difficulty
Self explanatory... make sure you have a lot of time on hand if you're going to attempt this

I Got Next - 5
Play a match in the online quarter mode
Just go online, and play a match in the Quarter Mode... you don't have to win

10 Tokens - 10
Play 10 Ranked Online Matches
play 10 ranked matches, you don't have to win

50 Tokens - 20
Play 50 Ranked Online Matches
play 50 ranked matches, you don't have to win

10 Online Victories - 20
Win 10 Ranked Online Matches
Self explanatory

30 Online Victories - 35
Win 30 Ranked Online Matches
Self explanatory

Webb 08-02-2006 12:20 AM

Sticky :) Get it up to 100% and it can stay there :D

aPerfektFIaw 08-02-2006 12:25 AM

ill probably have it up to 100% when the game comes out tonight... nothing seems TOO difficult here...

Webb 08-02-2006 12:31 AM

Is it me, or are these achievements like REALLY easy?

aPerfektFIaw 08-02-2006 12:34 AM

seems like the only thing that would take time (based on skill) is the Win 30 Ranked matches

but I mean if you're going for the PLAY 50 ranked matches I'm sure the majority of people will probably either get it on the way or get it shortly after ya know?

gatorbait 08-02-2006 12:43 AM

Maybe easy but not GALAGA easy:nana

Another night staying up to 4am just to play another Arcade game!!!

Fonkey Monkey 08-02-2006 12:46 AM

no i'd have to say this looks galaga easy, but not cloing clyde easy,

aPerfektFIaw 08-02-2006 01:02 AM

Galaga easy haha, i had that game complete in about a half hour... im gonna give this game the benefit of the doubt and say 1 1/2 - 2 hours playtime max

oh and by the way... as soon as i get the game im gonna test the cheats from the original and see if they work...

DON'T worry they arent bad cheats... they actually made the game harder... like the cheat to take away special moves, or the cheat to let you go beyond the 7 star difficulty, up to 10 star difficulty

if they work ill post em on another topic...

gatorbait 08-02-2006 01:04 AM

People were burning through Galaga in 30 minutes to an hour and I think cloning clyde took a little more then that. The only thing that saves these achievements somewhat are the online matches and victories which for a fighting game will be easy to pick up.

gatorbait 08-02-2006 01:06 AM


Originally Posted by Fonkey Monkey
no i'd have to say this looks galaga easy, but not cloing clyde easy,

Apparently Galaga wasn't that incredibly easy if you still have 185/200.

Webb 08-02-2006 01:08 AM


Originally Posted by gatorbait
Apparently Galaga wasn't that incredibly easy if you still have 185/200.

You missed the :nana there ;) :D

aPerfektFIaw 08-02-2006 01:16 AM

burned... haha

ugh 6 more hours... sucks that i have to wait til 3am cuz im on the east coast...

gatorbait 08-02-2006 01:25 AM

Try 4am. I live on east coast too and past Arcade Wednesday games have come out a little after 4am est.

Fonkey Monkey 08-02-2006 07:14 AM


Originally Posted by gatorbait
Apparently Galaga wasn't that incredibly easy if you still have 185/200.

haha i cant get the special stage or whatever. i never said who it was easy to
;). but i got cloning clyde in 2 1/2 hours total.

aPerfektFIaw 08-02-2006 07:27 AM

yo check out my achievement guide for galaga.... it really has helped a lot of people...

street fighter should be coming any minute now....

aPerfektFIaw 08-03-2006 02:37 AM

UPDATE: Perfection Achievement is updated... see if that helps any of you guys out if youre having trouble getting this achievement...

Daft Titan 08-03-2006 05:18 AM


Does the difficulty have to be set at default or higher in order to get the hyper world and perfect world achievement? It doesn't say so in the achievement breakdown.

aPerfektFIaw 08-03-2006 05:21 AM

hmm nice eye... didnt even think about that.... if anyone can test this out, set the game to easy and try to get the Hyper and/or perfect World Champion achievements.... ill go try this myself as well and see if i can get those results... seeing that i can't get into ANY online matches :mad:

DisturbedDan 08-03-2006 07:17 AM

thank god. The easy way for perfection with honda worked. Thank you perfek.

I only had the hyper/perfect done but I fucking lost my last match.

scoobydiesel 08-04-2006 11:15 PM

SO sad that i dont have any achievements on this...but i'll look over this and findout what to do....i honestly havnt even looked at what the achievements are besides the one where you cant lose a round....

Rashaka1 06-05-2007 07:57 AM

I find it amusing that everyone who said they'd have this game done on an achievement level in this post have yet to get 200/200.. hehe..

This game turned out to be a little more annoying than I remembered it... I could have done without championship edition... I like the plain old fashion Street Fighter II, that was originally released... chun li with a fireball is just sad....

Motacorp 07-06-2007 08:18 PM

it was actually not that difficult when u try for like 4 or 3 hours. I only used the M. Bison special power, dont remember the name, the whole time, for me ken, sagat, and balrog, were a litlle bit of a problem, but u have tu learn their moves, and do the bison thing.

If ur fighting ken just be careful not to jump and kick him that even if ur brain wants to dont do it, and when u do the Bison thing try to do it exactly when his gettin up right after he falls down cause if u do it before, he'll use the dragon punch and punch in the nuts.

Be patient and keep trying. i just bought the game 2 days ago and i already have the achievements.;)

Veni Vidi Vici

y2j420 11-15-2007 03:20 AM

Thanks for the guide...however your idea of getting the Perfect match achievement doesn't work...I tried it with E. Honda for 4 1/2 hours against Zangief and each time he attacks you with his jump kick and it automatically hits you...

Anyone else have any ideas for getting this achievement as the guide's suggestion doesn't work?

BTW, this is the cheapest (and I don't mean price) game available on the XBox Arcade and I have been tempted to call Microsoft for a refund...

III Vesper III 11-15-2007 08:40 AM

You have to understand that there is no "AI" in this game. The computer "Reacts" to what you do. You call microsoft and tell them you can't get this achievement because a 1992 game is too cheap.

I could just explain the many different variations on how each computer reacts to what you do but theres really no point now. You don't even need to do special moves to beat the computer on 7 stars.

If you can't get a perfect on a single star computer ( by the way 1 star = random difficulty ) On the first stage with honda or blanka or what not, then I doubt you would be able to cross a street safely.

Ryot Control 11-28-2007 10:18 PM

Ok, I just need a bit of a clarification on the stars issue. one thread is saying that 0 stars is random, and here it's saying that 1 star is random. Which is the easier one? 1 or 0 stars?

Also, for Hyper and Perfect World Champion. Maybe my description is different on my 360, but it says the only way to achieve them is by playing them on default settings. But the guides are saying otherwise. Can someone verify if they completed those two achievements without using default settings?

Desmondo2000 10-17-2008 01:12 AM

I dont think I'll ever get the dont lose a round cheev :mad:

Jamal 03-06-2009 06:25 PM

this is not much of a guide

UltraPowerPie 05-14-2009 01:37 AM

I just straight out suck at this game. :mad:

OSU Brutus OSU 04-07-2010 03:01 AM

I love and hate this game...not as great as what I remember from the Super Nintendo marathon days against my cousin back in the day...those Dhalsim elephant's are annoying

PaperChaser315 05-10-2010 07:09 PM

it wont give me Perfection and ive tried many times anyone know why?

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