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Lordvader178 06-08-2008 12:05 PM

Ninja Gaiden 2 SUPERGUIDE
Ninja Gaiden 2 Superguide

Hello everyone. I am planning to start a super guide for NG2. It will contain the work of 2 people. Me (The Green Robin) and Xx Overkill VR. As you can see on this board, Overkill has done alot of guides. I plan to redo these guides, and make them available all in one place. Weapons, enemies, bosses, Tests of Valor, Skulls, everything will be here. I am going to start off with the achievement guide.

Now here's the deal. The boss descriptions in the achievement description ARE NOT FINAL!!There will be a section devoted to bosses further on throughout this guide. There will be a Crystal Skull guide in the super guide, no hyperlinking necessary!! I'll go into detail about the weapons last. There will also be enemy strategies later on.




Now, this guide may not be updated regularly. Why? Because as i write the guides, such as enemy and weapon and boss, i am going through the game. As of now, and for the enimies, i am going through on warrior so i get to experience all their moves, whilst they do little damage. I will go through on mentor for bosses, and then warrior for weapons. Please be patient.

Also another reason is because my computer, unlike most of yours, is uber slow. Especially when it runs out of download limit. Knowing Overkill, he will probably take my position and write guides where i am supposed to write because i have not been updating. This cannot be helped on my part. I am extremmlly sorry for the inconvience. If you want the guide updated, send me a pm over xbox live (GT: The Green Robin) and i will make it my priority to do it. School, exams etc have also taken over my life for a bit (becoming a game developer is hard stuff :p) and thus my life is extremmlly busy and hazardous.


  1. Achievement Guide
  2. Skull Guide
  3. Tests Of Valor
  4. Enemies
  5. Bosses
  6. Weapons

Xx Overkill VR 06-08-2008 12:09 PM

Achievement Guide Mastered Reverse Wind 5 Successfully perform the Reverse Wind technique.
Chapter 1: After you go to the first save point you will unlock the gate. It is in a chest at the end of the walkway. Mastered Furious Wind 5 Successfully perform the Furious Wind technique.
Chapter 1: After the gap in the floor in the corner of the next room. Mastered Shadowless Footsteps 5 Successfully perform the Shadowless Footsteps technique.
Chapter 1: When you reach the first gap in the floor, instead of clearing it drop down and it is in the chest. Mastered Flying Swallow 5 Successfully perform the Flying Swallow technique.
Chapter 1: After swinging past all of the poles you will reach a ladder. Climb the ladder and it will be on the dead ninja. Mastered Flying Bird Flip 5 Successfully perform the Flying Bird Flip technique.
Chapter 1: On a dead ninja as you reach the second save point and a "dead end". Mastered Obliteration Technique 5 Successfully perform the Obliteration Technique.
Chapter 1: After swinging off of the first pole, on a dead ninja. Mastered Ultimate Technique 5 Successfully perform the Ultimate Technique.
Chapter 1: After retrieving the Lunar Staff from the statue, head down the stairs. It will be on a dead ninja at the base of the stairs. Mastered Ultimate Guidance 5 Successfully perform the Ultimate Guidance technique.
Chapter 1: On the dead ninja in the doorway to the house. Mastered Counter Attack 5 Successfully perform the Counter Attack technique.
Chapter 2: At the first save point on the dead ninja. Mastered Unrivaled Soaring 5 Successfully perform the Unrivaled Soaring technique.
Chapter 2: The first time you encounter breakable walls it will be behind one at the top of a set of stairs. Mastered Invisible Path 5 Successfully perform the Invisible Path technique.
Chapter 3: After some wall running you will eventually drop down to a giant well. Keep going and then the cave will fork. Take the path to the left. It is on the dead ninja. The Art of the Inferno 5 Successfully perform the Art of the Inferno Ninpo.
Chapter 1: After clearing the first gap it is in the next room to your left. It is on a shrine with candles around it so it will be easy to spot. The Art of the Wind Blades 5 Successfully perform the Art of the Wind Blades Ninpo.
Chapter 3: As you find your way off the streets and into an alley there is a dead ninja in your way; he holds the Ninpo. The Art of the Flame Phoenix 5 Successfully perform the Art of the Flame Phoenix Ninpo.
Chapter 5: In the wine cellar go all the way up the stairs in the wide hallway until you reach a chest. You will receive the Copper Key and it is used to unlock a gate in the cellar containing a dead ninja with this Ninpo on him. The Art of the Piercing Void 5 Successfully perform the Art of the Piercing Void Ninpo.
Chapter 7: Deep inside the airship you will get to a huge control room and will be greeted by a squad of tactical ninjas and a pair of rocket ninjas. There will be two operating doors; This Ninpo is in a chest behind the door on the right. Vanquished Alexei 15 Defeat Alexei in battle.
Chapter 4: You can counter his attacks fairly easily, if the counter fails dash to his side. He grabs a lot, so if you feel a grab coming dash/jump directly away from him. When he starts spinning, dash/jump perpendicular him, then wait a second and do it again. He will usually repeat his spinning move 2 or 3 times. Vanquished Volf 15 Defeat Volf in battle.
Chapter 6: Right away Dash/Jump to the side, a lot of times he opens with a Scythe UT. Other than that this should be pretty easy. His attacks are slow and most of them can be blocked, try not to get grabbed and you shouldn't have a problem. Try to conserve health because you have to kill about 20 Werewolf fiends right after this fight. Vanquished Zedonius 15 Defeat Zedonius in battle.
Chapter 8: Get up close and start combo-ing out. When he's about to attack dash behind him and continue. Try to stay as close to him as possible. Right after he lands he is extremely vulnerable. Vanquished Elizébet 15 Defeat Elizébet in battle.
Chapter 10: Don't rush into her, let her come to you. Don't try to counter her attacks; it won't work, instead dash twice to get behind her full combo. It should miss, giving you the opportunity to hit her. If you don't knock her off-balance right away, get away from her. Be mindful of her dash attack, be sure to block it, it will hurt a lot and knock you off-balance to set you up for a grab. Vanquished Genshin 15 Defeat Genshin in battle.
Chapter 11: This battle is all about patience wait for him to strike at you. When he starts doing his combo keep blocking until he breaks your guard, that's your cue to dodge to the side and hit him with a combo of your own, also try to hit when he does his dash attack. After he does an aerial attack then you can go crazy on him because he looses his guard. Way of the Acolyte 100 Complete the game on the Path of the Acolyte.
See way of the Master Ninja Way of the Warrior 100 Complete the game on the Path of the Warrior.
See way of the Master Ninja Way of the Mentor 100 Complete the game on the Path of the Mentor.
See way of the Master Ninja Way of the Master Ninja 100 Complete the game on the Path of the Master Ninja.
The game has 14 Chapters. Playing on the higher difficulties nets you the achievements for the lower difficulties. Mentor is unlocked after completing Acolyte or Warrior and Master Ninja is unlocked after completing Mentor.

Xx Overkill VR 06-08-2008 12:11 PM

Achievement Guide Karma of the Warrior 20 Obtain 10 Crystal Skulls.
You should obtain this achievement in Chapter 5. After the first encounter of the level keep going and do not cross the bridge. Instead go left and down the stairs. Across the far side of the river is a boat with the skull. Karma of the Mentor 20 Obtain 20 Crystal Skulls.
You should obtain this achievement in Chapter 8. After you enter the subway, in the room before where you find the dignitary's ID card - there is a skull on the right hand side of the room. Karma of the Master Ninja 20 Obtain all of the Crystal Skulls.
You should obtain this achievement in Chapter 11. Past the Ninja Fortress. You emerge into a courtyard where you can go down a shaft, or take a rope over the canyon to reach a save point. Go down the shaft, in the reverse direction you took in the original Ninja Gaiden Level 1. Once at the bottom of the canyon, the skull is where the Fire Wheels ninpo was in the first game, in a short shaft in the canyon wall.
*For a complete list of crystal skulls check out the "Crystal Skull Guide" further down, all thanks to Shnarku. Feat of a Hundred Slashes 20 Achieve a 100-hit combo with any weapon.
Easy to achieve if you master your weapon of choice. Feat of a Thousand Obliterations 20 Defeat 1000 enemies using Obliteration Techniques.
Obliteration: When an enemy is missing a limb just hit Y to quickly finish them off.
*Dismembered head kills count towards this achievement. Feat of Ultimate Destruction 20 Defeat 1000 enemies using Ultimate Techniques.
UT: When there is essence around you it will be faster to charge up a UT. After a fully charged UT the enemies will drop more essence. You can chain multiple UT's together using this technique.
*Charged projectile kills count towards this achievement. Dragon Sword Master 5 Complete the game using only the Dragon Sword.
You start out with this weapon in the beginning of the game. Lunar Staff Master 5 Complete the game using only the Lunar Staff.
Chapter 1: Pry it from the statues hands. Impossible to miss. Falcon's Talons Master 5 Complete the game using only the Falcon's Talons.
Chapter 2: In the house right after the water part. It is in a closet in the far end of the room. Dual Katana Master 5 Complete the game using only the Dragon's Claw and Tiger's Fang.
Chapter 4: In a display case at the statue of liberty. Brake the glass to get them. Kusari-gama Master 5 Complete the game using only the Kusari-gama.
Chapter 5: Pick it up off of a dead body in the beginning of the level; to the left before the main bridge leading to a pack werewolves. Eclipse Scythe Master 5 Complete the game using only the Eclipse Scythe.
Chapter 6: Obtained by defeating Volf. Tonfa Master 5 Complete the game using only the Tonfa.
Chapter 7: Pick them up off of a dead body after falling down a shaft during your escape. Vigoorian Flail Master 5 Complete the game using only the Vigoorian Flail.
Chapter 9: Pick them up off of a dead body after the worm fight.
*Check out this useful guide if you need help with the weapon achievements, thanks to madcap1.
** Check out this useful guide if you need help mastering the weapons, thanks to cra.

While going for the Weapon Master achievements there are a few rules to follow:
1)The use of ninpo and projectiles is allowed
2)When doing the Flail run you can switch your weapon to hit the pressure switches, just remember to switch back to your weapon.
3)You can get the achievement from New Game+ but weapon leaderboards only update on New Game
4)Remember to switch back to the specified weapon:
* after fighting Volf the first time it will switch to the Eclipse Scythe
* after the cut scene when you get the True Dragon Sword you will begin the level with it
* after the last fight with Genshin it will switch to the Blade of the Archfiend
5)-IMPORTANT- Even one Slash to any enemy with a weapon other than the specified ruins your chance of unlocking the achievement. One Of White 15 Purified the site of the the first Test of Valor.
Chapter 3; Enemies: Ninjas Two Of Black 15 Purified the site of the the second Test of Valor.
Chapter 4; Enemies: Demon Spawn Three Of Blue 15 Purified the site of the the third Test of Valor.
Chapter 5; Enemies: Flying Demons, Werewolves Four Of Green 15 Purified the site of the the fourth Test of Valor.
Chapter 6; Enemies: Bats, Centipedes Five Of Yellow 15 Purified the site of the the fifth Test of Valor.
Chapter 7; Enemies: RPG Ninjas, Tac Ninjas, Giant Demon Mech Six Of White 15 Purified the site of the the sixth Test of Valor.
Chapter 8; Enemies: Small Mech, 6pack RPG Ninjas Seven Of Red 15 Purified the site of the the seventh Test of Valor.
Chapter 9; Enemies: Bone Scorpions, Spiky Fiends Eight Of White 15 Purified the site of the the eight Test of Valor.
Chapter 10; Enemies: Ghost Fish, Blood Centipedes Nine Of Violet 15 Purified the site of the the ninth Test of Valor.
Chapter 11; Enemies: Ninja Dogs, Ninjas
* For a complete Test of Valor guide with strategies check the "Test of Valor Guide" further down.

Xx Overkill VR 06-08-2008 12:13 PM

Achievement Guide Completed Chapter 1 10 Finished Chapter 1, "Sky City Tokyo."
Chapter Boss: Shadow Ninja Rasetsu Completed Chapter 2 10 Finished Chapter 2, "The Castle of the Dragon."
Chapter Boss: Genshin Completed Chapter 3 10 Finished Chapter 3, "Thunderclap of Catastrophe."
Chapter Boss: Wormbot Completed Chapter 5 10 Finished Chapter 5, "The Aqua Capital."
Chapter Boss: Water Dragon Completed Chapter 7 10 Finished Chapter 7, "The Flying Fortress Daedalus."
Chapter Boss: Genshin Completed Chapter 9 10 Finished Chapter 9, "Heart of Darkness."
Chapter Boss: Double Dragons Extinguished The Flame 15 Annihilated Zedonius, the Greater Fiend of Flame.
You get to fight Zedonius again in the middle of chapter 12. Silenced The Storm 15 Annihilated Volf, the Greater Fiend of Storms.
You get to fight Volf again at the end of chapter 12. Diffused The Lightening 15 Annihilated Alexei, the Greater Fiend of Lightning.
You get to fight Alexei again at the end of chapter 13. Redeemed Genshin 15 Freed Genshin's soul and ended the reign of the Black Spider Clan.
You get to fight Genshin again at the beginning of chapter 14. (You fight Genshin and Elizébet back to back) Staunched The Blood 15 Annihilated Elizébet, the Greater Fiend of Blood.
You get to fight Elizébet again at the beginning of chapter 14. (You fight Genshin and Elizébet back to back) Ended The Infernal Reign 15 Annihilated the High Infernal Priest, Dagra Dai.
You get to fight Dagra Dai in chapter 14 shortly after Genshin and Elizébet.
*For help with boss fights check out this thread or check the Boss Guide further down. Indomitable Spirit 5 Chose to continue the game 100 times.
Simple, every time you do choose the option to continue you will eventually get the achievement. Sadly enough you probably won't have to go out of your way for this one, this game is very difficult and unless you're a Ninja master you will find yourself dying a lot, especially on the higher difficulties.

Xx Overkill VR 06-08-2008 12:14 PM

Crystal Skull Guide
Thanks to Shnarku for this guide. Check out the original thread here.

Chapter 1: 2 skulls

1. Shortly after obtaining the fire ninpo, you will come outside to a ledge where you are supposed to jump off and land below to fight a bunch more guys. If you time it right, you can jump across to the roof on the other side and get a skull you should see from where you're standing. If you mess up, there's a ladder where you can climb up and try again.
2. Up next to the first flaming archers you encounter. Run up and jump off the tree halfway down the stairs as you walk towards the bridge they are firing from.

After finishing chapter 1 you should have a total of 2 skulls.

Chapter 2: 2 skulls

1. On the river bed shortly after learning the water-run technique. Near the end of the river before the bridge, its resting on the bottom. Hold A to dive down and pick it up. (Phatz2k)
2. After defeating the sub boss in chapter 2 in the room with giant golden dragon winding around, go to the second floor and if you jump to the platform on the left hand side, you can smash through the wall to find a new room with a skull on one of the shelves.

Total of 4

Chapter 3: 2 skulls
1. Near the beginning of the sewer area, after learning the wind blades technique, there should be a short path to the right with a metal staircase you can ascend with the skull near the top.
2. As soon as you learn how to preform the invisible path technique, go the opposite way of the main path. There is a small crevice in the wall you can run back and forth on to reach a rock platform with the skull waiting for you.

Total of 6

Chapter 4: 3 skulls
1. In the the streets shortly after exiting the subway. After running for a little while and turning a few corners, you come across an open area and some crowded apartment buildings to your right. There's a skull on one of the steel apartment exterior staircases/balconies somewhat near a ninja corpse. Wall run to reach it. (SteelWingX)
2. Near the midpoint of the level, when jumping from the broken overpass to a ladder - you should see a ledge with a skull on it in front of you. Either time the jump correctly, or once you ascend above that area, you can climb back down via a ladder. (DDR Midian)
3. On the girders inside the statue of liberty. When you're climbing up the stairs to the save point, jump on the girders in the middle of the room and you should see it resting on one of them. (antichaos)

Total of 9

Chapter 5: 3 skulls

1. On a boat in the second body of water you can access. Instead of crossing the bridge - hang left and go around the corner to where you obtain the Kusarigama - run across the river and on one of the boats, there is a skull.
2. Shortly after, you'll walk into a marketplace with a bunch of tables and chairs with a single exit on the right hand side. The skull is immediately to your right outside the doorway you come out of.
3. After you pick up the spear gun and swim through approximately 2 areas, there will be a bunch of weird exploding jelly fish creatures (the second group you see) on your right in a small passage way. They keep spawning for a while, so just keep blasting them and racking up essence. After they're all dead, you can swim over there for a skull at the bottom of the floor on your left.

Total of 12

Chapter 6: 3 skulls
1. At the very beginning of the level. Immediately turn around and jump on the section of roof behind you that is sloping down into the water. Cross over to the other side of the roof and walk down a few step to the skull tucked away very near to where you were originally standing when the level started.
2. When you reach the guillotine, cut the rope for a skull. (antichaos)
3. In the library inside the castle (where you fight a lot of ninjas and there is a fireplace) there's a skull in one of the bookshelves. It will appear after you make the books fall out by hitting the bookshelves. (mundus)

Total of 15

Chapter 7: 2 skulls
1. When you first reach the controls at the front of the ship and start destroying them, a skull will be uncovered slightly to the left of the main control panel.
2. In an alcove on your right after you start walking into a new hallway around the time that you find the tonfas off a dead ninja. It's next to some debris.

Total of 17

Chapter 8: 4 skulls
1. In the snow when you're crossing the minefield. It's after the first section of mines where everyone was shooting at you through the windows of the three story building.
2. Once you get back inside again and leave the bell tower, you'll begin descending down a winding square staircase. In one of the holes on the wall with candles in it there is a skull.
3. After you enter the subway, in the room before where you find the dignitary's ID card - there is a skull on the right hand side of the room.
4. On the one of the gears about halfway up the area where you're jumping from one to another. It should be somewhat difficult to miss, but its on one of the medium sized horizontal ones.

Total of 21

Chapter 9: 4 skulls
1. In the big open body of water you come to with the two searchlights. Head all the way to the right hand corner and its behind one of the big wooden towers.
2. After using the jade mask and entering a new area you will eventually come to a rope you must use to climb across to reach the other side. About midway through this climb - just past the giant tree, there is a branch you can turn and swing towards on your right. Swing to this and then to one more branch for the skull.
3. After defeating the worm boss, right after the save there is another area with smaller worm enemies, the skull is on the far right hand side of this room just sitting on the ground.
4. After watching the short cinema with the dead ninjas floating down the river. Jump into the water and its in a little alcove on the left near the bottom midway to the other shore.

Total of 25

Chapter 10: 2 skulls

1. After the fight with the worm enemies in the acid pit you'll flying bird flip into the area above you. Here wall run on the wall to your immediate left and then jump to the one on the right. Once on solid ground, turn around and wall run one more time from the wall on the left, and jump to the ledge in front of you where a skull awaits.
2. Once you enter the area with ninety-billion flying dragon enemies, you will quickly come to a path descending to the area below. Once it levels out, if you follow it around to the left instead of where the story takes you, there's a skull on the ground in a small open area.

Total of 27

Chapter 11: 3 skulls
1. After you passing the second shop you'll climb up a ladder and jump out a window into a familiar setting in the village from the first game. Head to the right of the village and turn right into a narrow alley near the exit, there's a skull in the far back right corner of this alley.
2. After passing through an underwater tunnel into a new area, the skull is sitting in a clearing inside a small wooden structure on the right. (ElliotNG41)
3. Right after leaving the ninja fortress, instead of climbing across the rope in front of you - head to your left and drop down into the opening in the floor. Follow this area back to the beginning of the original game and jump down all the ramps to the far bottom left. The final skull is waiting.

Total of 30

Chapter 12: NO SKULLS

Total of 30

Chapter 13: NO SKULLS

Total of 30

Chapter 14: NO SKULLS

Total of 30

Xx Overkill VR 06-08-2008 12:29 PM

Test of Valor Guide
Check out the original thread here.

In order to partake in Tests of Valor, one must first find the Rod of Trials. This "Rod of Trials" is obtained in Chapter 2 after retrieving the sacred Falcon's Talons. Upon exiting the domain, one will be attacked by many of Ninja. This is a test. A test to see if one is worthy of the Rod of Trials. Complete this test and the rod shall be yours.

Valor Test 1

}One of White{

Chapter 3 - After Bird Flipping out of the subway car and make your way through narrow corridor infested with enemies you will come to a clearing. You will see the portal to the 1st Test of Valor on the other side. To get there you must drop down and defeat all the enemies. Then after climbing some stairs you must turn around and wall run off of the walls. You will land in front of a shop, use this to stock up for the challenge. Further ahead on the walkway is a save point, the portal is in front of the save point. Wall run off the small wall and you will be at your destination.


Strategy: These are your typical everyday ninjas. Do whatever you usually do to take them out.

Lives of the Thousand Gods

Valor Test 2
}Two of Black{

Chapter 4 - After you defeat the Blind Monster mini-boss you will have a change of location; now you will be on Liberty Island. When you first set boot in the base of the statue of liberty you will be in a ninja exhibit. After clearing the room of enemies break the glass to the Duel Swords and the save point.

Demon Spawn

Strategy: Obliteration Technique is your best friend here. Do whatever you must to remove some limbs off of them as fast as possible and then just obliterate. I recommend casting the Art of the Wind Blades to get rid of the limbs and then just clean up afterwards. Use as much of your Ninpo as necessary because it will help greatly and it refills upon exiting.

Talisman of Rebirth

Valor Test 3
}Three of Blue{

Chapter 5 - In the wine cellar you well eventually come to a wooden floor tile that you must break through. Do a ground pound and you will fall down the shaft and land in the water below and you will be right on the portal to the 3rd Test of Valor. There is a save point further up ahead but you will be met with some resistance if you try to make your way for it.

Flying Demons

Strategy: Equip your incendiary shurikens and run around the outer part of the arena. Jump throw shurikens at the flying demon. when you run out switch to your arrows. If you run out of arrows there are some on the dead ninja's bodies. Keep doing this until there are no more remaining. Now all you need to do is focus on the werewolves. Try not to stray to far from them or they will start throwing limbs which causes massive damage.

Jewel of the Demon Seal

Valor Test 4
}Four of Green{

Chapter 6 - When you finally get out of the skull pit and explore the new outside area, you will enjoy another cut scene. After the cut scene make your way through the newly unlocked door. You will find yourself climbing many flights of steps and constantly getting attacked. At the top you will be at the base of some even fancier stairs. On the other side of the pool the portal to the 4th Test of Valor can be seen. There is a save point further up the fancy steps but you will be attacked if you try to save.



Lives of the Thousand Gods

Valor Test 5
}Five of Yellow{

Chapter 7 - Deep inside the airship you will get to a huge control room and will be greeted by a squad of tactical ninjas and a pair of rocket ninjas. There will be two operating doors; The 5th Test of Valor is behind the door to the left across from another door where you find the Art of Piercing Void Ninpo. (description not final)


RPG Ninjas
Tac Ninjas
Giant Demon Mech

Jewel of the Demon Seal

Valor Test 6
}Six of White{

Chapter 8 - After the under ground/water part you will come to a ladder. You will have to to the Flying Bird Flip to make it out. Blow a whole in the wall with the incendiary shurikens and then you will be in a huge lobby. There will be a save point down the stairs and a shop on the other balcony from where you entered. Use this to stock up on whatever you need. Then when you are ready, head downstairs, follow the red carpet and go through the huge brown door to the Gate of the 6th Test of Valor. There is a box of arrows to the right of the gate.

Small Mech
6pack RPG Ninjsa

Strategy: During this challenge you are under constant fire from both automatic machine guns and burst fire rockets. The best chance of staying alive is to constantly be moving (especially in air) and blocking whenever you are under fire (you usually get forced into blocking if you stay on the ground). Focus on the rocket ninjas first because their rockets can break your block and can hit you very easily when you're in the air. Move around the outer part of the arena and do the Flying Swallow Technique to quickly dispose of the rocket ninjas. Then when they stop spawning focus your attention on the mechs. The only threat that they can be to you is if you get to close to them; they will shoot and charge into you. Again just use the Flying Swallow Technique to stay off the ground. When they die they blow up so make sure to avoid the blast (you can block the explosion).

Jewel of the Demon Seal

Valor Test 7
}Seven of Red{

Chapter 9 - After the underground worm fight you will finally be outside. You will make it to a swampy area. Here you will be attacked by extremely annoying and difficult to kill swamp worms. I recommend running past them. Up ahead will be a body of water infested with huge fish things. Again just run past them. Now you will be in a clearing where you will see the Gate to the 7th Test of Valor along with a save point directly in front. To the right is a shop, use it to restock for the battle.

Bone Scorpions
Spiky Fiends

Strategy: This is probably one of the easiest challenges. There will be many enemies so the only problem you might face is some frame rate issues, other than that there is no thereat at all. Use the Lunar Staff and keep spamming Y and UT's. If you ever happen to feel overwhelmed just use the Wind Blades Ninpo and it will take out everyone. The fight will be over before you know it.

Talisman of Rebirth

Valor Test 8
}Eight of White{

Chapter 10 - After crossing the wooden bridge you will be welcomed by a bunch of Chainsaw Demons. Take them all out to activate the portal to the 8th Test of Valor. There is a save point right in front and there was a shop right before the bridge.

Undead Fish
Blood Centipedes

Strategy: This one is almost as easy as the last one. Have the Wind Blades Ninpo equipped and as soon as the fight starts activate it. You will get rid of all the ghost fish right away and cut off the limbs of the centipedes. Now all you have to do is obliterate the wounded centipedes and quick charge UT's from the essence dropped by the ghost fish to finish off any remaining.

Grains of Spiritual Rice
Yellow Essence

Valor Test 9
}Nine of Violet{

Chapter 11 - After the part when you have to climb the hill with the over brush you will make your way to a save point on top of a wooden ledge. Behind the save point is a cave. In this cave is the portal to the 9th and final Test of Valor. The closest shop was back by the encounter with the 2 spiders after you obtain the Windmill Shuriken.

Ninja Dogs

Strategy: The key here is to be more agile than the Ninja Dogs. Just keep using the Flying Swallow with the True Dragon sword and it will be fairly easy. Whenever you land instantly block just for safety, then jump into a Flying Swallow whenever possible.

Lives of the Thousand Gods

Lordvader178 06-08-2008 12:44 PM

Spider Mech
Difficulty: 8/10

By the time you fight these, you have the scythe. You are going to need it. These are just like walking tanks with 4 legs, and 2 machine guns on each hand. They rapid fire you, and they stun you, and they hurt. Coupled with there are usually 2 or more at a time, plus other eneimies, and you have yourself a problem. If you can get in close with the scythe, and spam Y, that's awesome. You should take them down in 2 combo's. They also like to charge at you on occasion, but this is usualy to get in a better position. Also, they explode when they die. Menace much?

Uber Mech
Difficulty: 10/10

These guys are so stupid. They are huge dinosaur like creatures (robots, mind) with blades that act as wings. I havn't figured out all their attacks yet, but they take a huge amount of damage, their attacks are really strong, and they create a huge explosion when they die. I will update this when i study them a bit more.

Acid Worm
Difficulty: 4/10

Incendinary shuriken's anyone? Their attacks consist of spitting acid balls from afar and eating you up close. Stay on land and chuck your exploding toys XD.

Difficulty: 1/10

You know, the things that look like scorpions and mercilisly (uhh yer i dunno how to spell that i'll admit) chase you? Just span Y with a fast weapon. They have next to 0 health, and only like to jump on you. There are usually lots of them though.

Marionette Demons
Difficulty: 6/10

By now, you should have the Windmill Shuriken. The crazy spider ladies have a few attacks. They have a rare attack where they can breathe fire, but they never use it except for like once or twice. There main attack is to jump into the air, and come down into a drill. They don't home in, but if they are close, it will usually hit you. When they are close, they usually do a combo that's VERY painful. But there is a very easy way to defeat them, on any difficulty. When you first spot them in the forest, it's easy, just run past them. But when you have to kill them, the best way is too stand straight in a doorway, charge up a lvl 2 WS, and release. It will usually decapitate them. However, they can block this, but it is still very reliable. If you don't want to do that, then charge up a lvl 2 UT with the scythe. When they come close, unleash. it will decapitate a limb, so then you can UT. They are not as annoying as most of the enimies in the game, and should be a breeze.

Lordvader178 06-08-2008 12:53 PM

Black Spider Clan Sword Ninja's
Difficulty: 2/10

These are the basic enemies you will fight throughout the game. They are equipped with swords, and are pretty ninja. Their basic attacks consist of a multitude of combo's that they will use on you. You can block all of their strikes, except some of their combo's last hits are block breakers. You can dash out of the way from them. The best move you can use against these is the flying swallow, although and move will do.

Black Spider Clan Claw Ninja's
Difficulty: 3/10

These are just the exact same as above, except they are equipped with Falcon Talons. They are faster then the sword Ninja's but don't deal as much damage. Again, they usually have block breaker combos. They also have grabs which they chuck you to the ground and stab you in the chest. Be on the look out for these. I believe you can block to avoid them. Any good combo works, and the flying swallow prevails again.

Difficulty: 2/10

These guys are a rarity through out the game. The are dressed in purple and like to float around. If you have played the first NG, you know what i mean. They are equipped with two daggers. They usually like to hang back and throw fireballs at you. Sometimes they can immobilize an area by chucking a fireball, the the ground becomes really hot and if you step in it you will get thrown away. If you get close to them, they will teleport behind you and start slashing away with their daggers. You can block all of the hits except the last one which breaks your block. When they finish a combo, you can just move away and flying swallow them. They have very little health, so any combo should finish them.

Difficulty: 1/10

You will rarely fight these. They are like the Ninja Dogs, but much less advanced. All they will do is jump at you and try to feast on your legs. And good sword combo will do. The first one is at the beginning of Chapter 3.

Ninja Dogs
Difficulty: 3/10

Not as difficult as they are annoying. Any combo works. They have shuriken in their mouths, so when they leap it is quite dangerous, plus they are usually fought in packs. They also have a 3 hit combo (by slashing with their mouth shurikens. The can also somehow chuck incendiary shuriken. My advice would be to use Art Of Inferno. You can waste at least 5 with one ninpo. First seen in Chapter 3.

Ninja Archers
Difficulty: 2/10

These guys are so annoying. While your fighting ground ninja's these guys are behind the scenes shooting flaming arrows at you, and they really hurt. Your best bet would be to tackle all the surrounding ninja's then run up to them. Be all tricky zig-zaggy and stuff. When you get close they just turn into a Sword Ninja. Refer to that strategy. However, they also like to run away and pull out their bows again. Just repeat the tricky movements.

Purple Fiends
Difficulty: 4/10

First found in chapter 3. These guys are bigger then you, stronger then you, and more purpler then you. However, your a ninja. First off they have a throw, They jump on top of you and start punching you. You can escape this by mashing the buttons. Their second is a grab, where they pick you up, then spit a fireball in your face. Inescapable.
The can also shoot fireballs, and have a flamethrower breath which you can avoid by being behind them. Then they have their standard set of punch combo's. Your best bet is to go up to them and just spam Y with whatever weapon you have equipped. DS or Lunar are your best options. Or you can flying swallow them. it's all up too you.

Winged Demons
Difficulty: 1/10

These guys look like small flying dragons. Their only attack is to shoot a fireball at you. They usually come in packs. Your best chance of defeating them is to charge up a level 2 arrow then just auto aim. They die in one hit.

Demonic Bats
Difficulty: 1/10

These guys just look like big bats with red eyes. All you have to do is spam X when they are around. BE CAREFUL. If there are heaps around, they can reduce your health to 0 in about 3 seconds. Beware.

Dragon Fiends
Difficulty: 5/10

These are the bigger and badder versions of the purple fiends. They look roughly the same, but are much larger, a greeny colour and have wings. They also have roughly the same attacks. They are much more powerful though. They spit more fireballs, and usually let others do all the work. They can take a fair amount of damage as well. I suggest continously run around, and when they finish trying to combo or grab you, go up, spam Y to knock them down, then repeat until they lose a limb. Then use Obliteration. Oh, and they can also fly. Just watch out for those dam fireballs. I would consider them a mini-miniboss.

Incendinary Ninja's
Difficulty: 5/10

These are just basically like the other ninja's you have fought throughout the game. The difference? They are faster, stronger, and throw flaming shurikens at you. You may remember the Black Spider Ninja's from the first game threw these at you. When they stuck to you, you could roll at the precise moment to avoid being hurt. What about in NG2? Hell no. if you stuck with a shuriken, you better cop it. Your getting damaged to matter what. Unless your in a UT or OT, you are getting damaged. To beat these guys, you best consider running around alot and flying swallow them. Or spam Y with whatever weapon you have. Once you get the scythe, just spam Y when they are around. Don't worry, you won't fight these guys alot.

Zombie Ninja
Difficulty: 3/10

You fight these guys near the end of the game. They are basicaly the same as the first type of ninja's, however they are dressed in white and have pale grey skin. They have all the same moves, but come in greater number's. You only fight them in one or two chapters as well.

Military Soldier
Difficulty: 4/10

These guys are basically a replica of the soldiers in NG1. If they are far away from you, they will shoot at you with a pistol. If they are close to you, they will pull out a sword and use it against you, luckily they don't have much moves. The best strategy is to get close to them, wait till they pull out their swords, then go haywaire on them.

Rocket Soldier
Difficulty: 5/10

Basically the same as the Military Soldier, except the carry rocket launchers. Obviously, they hurt a hell of alot but they only fire one rocket at a time.Sometimes when you get close, they pull out a sword, or stay with the launcher. Flying swallow FTW!!

Ballistic Soldier
Difficulty: 8/10

These guys are a pain. They carry huge launchers, that fire about 6 missles at a time. Plus they are usually homing missiles. They rockets do massive damage, and stun you leaving you open to more rockets. And they are never alone. Don't bother with air attacks like IS or such, they missles will kill you. Get close, spam Y. try and get into an OT or a UT, the rockets can't hurt you there. If it looks bleak, charge up a ninpo. The temporary invulnerability should save you.

Difficulty: 5/10

These guys are basically the same as the Purple Fiends. They don't have fireballs or such, but they can take alot of damage, and do massive damage to you as well. They also chuck dead bodies at you for ranged attacks. If you can take off a limb, these guys become a piece of cake. They also have a dangerous grab move, so be careful of that as well. These also come in a revamped state (which you will not fight alot). These are red in colour and do more damage, but you can use the same strategies.

Silver/Red Snake
Difficulty: 3-7/10

On land, these guys are easy to take down. Again, spam Y. There attacks don't do alot of damage but they have lots of combos and such. If your wondering what what they look like, imagine a large human skeleton that has a tail instead of legs. Like a Gorgon. They have a grab move they use alot as well, just mash buttons to get away. These are also the only enimies that can fight you on water. Thats what makes them difficulty. One wrong move and your down underwater, and as soon as you come back up, they do lots of damage. Continue jumping on water and use flying swallow's. Remember, weapon strategies will come later in this guide.

Difficulty: 1/10

These are jellyfish underwater and when you get close, they explode. Just use the Gatling Gun underwater to take them out. Be wary, because there are usually alot of them.

Red Fish
Difficulty: 3/10

Another job for the gatling gun. These fish swim underwater, and try to eat you. There are usually about 10. Underwater, they like to grab you. On water, they like to leap up and eat you. Mash buttons, then use gatling gun. You don't fight these alot anyway.
Acolyte/Warrior: Easily Escape
Mentor: 2 bites from full health.
MN: 1 Bite.

Ghost Fish
Difficulty: 1/10

Ahhh ghost fish. The most annoying enemy in NG1. Do they reprise this role? ........Yer.
There only attack is to fly at you and bite you. This leaves a gateway for the other GF to come and bite you, reducing alot of health. Mash buttons, then take out a really fast weapon (Lunar, VF, KG) and spam Y. Not X, because those are closr range. They only attack when you get near them, but one hit with anything kills them.

Chainsaw Zombie
Difficulty: 4/10

Another enemy you don't fight alot. They are like big purple zombies with green army pants, a chainsaw for a right hand and a cannon for a left. When you get close, they use a chainsaw (which can also grab you and stab you and it hurts). When far, they shoot a cannonball and it explodes and it hurts. They are very slow as well though, use this to your advantage.

Lordvader178 06-15-2008 10:54 AM

I just edited this post for a quick boss guide, much too good for children :P. Anyway, this is long overdue, and am sorry fot the delay. I might as well just start now. This will be awesome!!

Shadow Ninja Rasetsu
Difficulty: 3/10

- Wind Blades: This is probably one of, if not his only, ranged attack. He will roar and scream at the sky, then a tornado of blades will fly around him. As soon as he yells, run away. It dosen't home in or anything, and is relatively easy to avoid.
- Claw Combo: He has a few of these, but they are basically all the same. He will just run, or crawl up to you, then start trying to slash you. If you just RW away, then he shouldn't hit you. When he finishes a combo, he usually stands still. This gives you time to attack.

For your first boss, he isn't really that difficult (unlike Murai from NG1). Basically, what you want to do as soon as the fight starts, is charge up a level 2 UT with whatever weapon. If you have a level 2 DS, that would be good enough. He will usually run at you. Just as he gets to you, unleash it to do maybe about 1 quarter of his health. He will be stunned for a bit after this, run away and charge another level 2 UT. if you can keep up this strategy, he should go down in less then a minute. Of course, there are other ways. Such using AoTI to take of 1/5 of his health. Then just repeat the above strategy. For the chapter 2 boss, he is basically the same, only with ninja's. Lots of people say to run around, and slash the ninja's, then use OLT to deal massive damage. I don't like using that.As soon as i start, i use AoTI, which kills all the ninja. I then charge up a UT from the essence, and deal heaps of damage. Sometimes, the Inferno even hits Rasetsu for a bonus hit. Another way is running up a wall, then coming down with a Y attack. it does a good bit of damage and is usally one hit kill for the ninja.

Difficulty: 8/10
For an early boss, he is infact really hard.

- 6 Hit Combo: He usually opens up the match with with. it reprises of 2 sword slashes, 2 fast jabs with his claw, andother sword slash and then a 360 degree power slash that break guard. If you can just run away, that should suffice
- Jumping Slash: He will just usually do this randomly. He will jump straight at you and try and slash you. You can block this, but be careful incase he retaliates.
- Twirling Slash: He does a swipe of the sword, jumps in the air and twirls around twice, then lands and slashes twice. Just run away.
- Flying Swallow: DO NOT JUMP!! He only uses this if you jump. When you jump, he will just home in on you and do a flying swallow, which knocks you down and kills health. Very dangerous.
- Killer Dash: He will charge up and start grunting, then do a quick dash forward (which homes in on wherever you are). It knocks you down. As soon as you see him charge, run around the arena.
- Kick Combo: Genshin will kick once, then slash twice. Just move away. There's little start up for this. Think of it as a counter to whatever you are doing.
- 4 hit combo: He will just slash twice and then spin around twice and try to hit you with his sword.

2 things first off. One: Ninpo does nothing at all. Two: Never jump. All of Genshin's attacks to MASSIVE damage, especially if all hits connect. Luckily, there is very little strategy for this. All you reall have to do is wait until he combo's, then when he finishes, go up to him (with DS) and press Y twice. Then run away. Repeat until he dies. You could probably press it more depending on the combo. The longer his combo's the longer his recovery. Also, when he does his dash attack, if you block it it will stun you. Just turn around and hammer Y. That's basically all you have to do for this battle.

For the second battle, he is accompanied by IC Ninjas. Cast Inferno (hopefully lvl 3) so kill them off. Then dodge Genshins attacks, the use strong Y combos with the sycthe. It shouldn't take more then a minute.

Difficulty: 4/10
No matter what anyone says, he will give you a challenge for your first time.

- Electric Projectiles: This is probably his main attack. He will fly around, then stop for no reason, and start shaking rapidly. Then heaps and heaps of electric balls will come out from in front of him and just start going everywhere. If you are in front of him when he does this QUICKLY run to the side of him where his attack can not get you. If one does hit you, he will be knocked back really far.
- Electric Shock: If you touch him, you will be shocked and tossed away. Just don't go near him.
- Mini Him: Probably his most annoying attack. He will call forth mini Wormbot's to follow him around. Sometimes, they will tackle you and explode on contact with you. It cancels out whatever you are doing. If one misses, it will flop around on the ground. Kill it. If they are following him, you can use arrows to kill them. Also, ninpo works quite well.
- Face Facts: His most dangerous attack. He will start shaking again, but this time, a massive blue face will come out and home in on you. If it connnects, it does MASSIVE damage. Your best bet is ninpo. Or run really really fast away. He dosen't use this attack alot, thankfully.

Strategy: The strategy is easy to pull off, but quite hard to time. All it entails is staying where you are, charging a lvl 2 arrow and hitting him in the face. It is the only way to damage him. Once he closes on your side of the tunnel, run to the other side and repeat the strategy. If he turns upside down during the battle, you can damage him with melee attacks, although personally i wouldn't risk it. Just keep charging arrows and hitting him in the face. When he has a bit of life left, he will crash to the ground. Run up to his face and press Y. Boss battle, complete.

Blind Troll
Difficulty: 3/10
How can a blind monster even see you?

- Final Smash: His opening attack. he will raise his fist and slam it on the ground. Just quickly run away.
- Quick Punch: He will just punch in front of him really fast. If your not in front of him (which you shouldn't be, unless getting to a better position) then it won't hurt you.
- Shockwave: He will lower on all fours and spray a massive sound blast directly in front of him. Move to the side. If it connects, it does huge damage. I was killed in one hit with this. I was running away near the edge of the bridge, and he hit me with it, i bounced of the wall, landed back into the shockwave, and died instantly. It's probably his most dangerous attack.
- Swipe: If your behind him, he will turn around with a punch. it is really hard to avoid, so just block when he starts turning.
- Shockwave V2: Not as powerful as the first one. If you are near him, he will slam both fists on the ground and vreate a shockwave around him. You have a 95% chance of being hit, and i have no idea how to get away. Just brace it.

Strategy: There are multiple ways to bring this guy down. One is staying far away and launching arrows at his face. lvl 2 arrows. It kinda works, and should only be used if you want a slow but steady win. It's relatively safe and they do a good amount of damage. The way I (and nearly everyone else does it) is to go behind him and slash at his legs. Sure, he will hit you alot, but it's alot faster. Sometimes, when he is hurt enough, he will get stunned (signified when he's not trying to punch you). Just keep slashing away. Also, if your far away, he will sometimes bang on his chest like King Kong. Might as well launch an arrow. That's basically all there is to it. if you have a few herbs, then go for it. Inferno does damage, but is only used if you want the temp invulnerability.

Difficulty: 6/10
A demon who loves himself. What if he has slashes all over his face? Most of his attacks are unblockable, and he's very cheap. Think a bit weaker version of Alma from the first. Unfortunately, i forgot to make a save in front of Alexi, so this is off instinct. Pm me if i get something wrong.

- Whirlwind Of Hatred: Alexi starts spinning around and creates a tornado and for some reason it is really fast and it follows you and it pwns you. Just continuously run away from it until he stops.
- Unblockable Grab: Easily his most dangerous attack. It has no start up and he just darts across the screen, let alone it doing about half your health. That's why in this battle just keep moving. You will be hit a couple of times by this so get used to healing.
- Electro Balls: Pretty straight forward, Alexi heads outside the map and starts shooting electrica balls. Surprisingly, they are actually pretty dangerous. They are fast, and he non stop shoots them until he gets tired. Continuously move around until he comes down.
- Melee Combos: A few punches here and there to soften you up. Just block them. This will be his main attack if your doing the battle right.

Strategy: Obviously to beat a cheap boss, you have to be cheap. 3 words: Divine Flying Swallow. If you don't have a lvl 3 dragon sword, i pity you. DFS absolutely pwns this boss. When he taunting you and spinning around you, run up to him and use it, it takes off a fair amount of health. You need to be quick though, because the less time he has to attack, the less time you have to dodge. If he gets the upper hand once, consider yourself screwed. When he gets close, hammer X, (not Y!!) and you should be able to pull some quick attacks off. Always stay close, because he will be lured into hitting you, and if he gets far he'll start using his grab and other attacks. So: Dodge, combo, run, DVS, dodge, combo etc. He should go down relatively quickly.

Lordvader178 06-24-2008 07:21 AM

Water Dragon
Difficulty: 4/10
When did dragons become so weak?

- Ice Particles: WD waves his head and about 10 homing ice particles come out. Reverse wind along the platform. They can knock you off if they hit you. His most used attack.
- Rawr: Water Dragon Roars very loud and this is unblockable. It does a fair amount of damage. Reverse wind at the exact time to avoid it. I don't even bother.
- Water Whip: Only effective if your in the water. He will whip the water with his tentacle which sends a shockwave along the water (if your on the platform, which does nothing) or through the water (if your in the water).
- Belly Flop: I honestly have no idea if this does anything. He will just move up and down in the water then stop.
- Ghost Fish: If in the water and swimming around, then sometimes ghost fish will attack you. Hammer the buttons and pull out the gatling gun. Becareful of the WD though.
- Grab One: If in the water, he will swim through and grab you is his mouth then start eating you. Hammer all the buttons. This isnt really a concern though.
- Grab Two: Easily his most dangerous move. When swimming underwater, he will stab his tentacle underwater and whip you around, then throw you really far. This is easily his most used attack when underwater, so be VERY careful. I honestly have no idea how to avoid this, because it's so fast and painful.

Strategy: There are 2 ways you can do this: the slow and safe way or the fast and dangerous way. And the other way.
  • The slow way is too stay on the platform and launch lvl 2 arrows at his face. You can avoid his particles easily enough, and his roar is his most dangerous attack. If you learn to time is roar, he is very easy. Just hope you have enough arrows. His head is big enough anyway, it's hard to miss unless he is moving. Just wait till he stays still.
  • The other way is very dangerous, and you may die lots of times. It requires a lvl 3 Lunar. As soon as the battle starts, jump in the water and run to a big area. Wait for the Dragon to come and dive underwater and start spamming Y on his stomach. It's very powerful and such but hugely dangerous. Why? For one, the ghost fish. If they get you it will screw up everything. The second thing is his grab. It's basically unavoidable and it very powerful, and kocks you away, and you can't see it coming. This is mainly based off luck.
  • The random way is to do the same thing as number 2, but pull out the gatling gun and just keep shooting. It kills the ghost fish when they swarm you, but doesn't do much damage. It leaves you relatively safe. The only thing you have to is watch out for his grab.
Either option is fine, i have done them all.

Difficulty: 5/10
Mortis means death. Seeing how he is a a dinosaur made of bones, makes sense.

- Stomp: When your under him, he trys to stomp you. Like every other boss.
- Punch: He punches the ground.
- OM NOM NOM NOM: He picks up bones and eats them, which surprisingly, does nothing.
- Bone Throw: Contrary to above, sometimes he gets a bone and either throws it or spits it. I forget. It's just another simple ranged attack.
- Grab One: Both grabs consist of the same start up. When your under him, sometimes he will pick you up, then a grab will start. This one consists of him grabbing you, then he sits down, then he picks up bones and pours them on you, then he brings down his hand and crushes you, then throws you. If it were like real life, you would be dead instantly. You will be hit with these grabs enough, so just deal with it.
- Grab Two: Same as grab one. He picks you up, puts you in his mouth, runs straight into a wall, then starts eating you. When he starts eating you, hammer all the buttons.

There is really no point to making a strategy. It is exactlly the same strategy as the blind troll. Go see his if you want to beat this boss. To refresh, lvl 2 arrows at face or spam his legs with combo's. When he falls down, jump and slash the orb on his chest. Repeat.

Difficulty: 6/10
Volf. Volf the Wolf. That's all you need to know.

- Dash: He starts of with this. He will run straight at you and ram into you, which bowls you over. Head to the right of him to avoid.
- Combo: When you are close, he will start punching and slashing his Scythe. Run away as fast as you can and hope you don't get caught in all the hits.
- Grab: Very rarely used. He will pick you up with two arms, slam you on the ground, and slash you 3 times with his scythe while you bounce back up in the air. Needless to say, it is VERY painful.
- Overhead Slash: Exactlly what it says. Volf brings his scythe down and slams into the ground, creating a shockwave. If the scythe directly hits you, don't even bother.
- Jumping Slash: Volf will yell, the jump from one end of the arena to another and slash the ground when he lands. If you on the move, this won't affect you.
- Slashes: Usually he spins the the scythe twice around his body. Sometimes he will end it with an Overhead Slash.
- Shockwave: Volf can swing his scythe creating a shockwave in front of him. Just be on the move.

Strategy: Basically there is no strategy needed, because it's one of those typical boss battles. One of those "dodge, block, attack, block, dodge, attack" etc. His attack are all close range, and you can use arrows if you want, but they do nothing. Literally. So don't use them. The best combo is the DFS. When he finishes his attack, just use it. He can block the first it, but the last two should hit. If it fails, run away. You can also pull off UT's if you know what you are doing, but only with the DS. Sometimes if you use a Y combo, he can be stunned, so thats very good. Lvl 3 talons are also very good when using X attacks. Using this, you should be able to defeat him if you stick to the main formula for boss battles.

Fire Armadillo
Difficulty: 3/10
NG always has to have 1 random boss you fight heaps. In NG, you had Hydracubus.

- Meteor Shower: FA shakes and then casts meteors out of his back. Constantly keep on the move when he does this, as there are over 20 meteors.
- Flamethrower: FA stays still and shoots a flamethrower from left to right. YOUR left to right. You have to stay on his side to not be hurt.
- Uber Roller: Like a real armadillo would do, he jumps in the air and turns into a ball and rolls really fast toward you. RW to the right. He can bounce off things as well and keep rolling, just continuously move.
- Walking: If you stand next to his legs when he walks, it can knock you back.

Strategy: Theres actually a very fullproof strategy that i use. You should have lvl 3 scythe by now. What you want to do is run straight at his face, jump, then press Y 3 times. If done right, he should be hurt alot, and also stunned. Yes. Stunned. As soon as as you land, you can just repeat this until he gets to 25% health. Now what happens is he roars, glows red, and contiuously does the Meteor Shower move like it natural. However, you can repeat this same move over and over again. Eventually, he will fall and you can finish him off. However, once he dies, hold block, because he explodes after death. If you don't have a lvl 3 scythe (i pity you), then get in front of him and launch IS at his face, because they do a good amounf of damage. When he glows red, pull out the DS, jump at his face and keep pressing Y. It dosen't work as good as the scythe, but it works.

Difficulty: 7/10
He looks like an elf, no?

- Fireballs: It's no surprise the lord of fire can shoot fireballs is it? Just run to the side.
- Pounce: Zed jumps into the air and lands in the middle of the arena with a massive ground pound. As soon as you see him jump, run away.
- Fire Shield: When you pound on Zed too much he will roar and a massive fire shielf will come around him. When you finish a combo, run away.
- Flame Pillar: Zed will roar and cause a pillar of flame to rise up from beneath you. It shouldn't hit you if you are on the move.
- Fiend Summon: Yes, the worst attack in the history of the universe. If a boss wasn't enough, he can summon 6 of the most annoying enemy in the game. Coupled with the fact they they don't die with a Y scythe combo, and there are 6, and Zed is launching fire balls at you, it's safe to assume that you want to commit suicide. Best bet is to launch AOI, then kill the survivors.

Strategy: Zed is only difficult because of how powerful his attacks are. The best way to beat him is with the lvl 3 scythe. Wait till he does the pound, then he will start walking around. Go straight up to him and combo him twice with a Y combo, which takes off 25% health, then run away before he does his fire shield. Make sure you stay close or else he will summon Fiends. Repeat this process to kill him. Also, the AOI does hurt him. The lord of fire is hurt by fire. What a coincidence.

Lordvader178 06-24-2008 07:38 AM

Amazonian Worm
Difficulty: 2/10
He was REALLY hard for me at first..

- Grab: His only attack. If your in the tunnel, he will ram into you, and start eating you, then eventually chuck you into a side cave. It does MASSIVE damage, so don't get caught.

Strategy: Levlel 3 scythe. That's it. Stand in a side cave and charge up a lvl 2 UT. When you hear runbling, and it gets lid, unleash it. Don't unleash it when you see the worm, because he will go straight past it. If you do it right, the worm will be damaged and stop. You can go out and slash him if you want, but sometimes his tongue will slash you. Just stay in the cave and repeat until he dies.

Difficulty: 8/10
Mini Bosses FTW!!

- Death Fireball: They Dragon will go far away, or very close, and stay still for 8 seconds, then launch a huge, slow moving, very powerful fireball. Avoid at all costs.
- Triple Fireball: Exactlly as it says, the boss will launch 3 fire balls in succesion, which you must avoid. Dragon is so stupid.
- Fiend Summon:
Guess what? More gayness!! The dragon can summon mini dragons, which are extremlly annoying. You know what they are capable of, and how annoying they are, so deal with them using auto aimed arrows.
- Insta Death:
If you touch the dragons tail, you die instantly.

Strategy: See how i was saying dragon before? Yer, there are actually 2. Seeing as how they fly, you need level 2 charged arrows, as it's the only way to defeat them. You can easily avoid their attacks. The main enemy is the camera, which dosen't focus on shit all. When the Mini dragons are summoned, launch auto aimed arrows everywhere. When there are a few left, AOI. Then keep launching lvl 2 arrows at the bosses to kill them. It's a frustrating battle, but it's all you got.

Difficulty: 7/10
I think she is really hot. Except when she is, you know, deformed.

- Dash: She does a backflip then dashes straight at you. You should know how to avoid dashes now eh?
- Grab One: She stabs you with her tail, then chucks you side. It only happens when you are close, so be careful.
- Combo: A five hit combo where she punches you alot. You can easily block, then RW away. She also has combos where she stabs you with her claws, and tail swipe combos. They basically have the same reach and power, so be careful.
- Teleport: She can teleport around the arena, so be careful.
- Uber Clot: She summons a heart looking thing in the air, which then unleashes a red aura, which sprays blood at your location. If it hits you, it does huge damage, and also heals her. Always be on the move.
- Uber Grab (only appears in second battle): Her new most dangerous attack. What she does is summon a kind of prison like area where you can't move. Then she comes and stabs you with her tail, and then starts doing a massive amount of damage with each hit. It's unblockable, but dosen;t occur often. Possibly her most dangerous attack.

Strategy: Now that she has a lvl 3 scythe, she should be easy. She's not. She's REALLY fast and really powerful. You can block her attacks, it is not neccassarry. The best way that i defeat her is to dart around, wait till she does her dash attack, and let loose with the scythe. Of course, she isn't going to take this sitting down. She will be flying around the arena doing combo's and such, but as long as you are comstantly attacking, and blocking, she shouldn't do that much harm. The reason she is so high is cause of her grab. It's very painful/ It is basically akin to Alexi's grab, with no start up and huge power, and unescapable. It's quick though, lasting about 2 seconds. When she is on the ground, thats when you want to spam Y. It's hard, but you will get through it.

Dagra Dai
Difficulty: 10/10
He's hard. REALLY hard.

- Tentacle Power: Dai stabs his tentacles into the floor. Then, 5 massive pillars of darkness erupt from underneath Ryu. Constantly be on the move, or die.
- Electric Beam: Just like it says, Dai flys into the air and shoots a huge beam of electricity at you. It does massive damage, so be careful.
- Electricity: If you stand under Dai, rays of electricity will shoot out at you. They do moderate damage. He can also do this same attack on the ground. he raises his sword into the air and the attack commences.
- Fiend Summon: As if a hard boss couldn't get harder, now he can someone those purple fiends you hate alot. They take moderate damamge and have ranged attacks. Use Wind Baldes, then OT.
- Sword Combo: Dai slashes 3 times with his sword. Just avoid, then attack. He can also end the combo with electricity.

Strategy: The strategy is simple, but hard to pull off. When he is in the air, you can either equip the scythe and use the combo X,X,Y,Y,Y to damage him, or keep running around. It dosen't matter, both are effective. Eventually he will come onto the ground and walk around or use electricity. Use the scythe to attack him non stop, because it seems to do the most damage. He won't take this crap lying down, so be very careful.

Difficulty: 8/10
Wow. A giant skeleton tortoise.

- Vomit: Archy can vomit up body pieces when hit, so as soon as you hit him, run away.
- Electricity Beam: Basically the same as Dai, he shoots an electricity beam from his mouth. Once at the last stage, he can shoot it out of his orb as well, which is dangerous, because you can't hit it.
- Skulls: He shoots skulls at you. Use inferno to ward them all, or just keep running around.
- Pound: He can punch the ground. What did you except, a headbutt?

Strategy: Basically, the strategy is the same throughout the whole battle. Shoot an arrow at his face, then use DPV or a lvl 2 arrow to hit the orb on his chest. That's basically it. So, shoot arrow at face, RW away from vomit, shoot arrow at orb, RW away from vomit, shoot face, repeat. If your quick, he won't be able to attack at all. You can also shoot him in the face when he is charging up for the beam, but it has to be lvl 2.

Archfiend Reborn
Difficulty: 7/10
He looks so awesome!!

- Electric Beam: Again, same as the last two. he shoots a beam out of his mouth. Stay on the side of the cliff to avoid.
- Eternal Grab: At any point, he can grab you, then slam you, then chuck you onto the ground.
- Dash: When he is flying off the cliff, he can dart straight across the platform, so just RW out of the way.
- Electric Reign: He can call forth a shower of electricity to pwn you. Just be on the move.
- Tail Whip: When he walks around the arena, his tail can whip you and knock you back.
- Metoer Shower: When he flies off the arena, he can yell and call forth metoeros that home in on your location. Run away to avoid.
- Pounds and Fist: He can teleport around the arena, so be careful. At any time while hanging off the edge, he can start to smash the arena and such, much like any huge boss would do. Be careful, because it's pretty powerful.

Strategy: The strategy is real easy. When he is on the side of the cliff, take out BotA and hammer Y. Eventually he will do a grab and walk on the platform. Slash at his legs until he flys off the platform. Avoid his dash or whatever, then he should go back to the side of the cliff. Repeat the same strategy. Also, when he is walking around, you can take out the scythe and use the X,X,Y,Y,Y combo. It does crappy damage, but more then other attacks. If you do it enough, he will kneel over and you can hit him some more. Once you beat him, you finish the game!!!

Lordvader178 06-25-2008 06:59 AM

Few Tips:
Before i update this section with weps and stuff, im a little busy, so i will give a few basic tips, that work on Mentor and MN, but can be used with lower ones as well.

Izuna Drop:
Hands down the most deadly throw in the game, this is very easy to pull off. The dragon sword is easiest with it's XYXXXY. Its a combo, that hits the enemy into the air, and then piledrives them into the ground. This is usually insta kill. However, it is not always insta kill, but it is heavily damaging. As a bonus, it also hurts people caught in the area of the effect, and if they are weak enough, they can die as well!! However, because of the IN, they like to spam IS, so use this at your own risk, because the invincibility frame is only in the piledriver.

Divine Flying Swallow:
Upgrade your DS to lvl 3 immediatly!! You will then unlock the DFS. This move is exactlly like the Flying Swallow, but if it hits, you can hit it up to 3 times!! This can decapitate more then one enemy, but if it dosen't, it's not really powerful. if your not spamming ID's, your spamming these.

The so called "pro's" use these. Its when you run past a save statue, make enimies spawn, then run back and save before it disables. This makes enimies disappear. I don't use this on mentor, because i don't like being cheap. It may make the game easier, but when i get around to finishing it, i know i have done it right. Master Ninja's, or pro's, would show off their skills by killing all their enimies, not making them disappear. Still, this is useful, so go ahead.

Essence Farming:
After Speaking to Bigalski (of course you guys don't know him, he was ranked #1 for the first NG, and is ranked high up on NG2 boards), he said it is not neccassarry to farm. Not at all. It all depends how much skill you think you have got. I would rather try and use skill, and get better, then farming for 8 hours for 600000 essence, to which spend it on nothing but healing items and maybe some upgrades. for the lazy man, go ahead and farm. For the busy man, this isn't what you want. It's how the
"pro's" do it. Good faarming spots at the the first stairs in lvl 1, where you meet archers (or rocket guys) on a balcony, cave after big bone boss in lvl 6, jellyfish in lvl 9, and a few other places.

Easily the most useful weapon in the game. It's slow, but faster then the heavy weps in NG. The UT is uber powerful, able of killing any human enemy in one hit. It sends a long tremor through the ground, destroying everything. The basic YYYY combo is really powerful. On single enimies, you can use the ->Y throw to grab them and hurl them around. The best combo is ->XYYYYY. It's instant kill, it's fast, and it looks cool. The UT can break stuff (like the boulder in chap 9) and can get you through tight spots. The Jump XXYYY is extremmlly powerful. After slashing twice, then spinning the scythe around your body verticly, needless to say, remember this. It deals awesome damage to bosses, takes out air enimies quick, and is super powerful.

Upgrade them in this order:
Inferno: At level 3, inferno can target every enemy standing in front of you, and instantly kill them. There's no reason NOT to do this.
Void: A massive projectile that instantly kills whatever it is hurled at. Massive damage to bosses, as well as looks awesome. However, enimies know to move away.
Blades: At lvl 3, it decapitates all arms, allowing OT's for everyone. It only decapitates heads the enmy is already weakened.
Phoenix: Utterely useless, good as a shield, nothing more. Use it against the Worm boss in chap 9, and to get out of a sticky spot. Thats about it.

100 Hit Combo:
Overkill, put this in your achievment guide, cause that description is utterely useless. To easily get this, wait until chap 6. Before the fight with the bone boss, scorpions will attack you. Equip your normal shuriken, and just jump around and throw them. Stay in front of them and keep throwing it. It takes about 30 to kill one, and there are about 50. i got a 784 combo just by doing this.

Fight Tips:
- Red Fish: Don't wanna get bit? Stay on land and use lvl inferno. If it dosent kill them the first time, it will the second.
- Amazon worm: Many tips. Lvl 3 scythe, arrows, Phoenix.
- Ghost fish: Take out dragon sword, lure them, hammer X.
- Epic fight chap 11: Glitch through the wall. This is the only place i reccommend cheating, as it is almost impossible on MN. See another thread.
- Stairway to heaven, chap 10: Run past them, or use wind blades.
- Reverse Wind everywhere in a fight. never jump, or stay still, use RW.

T Rock Nonstop 06-28-2008 08:58 PM

Here's an easy way to beat bosses. Equip the scythe, do what you need to to get close, then jump and press x,x,y,y,y. Did this for every boss since Volf and it deals massive damage every time. Works on every boss except the premature arch fiend and is risky on the armadillos since hitting them with incendiary works better, but the final boss took me all of 15 seconds to beat. And yes i was playing on warrior.

xGPOx AfRoNinja 07-04-2008 04:41 AM

Dude, you guy freaking rock, thanks!

Lordvader178 07-06-2008 08:34 AM

Thanks. I'm still updating :).

Donniedarkoneo 07-07-2008 01:35 AM

I'm playing on mentor and I just want to point out the enemies your fighting if you do the TOF on mentor is different from Acolyte/warrior I funny because the 5th test was a piece of cake and all you fought was the Small Mechs and the beetles

Lordvader178 07-07-2008 06:03 AM

^^ Pm Overkill, he's in charge of the TOV. But thanks!!

Xx Overkill VR 07-07-2008 07:09 PM

yeah i only did the acolyte and warrior difficulties for the ToV... i didnt have enough time or energy on the higher difficulties and will go back and add it however i do not think it is necessary to put it because the high majority of people playing this game wont even beat mentor so idk ill get to it soon

xENVxGAMERSKREW 07-10-2008 12:26 AM

I just rented the game today very detailed... though it looks like alot of play thru for some low gamerscore achievements might just beat it quick and not go for the 1000 just a quick rent for me.

Lordvader178 07-10-2008 06:09 AM

^^ Thats not a bad idea, but you won't get the fun out of it unless you start Mentro. I am going for the full 1000, its gonna be a long time before i get it though :).

Skillet 07-10-2008 04:19 PM

Where are the wierd-ass, purple, bride-of-Chucky, zombified, two-headed, spider... things... from chapters 12 and 13? I didn't see those in the enemies guide.

ScroteyLiberace 07-10-2008 05:08 PM


Originally Posted by Xx Overkill VR (Post 994119)

They're called Marionette Demons.

The names in this guide are just descriptive, btw, they're not necessarily the official name. Examples: chainsaw zombie is "Chainsaw Bazooka Zombie" in English version (even though they have a cannon, not a bazooka), and Spriggans in the official Japanese game ("Ghouls" in the Japanese concept art).

Silver/Red snakes = "Water Demons", beetles = "Spiney Fiends", uber mech = "Mecha Soldier", spider mech = "Executors" etc.

Lordvader178 07-11-2008 08:11 AM

^^ Oohh sorry, i forgot them, i'll add them now?

Lol and they are not called "Water Demons, they are called "Gaja". Does it really matter about the names? As long as people know what i'm talking about.

Poisonheadcrab 07-13-2008 11:35 PM

quick Q: when you say that the red fish try to eat you, are you implying that if they manage to get a hold of you that you die instantly or that you can get out of it?

Xx Overkill VR 07-14-2008 03:16 AM

it all depends on the difficulty my friend... if u are playing on acolyte or warrior dont expect anything to be 1 hit kill

ScroteyLiberace 07-14-2008 03:23 AM


Originally Posted by Poisonheadcrab (Post 1001066)
quick Q: when you say that the red fish try to eat you, are you implying that if they manage to get a hold of you that you die instantly or that you can get out of it?

On mentor you might survive one bite and escape, on master I've heard it's pretty much game over if you get caught.

ScroteyLiberace 07-24-2008 05:02 AM

Additional info for Overkill's test of valor guide
Test of Valor (Acolyte) Enemy Numbers
So, this lists the enemy spawn and respawn numbers for the acolyte difficulty setting. If anyone can post the numbers for the warrior/mentor/master ToVs that would be so sweet that I'd BBQ you a 24oz+ bone-in rib-eye steak if you ever visit Edmonton…

It is really important to remember that higher difficulty settings will have higher respawn figures, may have completely different enemies than those listed, and will likely have more advanced versions of the ones in acolyte. Chests can (apart from the norm) be mimics or surprise chests - mimics release undead fish (fog/demon-faced/hellfire fish) 100% of the time, surprise chests can have essence or fish, but the higher the difficulty setting and depending on your current status the likelihood of fish increases. You may already know by now, but if you already have full health and grains on hand (when chests contain grains) or a talisman (when the chest contains one) you'll get the monetary value in yellow essence for the item. The English and Japanese production names for enemies are usually different. I've tried to include both in most places as some are more descriptive than others, and some (Van Gelfs) are commonly used in English from NGB, even though it is now only a JP term.

Before I start here is a brief on the ninja enemies that you should remember before trying a ToV on a higher difficulty setting.

Standard ninja come in four subtypes, with 2-3 levels of advancement each. The English names for them are rubbish, and often confusing - melee, projectile, ninpo - no specific name for the advancements, IS ninja are called melee ninja?!?!. Accordingly for standard ninja I'm using the descriptive JP names only. Fiendish ninja are easy to spot - the eight eyes are a dead giveaway :)
Dual-wield katana ninja
basic - - - white - - - fiendish (black & white)
Bow ninja
basic - - - white - - - [not aware of further advanced bow ninjas]
Claw (JP - hooked/barbed) ninja
basic - - - black - - - fiendish (purple)
Ninpo ninja
basic - - - gold - - - fiendish (white)

Armored/combat ninja come in 3 subtypes, with no advancement:
EN names (no group name) are gun ninja - - - light artillery - - - heavy artillery.
JP names are (機甲忍者) armored/combat ninja -> submachine gun - - - rocket launcher - - - 9-shot rocket pod ninja.
The reason this scheme is important is that:
1) ninja can be the most annoying of enemies at the best of times;
2) depending on the difficulty setting (acolyte/warrior/mentor/master) the enemies that appear in the ToV will be advanced differently;
3) their attacks (incendiary shuriken vs. shuriken) are so different at each advancement as to pose an entirely different obstacle; and
4) this is all in addition to difficulty settings affecting hit points, tactics, AI

So here are the initial+respawn figures for the acolyte ToVs. Just like any fight there is an initial spawn, then a set respawn number. With the recent updates the initial figures may have changed, if anyone can verify an update to these numbers please PM me and I'll edit the post once I verify. At the moment it seems all the acolyte ToVs have 40 enemies.

One of White - Chapter 3 - LotTG
Ninpo ninja - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1+4
Dual-wield katana ninja - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 2+13
Bow ninja - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 2+3
Claw ninja - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 2+13
*have fun on master ninja on this one…, use all 30 incendiary shuriken wisely and you'll do ok though

Two of Black - Chapter 4 - Talisman of Rebirth
Demon Spawn (JP van gelf) - - - - - - - - - - - - 4+36
*if you're having problems go forward in the level to the Muramasa shop and boost your weapons before trying - also remember you have the Xbox free healing for the whole latter half of the level!

Three of Blue - Chapter 5 - Jewel of the Demon Seal
Flying demons (JP gwaza coatl?) - - - - - - - - - 3+17
Beastmen (JP werewolves) - - - - - - - - - - - - 3+17
*don't forget to stock up on arrows before exiting, you'll need them for the water dragon

Four of Green - Chapter 6 - LotTG

Water demons (JP gaja) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 4+6
Big bats (JP chupacabras) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 8+22
*easiest ToV in the game, and easy even in mentor (tricky in MN as the red water demons can insta-kill you)

Five of Yellow Chapter 7 Jewel of the Demon Seal, mimic
Gun ninja (JP submachine gun) - - - - - - - - - - - 3+17
Light artillery ninja (JP rocket launcher) - - - - - - 2+8
Mecha soldiers (JP hybrid ogre soldiers) - - - - - - 1+9
*hardest ToV, the mecha soldiers (dinosaur-looking hydrocephalid retards) are a pain. Use your wind blades ninpo to damage their armor and obliterate them. Game guide suggests eclipse scythe maxUT -> obliteration, but either way will work well.

Six of White Chapter 8 Jewel of the Demon Seal, mimic

Executors (JP machinegun executors) - - - - - - - 2+18
Heavy artillery ninja (JP - 9-shot rocket pod) - - - 2+18
*jump lots, enjoy the explosions. Game guide suggests Art of the Inferno as it has a high chance to release blue essence.

Seven of Red Chapter 9 Talisman of Rebirth, mimic
Bone scorpions (JP geskeletons) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 8+12
Spiny fiends (Amazonian waste/rubbish…don't ask me why) - - - 8+12
*second easiest ToV in the game, or easiest if you're on acolyte or warrior (Izuna drop on the water demons in the Fourth test seems to be easier for me)

Eight of White Chapter 10 Talisman of Rebirth, Grains of Spiritual Life, mimic
Red water demons (JP blood gaja) - - - - - - - - - 4+6
Undead fish (JP fog fish) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 8+22
*easy ToV again, Izuna drop the red water demons and the battle will end in a minute (on MN they take 2 Izunas each)

Nine of Violet Chapter 11 LotTG, mimic, mimic
Black claw ninja - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 3+17
Ninja dog - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 4+16
*I believe on mentor and MN the dogs are mutants (crazy evil dogs), which are ridiculously tough and I have no tips other than wind blade ninpo and valium/ganja (coordination goes down, but chance of a fatal stroke also decreases).


P.S. If anyone knows how to make tabs work, please PM me. I'd like to have the spawn+respawn figures line-up properly for ease of viewing.

drakehellsing 07-27-2008 08:20 PM

Hired it out for the weekend and I have to say, the game is fun, but some of the boss battles on there are hard for me! Like Genshin's second battle....that was hard....damn ninjas....

But yeah, some were hard like Genshin and Zedonius to name two at least. The worm was a pain to fight too.

Oh yeah, also, careful when fighting Elizabeta, cause when I fought her the first time, she healed herself throughout the battle.

Stil gonna hire it out again and continue on with the game, it's pretty good.

Question too, the 1000 obliterations, do any you kill before you die and have to continue on, do they count towards it at all?

colburn 07-28-2008 06:43 AM

thanks for this guide i just got the game so ill look over this good guide :D

Lordvader178 07-28-2008 08:50 AM

No Problem mate.

Darkehellsing, the attack that heals herself is the one where her blood tentacles come out of the heart she gives. It does lots of damage, and heals her. Also, if you don't attack her for ages, she heals herself.

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