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mozie 06-17-2008 01:24 AM

The game wont work?
Hi guys just wondering if anyone had similar prolems with this game, I recently got it free with the madcatz arcade controller (not bad btw!) when I start the game the dash comes up and informs me that the game will not run in pal 50 to change my display setting on my console to pal 60, but when I go to display options it doesent say anything about PAL settings? I presume because I'am using HDMI it just says 1080i I'am no TV Buff but cant figure this out this is the only game i've had do this! Any feedback would be apprecited. I've tryed deleting and reloading.

kovenant 06-23-2008 03:02 AM

odd. i do know that PAL is a european format where the usa uses NTSC. i dont know if the 360 can run both and it may be a problem with the encoding of the game itself not being recognized by your systems default format. just guessing here.

spackhead 06-27-2008 11:23 AM

Switch the setting on the cable connect to tv from hdtv and then in the console settings switch your 360 to Pal 60 from Pal 50.

Switch off your 360 then set the video adapter back to hdtv and all will be well.

Its a glitch in the 360 iirc but is easily get roundable

Shay Marx 07-08-2008 10:15 PM

Same here, problem is I'm using HDMI cable plugged in to monitor so no way of plugging in composite cable. :(

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