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JC Elite 06-29-2008 08:44 AM

The CPU cheats!
Ok I hadn't noticed this until tonight, but the CPU in this game cheats SO bad. It really didn't do it too bad the first several levels in the game, but I just go to this one where you fight that little annoying round, floating prick for like the 3rd time and he cheated so bad, I am still shocked it happened.

I was four spaces away from winning the game after beating on this idiot for like 2 hrs., and of course on my next roll I get a 2 which lands me on his 720 land. I still had enough magic to win the game if I just rolled ANYTHING but a 1 on the next roll. Well, guess what? Yea I rolled a 1 and landed on his 1920 land!!! :uzi:CPU.

And this after he had just marched around the map avoiding ALL of my lands for two laps in a row. I owned pretty much every space on the map. In addition, I made it around for another lap pretty quickly and I beat him to the castle before he could win it and I ended up with 8900 magic when I needed 9000. So then he stolls in for the win after I kicked his ass for the whole game, but it cheats at the end and I wasted 2 hrs. of my life! :mad: It's absolutely ridiculous and I have never been this mad at a game since Dead Rising made me chuck my controller a couple years ago. Lol.

Anyone else here run into this kinda of problem with this game or did I just get really unlucky once and I shouldn't take the disc and chuck it off my balcony?

deathchant 06-29-2008 10:45 PM

how did the computer manage to get their land to 1920? must have been a pretty close game. some suggestions, maybe put some holy word # cards into your deck so you dont have to gamble on a bad roll which is bound to happen. float is also a good card to have. perhaps some strong[er] creatures with some more powerful items. if you think thats annoying wait til you progress through the game and have to do 2v2 battles where your teammate does nothing except accumulate gold and give it away to the opposition.

JC Elite 06-30-2008 12:12 PM

I don't remember is it was EXACTLY 1920, but it was in the 1900's. It totally wiped me out and I had to see off half of my land. Stupid cheating CPU! See this is a good example of why I am starting to hate Japanese games!! lol.

deathchant 06-30-2008 10:55 PM

i wasnt stressing the fact of the '1920' specific number, just the fact that the opponent was able to get their land upgraded so high. i dont remember any matches that i allowed that to happen. another good card to help stay away from those low unwanted rolls in the end of the game would be haste. probably just need to adjust your deck a bit and then it wont even matter if the computer 'cheats'

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