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Lucent Beam 07-03-2008 06:44 PM

Most Valuable Warrior in Co-op
I tried to get MWV in co-op last night, and while Tadakatsu Honda got the 1000 icon, the cutscene never came up and the achievement never popped up.

It was my save file. I was player 1 as my lord Nagamasa Azai. My boyfriend was player 2 as Tadakatsu Honda.

I'm wondering why it didn't pop up and I'm thinking either:
-Player 1 has to get it to get the achievement.
-Your lord cannot be present in the battle at all.

Anybody know which of these it is? I ended up getting the achievement myself using Mitsuhide, but when we go through and get the achievements for my boyfriend, I want to know if we can do it co-op.

TakahashiDemon 11-09-2009 12:09 PM

The lord can be in the battle, this achievement might be better off, just as 1 player, and use someone who isn't the lord, I think thats what happened, plus most xbox games only register the Player 1 play, player 2 is completely ignored in most unless hooked up to a separate account.

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