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RegentEagle 07-09-2008 12:50 PM

Achievement Guide
UT3 Achievement Guide and Load 10 Complete Chapter 1.

For this just complete chapter 1 in campaign offline or online. This is basically 1 short deathmatch played to 20 kills I would advise going through on casual first to get a feel for the game. Soldier's blood 30 Complete Chapter 2.

Just complete chapter 2 in the campaign which will take some time but not too much and you will get this. not compute 30 Complete Chapter 3.

Play through and complete chapter 3 in the campaign, you will get this in time. in Kansas any more 30 Complete Chapter 4.

Finish chapter 4. The game does get a bit harder at this point so use your cards that you get in missions if you get stuck.'m not on a holy war 60 Defeat Akasha and complete the campaign.

For this you will have to get to the end of chapter 5 then you will have a fight against Akasha. You will have to get 20 kills before you beat her and get the achievement. If she is losing to you on casual after 13 kills she will turn into a masterful bot, on normal she will be godlike. So if you can't do it get a buddy to help you. business 30 Complete Chapter 2 in Insane.

You must complete these chapters on insane difficulty. Or... You can play up to the last level on each chapter and then quit out, select continue and change the difficulty to insane. In effect it cuts your work down a lot. It will still be quite hard though as the bots are godlike and can teleport anywhere and can dodge like hell.
Full list of missions here: GUIDE AND LIST of bolts 30 Complete Chapter 3 in Insane.

See "Just business" war 30 Complete Chapter 4 in Insane.

See "Just business" the Reaper 60 Defeat Akasha and complete the campaign in Insane.

See "Just business" need some backup 10 Complete 1 mission in co-op.

Just complete 1 mission in co-op offline or online in the campaign. your back 20 Complete 10 missions in co-op.

Just complete 10 missions in co-op offline or online in the campaign.
You will get this if you're going through the whole campaign easy. to all the little people 40 Complete a campaign in co-op.

Complete the campaign with someone offline or online. Just go through all the chapters if you want to get the other co-op achievements as well.
Play through and defeat Akasha at the end of chapter 5 and you will get this. see how it is 10 Complete an Instant Action match in every game mode.

Go into Instant Action and just play 1 game of Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, CTF, VCTF, Warfare and Duel. If you are after this in a hurry put the time to 5 minutes, 5 kills ect. 20 Reach 20 kills against a god-like bot in instant action without dying.

Go into Instant Action and set up a game of Duel vs 1 godlike bot. Choose map Heat Ray and put on mutator "Weapon Replacement" and edit it and put everything on Impact Hammer and game score to 20. Now you want to hide from the bot and don't let it kill you once. After a few minutes (2:45) a Dark Walker will be brought to a platform near the train tracks. Get in it and destroy the bot 20 times without dieing. After the match the achievement will unlock. the back of my hand 40 Collect every power up on every map.

This is going to take a long time as there are loads of maps. Here is a link to a thread on the locations of powerups: POWER UP LOCATIONS. of life 20 Play a match with every mutator, using only 1 per match.

Play Instant Action matches with every mutator, if you have played Deathmatch and used all the mutators 1 per game and you have not got this don't panic as there is 4 more in CTF, Warfare, Duel and TDM. When you finish playing a match with the last mutator the achievement will unlock. Here is a list and and gamemodes you should play them on as to not get confused. Work your way through this list and you will get it. Remember it is only 1 per match.

Big Head
Kills Slow Time
Low Gravity
No Super Pickups
Slo Mo
Speed Freak
Super Berserk
Weapon Replacement
Weapons Respawn

Team Deathmatch:
Friendly Fire

No Orbs

No Translocator

Survival Surgeon 10 Get the "Head Hunter" award in 10 matches.

Set up a multiplayer match of Deathmatch with max novice bots. Put on the mutator "Weapon Replacement" and edit it and set all the guns to Sniper Rifles. Set the kill limit to 20 and the map to Rising Sun. Then just kill the bots 20 times with a headshot. Do this 9 more times for the achievement. Note: You get the award when you get 15 kills but I suggest you do it to 20 kills so you can get "Paint the town red" and other achievements quicker. Also you can't get these in Instant Action, so remember that!
Achievement video weapon guide here: GUIDE.'t taze me bro! 10 Get the "Combo King" award in 10 matches.

Same as "Brain Surgeon" but you need to get the kills with a Shock Combo. No headshots are needed, just kills. The shock combo is done by using the Shock Rifle's alt. attack (LT) then shooting the orb with (RT) making an explosion that kills the enemy. God 10 Get the "Biohazard" award in 10 matches.

Same as "Brain Surgeon" but you need to get the kills with the Bio Rifle. No headshots are needed, just kills. Note: You cannot choose this gun in the mutator "Weapon Replacement" so you will have to find it in a match. 10 Get the "Gun Slinger" award in 10 matches.

Same as "Brain Surgeon" but you need to get the kills with the Enforcer. No headshots are needed, just kills. 10 Get the "Blue Streak" award in 10 matches.

Same as "Brain Surgeon" but you need to get the kills with the Mini Gun. No headshots are needed, just kills. 10 Get the "JackHammer" award in 10 matches.

Same as "Brain Surgeon" but you need to get the kills with the Impact Hammer. No headshots are needed, just kills.

RegentEagle 07-09-2008 12:51 PM Link 10 Get the "Shaft Master" award in 10 matches.

Same as "Brain Surgeon" but you need to get the kills with the Link Gun alternative fire (LT). No headshots are needed, just kills. a nice day! 20 Get the "Rocket Scientist" award in 10 matches and "Flak Master" award in 10 matches.

Same as "Brain Surgeon" but you need to get the kills with the Flak Cannon and Rocket Launcher. No headshots are needed, just kills. Note: This is just 2 achievements stuck together, so they can be done in seperate matches like the other weapon ones. If you're after "Painting the town red" and such other achievements this will count for 20 of those games played. Game Hunter 10 Get the "Big Game Hunter" award in 10 matches.

Same as "Brain Surgeon" but you need to get the kills with the Avril. No headshots are needed, just kills. Note: You cannot choose this gun in the mutator "Weapon Replacement" so you will have to find it in a match. 10 Get the "Roadkill" award in 10 matches

Set up a game with you and a second controller, no bots and map Suspence. Then just run the other player down 1 time to get this award. Play it on VCTF to 1 capture, so when you get it you only have to capture the flag once. Repeat 9 more times to unlock. of all trades 10 Kill an enemy with every vehicle (except hoverboard).

For this do VCTF to 1 capture with novice bots and on any map in multiplayer. Before starting your game change your character in the main menu to be Axon. Then when setting up the match make the bots Necris. When in the game use all the vehicles on your team (killing at least 1 enemy in each one) and finish the game. In the next match do the same again but change your character to Necris and the bots to Axon. Keep repeating this method if you don't get the achievement straight away as you may have to go to a few different maps to have access to other vehicles and turrets. You can look if have killed someone in a vehicle or turret in your stats. You can't run them down as it doesn't count.

Axon and Necris vehicles are:

Axon vehicles:

Necris vehicles:
Dark Walker

Turret (counts as a vehicle so use it!) 10 Get the "Top Gun" award in 20 matches.

Start a mutiplayer game and a map with flying vehicles (VCTF, Sandstorm) with another controller or friend. Then get the other player to fly in the air and leave it. Get your character and fly up and shoot the other player/controller in the air. Do this 19 more times in different matches. 10 Get "Bullseye" (self-destruct to destroy an enemy) award in 20 matches.

Start a multiplayer game with vehicles and find a Viper, find a enemy and just blow yourself up in the vehicle. This is activated by holding the jump button (A) and pressing the alt. fire (LT). Repeat in 19 different games to unlock. Red 10 Have over 20 minutes of "Berserk Time".

Find the Berserk power up on a map in multiplayer and wait for it to respawn and then rinse and repeat. It takes super powerups around 90 seconds to respawn. You could get this more easily with another controller as you don't have to be worried about getting attacked. Setting to game to 1 hour will help.
Note: You can also get this by just standing where the powerup respawns and then doing other things like watching TV until you get it.
Here is a link to a thread on the locations of powerups: POWER UP LOCATIONS. Saw it Coming 10 Have over 20 minutes of "Invisibility Time".

Same as "Seeing Red" but with the Invisibility powerup. of the fittest 10 Have over 10 minutes of "Invulnerable Time".

Same as "Seeing Red" but with the Invulnerable powerup and for 10 minutes instead of 20. the Hurt 10 Have over 20 minutes of "UDamage Time".

Same as "Seeing Red" but with the UDamage powerup.
Note: You can get also get this and "Seeing Red" at the same time. Just set up a 60 minute game on map Carbon Fire. Then, get on the lift between the UDamage and Berserk powerups and do other things for for an hour until they unlock. trick 20 Achieve a Hat Trick in 10 CTF or VCTF matches.

Start up a game on the map Facing Worlds on CTF, 3 flags to win, multiplayer. Start a game with another controller so there is only two players in the game. Then just keep using your translocator over the centre bridge to get to the other base easier. Bring back 3 flags in a game and boom Hat Trick! Do this 9 more times. a Hero 10 Return 100 Orbs in Warfare matches.

Orbs are those weird floating glowing ball things in Warfare matches. If you see a ememy orb in a multiplayer match run up to it and hold (X) to destroy it. Do it 99 more times. You can boost this with a second controller or friend. waver 20 Completed 100 CTF matches played to at least 3

You can boost with bots or play these normally in mutiplayer. If you're going for "Around the World" or "Hat Trick" then that will count for about 20 of these matches.
Note: You can also do this and other complete 100 match games by setting up a game with just you against a couple of godlike bots, with force respawn on, then going off and doing something else until it unlocks. minutes or less 20 Complete 100 VCTF matches played to at least 3 captures.

You can boost with bots or play these normally in mutiplayer. If you're going for "Around the World", "Hat Trick", Jack of all Trades", "Armadillo" "Ace" and "Deathwish" then completing them will either get this along the way or you will be close. Also see Note: in "Flag waver". the town red 20 Complete 100 Deathmatch or Duel matches played to at least 20 kills.

You can boost with bots or play these normally in mutiplayer. If you're boosting just set up a small Deathmatch with max bots on Rising Sun to 20 kills. You could then do the weapon achievements at the same time and get them out of the way while you're doing this. Also see Note: in "Flag waver".

RegentEagle 07-09-2008 12:52 PM the dots 20 Complete 100 Warfare matches played to at least 3 points.

I would advise you do this with bots or another controller as you could also aim for "Being a Hero" while doing these matches. If your doing "Around the World" that will contribute a lot to this. I would not do this legit with other players online as Warfare games can take an age to finish if both teams are of equal skill.

Easy way: A easy way to do this is set up a Warfare game with just you and 2 godlike bots on the level Market District with force respawn on. Then, just leave it playing and do something else until it unlocks. The map Market District has no vehicles at all, so it takes the bots less than 1 minute to blow up your core. They have to do it twice in order to reach the goal of 3. The reason this is the best method is because there's no vehicles, the bots (even godlike ones) love to get stuck in the vehicles. killer 20 Get the "Killing Spree" award in 20 matches.

Get 5 kills in a row in a match without dieing to get the Killing Spree award. This needs to be done once in a match over the course of 20 matches. You will get this very fast if you're doing the weapon kill achievements. Slays a Lot 20 Get the "Monster Kill" award in 20 matches.

This is how this works:

Double Kill - 2 people killed within 4 seconds.
Multi Kill - 3rd person killed within 4 seconds of a Double Kill.
Mega Kill - 4th person killed within 4 seconds of a Multi Kill.
Ultra Kill - 5th person killed within 4 seconds of a Mega Kill.
Monster Kill - 6th person killed within 4 seconds of a Ultra Kill.

Do this with max bots on Rising Sun and gamemode Deathmatch in multiplayer with the mutator "Super Berserk" on.
Get it 20 times in different games to unlock. 10 End sprees in 20 matches.

A spree is 5 or more kills without dieing. Ending that is killing a person after they have got 5 or more kills without being killed.
You could set up a second controller in multiplayer on Rising Sun and kill your main character 5 times and then kill the second controller or player to get the award. Do this 19 more times in different matches. If you have a spree you can also kill yourself and still get this award so if you want to do it that way you can. to a good start 10 Get the "First Blood" award in 40 matches.

Get the first kill in a multiplayer match 40 times (once per game). Should come easily if your boosting for the gun kill achievements or any others with novice bots. get it on 20 Complete a multiplayer match in every game type.

Must be done in multiplayer non ranked matches. Just play every game type, there are only 5 in total so this should come very easily. the World 20 Win a multiplayer match on every map.

You will get this achievement in a matter of time if your going for the weapon achievements, played games or ones like "Hat Trick" or any others. Just keep changing maps and gamemodes and setting the modes to achievement requirements like 3 flags and 20 points ect. Choose novice bots to play against for this.
If you want this fast just play novice bots to the lowest requirement for the game (such a 5 kills or 1 capture).
This is not recommended though if you have not unlocked the weapon kill achievements or the 100 games played ones. a life… 50 Get 200 kills in multiplayer on 50 different days.

Get 200 kills in a day on 50 different days. This does not have to be done in a row.
I would advise playing loads of novice bot games until you achieve 200 kills and then have a rest until the next day (or whenever) and rinse and repeat. Do this in multiplayer matches. A good tip is not to play close to midnight and I would advise to play on Rising Sun with max bots on Deathmatch to 20 (10 times to 200). You could also work towards other achievements when doing this. warming up 10 Finish playing a "Versus" Ranked match.

Just finish a ranked match on any game mode. is the only thing 10 Finish with the highest points in a Ranked match.

Basically win a ranked game on any mode. If your playing CTF, VCTF or Warfare make sure you keep doing objectives as thats the most points. opportunity destroyer 20 Win a Ranked match in every game type.

Just play all 5 game modes and win in each one. Team games are easier because you have a 50/50 chance more or less. Champion 50 Win 500 Ranked matches.

Win 500 ranked matches in any game mode. Try and play Duel one on one and see if anyone wants to boost, if not quit and try again.


Thanks to all the people that helped make this guide great.
It would have been not half as good without the input of so
many people to correct and also help out with this guide.
Kudos to all of you!


You CAN NOT get most of the multiplayer achievements in instant action.
There is only about 2 multiplayer achievements that can only be done
in that game mode. Read this first and don't waste your time, get them
in multiplayer mode as suggested in the guide.

Rickt 07-09-2008 01:23 PM

You can play up to the last lvl on each chapter and then quit out, select continue and change the difficulty to insane. Other than that, nice guide!

RegentEagle 07-09-2008 01:34 PM

Thanks, sorted and credited! :)

rhino185 07-09-2008 01:43 PM

2 quick questions...

1. How do you self destruct a vehicle?

2. How do you know when the level you're playing is the last level in a chapter?

Thanks to anyone who helps. :)

nexuscore 07-09-2008 01:52 PM

akasha on insane is so hard :(
my best was 14 kills for me and 15 for her and then time was up

Rickt 07-09-2008 02:04 PM

There is a thread in this section that has them listed, I cannot remember which one it also has a link to a different site which has a good guide to go by.

To self destruct a vehicle get some speed press A then X to eject in the Scorpion's

For the fast Necris Vehicles I think its A then LT till Self destruct is initiated

RegentEagle 07-09-2008 02:26 PM

Yeah I have updated them. Added the link to the guide along with it.

Zenquen 07-09-2008 02:56 PM

That site the guide links to has spoilers in it...

*is not too happy right now for just that reason*

rhino185 07-09-2008 04:37 PM

Can you go through the game on casual first and then go back and select the last battle in every chapter?

Ben Sharpe 07-09-2008 04:39 PM

Can the weapon achievements be done in instant action?

RegentEagle 07-09-2008 04:41 PM

No they can't sadly.

pined5551 07-09-2008 04:43 PM

Looks like you beat me to the punch, i was also in the midst of making my own guide, here a couple of things worth considering.

Like the back of my hand: Click this link -

Around the world: In the guide u advise to boost for this but there is no point as you have to win 100 multiplayer matches of each game type anyway. Doing it with small teams on novie bots makes it quicker as you wont have to do 200 (100 for the boost partner), also everything is stackable, so if u kill 15 people with a weapon and get an award, preform a hat trick flag capture and pick up the udamge, invulnerability etc each game u play then u'll be working towards many achievements all at once. You can also use all the mutators whilst working toward around the world just switching it for each map. Also many maps are the same for different game types, eg, maps from deathmatch are the same as team deathmatch so dont waste ur time doing a win in each game type as they are the same map. Also remember that you'll ahve to do each maps to get the power ups so my advice is ignore this achievement as it will come in the process of getting others.

Paint the town red* (100 deatmatch games to 20 kills): You likely get this doing weapon achievements doing rising sun so dont worry about it, its very quick and easy compare to what u might think. It would also be important to remember that you'll get it on you way to get a life as you'll have to do at least that many games to get the required kills.

Flag Waver*(100 CTF games to 3 ponits): Do the map Facing worlds with the two towers with 4v4 novice bot player matches and it will come very quick, you'll also get hat trick and its the best map for 20 mins of u damage and brain surgeon. Each game will take no longer than 4 mins if you go direct back and forth using the teleport gun to get to the enemy base. Also easy map for first blood, jsut pick up the sniper behind the tower when u spawn and shoot acroos the lower ground to get first blood and between 1 and 4 headshot kills easily.

Connect the dots* (100 Warfare matches to 3 points): The best maps are the maps without a centre node (Usually these maps have a countdown node, ignore it as you can destroy they enemy core long before it destroys yours anyway). Ignore vehichles except the manta and use the hover bord to get about, also go nowhere without the orb and do not destroy enemy orbs just gaurd it till it self destructs by itself (unless its in ur base anyway - which it shouldnt if you've got any skill whatsoever), thus avoiding delays via death etc. Best maps are in my opinion are Serenity. I cant recall if thre are any single node maps which arent countdown ones but i will report back after further investigation.

30 minutes or less* (100 VCTF to at least 3 points): Best maps are Corruption and Suspense, due to an easy route back and forth to the enemy base, again only use a manta to get to the enemy base and dont use the hover board to return until u KNOW you wont get shot off.

*For all these games i recommend a 4v4 novice bot player match (Online as kills will count toards get a life) and 4v4 cos its the optimum amount of players, easy for you to handle and small enough for your team to handle as well, at least as an effectice destration and defence group whilst you do the main stuff.

Equal opportunity destroyer: As already stated in the guide team games are easier, however dueal matches retain the 50/50 advantage and if you host the deathmatch game and set max players to 2, kill count to 5 and use the instiga rifle mutator then it is also very easy to get the win. In the process of getting this achievement you will also get "Just warming up" & "Winning is the only thing" (from winning a duel you will obvioulsy be MVP).

Get a life: I believe the best way and safest way is not to play close to midnight unless ur sure you already got 200 kills. I do three 60 kill deathmatches on Rising sun and a 20 kill one (=200) between 8pm and 9pm, and then carry on with normal play for achievements, thus assuring i'll get it. I think the achievement is linked to the time displayed on ur console so dont worry about time zone differences.

Ranked Champion: Quickest way is the deathmatch set up explained in equal opportunity destroyer (above).

Here is a list of achievements that will come from naturally playing the game during a 15 hour(approx) amount of normal playtime. I do not see any point in "boosting" for them as they'll come anyway so it would be a waste of time to do a double controller set up etc.

Off to a good start
Sir slays alot
Killjoy (I THINK killing youself when on a spree also counts, when doing weapon achivements i would kill myself when my gun ran out of amo so i couald pick up a new one, i think i got it when i died and ended my own spree)
Serial killer
Being a hero (If playing campaigne and online matches properly - i.e not boosting etc).

Best maps for special power up time, many are available on multiple maps but these are the ones i use, check out all locations on all maps;

Udamage - Facing worlds (CTF) - located above the main entrance to each tower/base, can be accesed from outside main entrance or inside using the teleport gun. Its takes about 90 seconds to respawan so instead of waiting run to the next tower and get the enemy AI's to speed things up. Equally quick is Biohazard (see berserk below, as u can do 2 achievements at once, but there is only one UDamage.

Invulnerability - Fearless (Duel) - located in main room on top of statue.

Invisibility - Searchlight (CTF) - located between the two buildings. There is statue in the middle of the area and its facing a path through some arches down a ramp, the power up is there, spawns after about 2 mins. there are 2, one on each side of the map (go back and forth to speed up spawns)

Beserk time - Biohazard (Duel) - located in a hole in the floor with a UDamage, can do both at once

RegentEagle 07-09-2008 04:55 PM

Thanks I will add some of that in a bit! :)

ferrari360max 07-09-2008 05:01 PM

Sir Slays a Lot

an extremley easy way to do this is with the mutators super berserk and weapon replacement. Start up a death match on rising sun with 16 bots and turn both super berserk and weapon replacement on and change all the weapons to pistol. when you start run to the middle and run arround shooting everyone in the lower middle area as for sum reason all the bots flock to there you are garenteed to get monster kill in the first 30 seconds.

pined5551 07-09-2008 05:27 PM

Hey, regent eagle. When u next edit ur post put a big bold red note at the top asking a mod to sticky the thread so it doesnt get pushed down the list all the time.

ferrari360max 07-09-2008 05:33 PM

also at the top it say's the campaign achievements are not stackable when they infact are as me and my friend can confirm this as we unlocked both of the difficulty achievements at the end of the chapters

RegentEagle 07-09-2008 07:28 PM

Yeah just done it pinned. I wanted to put more of your info in as well but some of the posts are at max text characters.

Spinoff90 07-09-2008 07:31 PM

Just a thought with the Get a life… achievement. If you get 200 kills and then change the system clock to the next day and keep doing that instead of actually needing to play 50 days what do you think the chance of the achievement unlocking is?

Ironarrow 07-09-2008 08:00 PM

Was have hard time with above said lvl for untouchable so i went though other lvls with novice bots looking for another found one thats even better, use Diemoes and above settings and hop on the turret and blast away.

pined5551 07-09-2008 08:29 PM

No probs, might be an idea to put a footnote in somewhere to tell people to scroll down, and also to add a link to my new thread about power up locations under that achievement.

Ve3tro 021 07-09-2008 08:57 PM

Spice of life and Hatrick wont work for me.

RegentEagle 07-09-2008 09:21 PM

Hmm seems strange for spice of life not unlocking I used them all and got it straight away. If you get a hat trick the guy will shout it so listen for that. I'm off to bed now though so I will check back tomorrow when I get back from work to help you out if nothing is happening still.

egyhustla971 07-09-2008 09:44 PM

Can you do the weapon achievements in instant action vs. bots?

Eaaagle 07-09-2008 11:00 PM

Does anybody know which achievement are and are not attainable when you play campaign/?

pined5551 07-09-2008 11:22 PM


Originally Posted by egyhustla971 (Post 992493)
Can you do the weapon achievements in instant action vs. bots?

You can do them against bots but not in instant action. Set up a private player match and do it online.

BigT951 07-09-2008 11:26 PM


Originally Posted by rhino185 (Post 991742)
Can you go through the game on casual first and then go back and select the last battle in every chapter?

Can someone confirm this?

BigT951 07-10-2008 12:21 AM

Also for spice of life you missed one mutator and that is:

Team Deathmatch: Friendly Fire

I did all those on the list and didn't get it as well so I checked other game types and noticed that Friendly fire is another mutator in team games

the_b1ues 07-10-2008 12:34 AM

For the win on every game type. For the team watches do you have to be the highest scoring player on your team or just be on the winning team??

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