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BTHR Zero X 08-15-2008 04:51 PM

Weapon and Upgrade Locations
This List is Now Complete 100%
Check Bottom of the List for Video Walkthroughs


Revolver: Default Weapon
Revolver Upgrade: In the top right room on the 2nd floor above the door with the Yashichi Symbol on it in Area 00
Grenades: Awarded for Completing Area 01
Grenades Upgrade: Above the Boss Door in Area 2 to get it Start from the Comms Room and head left Dispose of the first tank and keep heading left. When you come to the Second Tank dispose of it. Then move against the left wall, But look right and crouch, drop a grenade down it will open the path below(A sound will confirm if you got it right). Head right and drop down and try to swing left. You should be above the Boss's Door if you look up you should notice an opening Stand on the left side of the Blue Barrel and aim up with your claw and pull yourself up to find a Door which holds the Upgrade.
Plasma Rifle: Awarded for Completing Area 04
Plasma Rifle Upgrade: In Area 06 Second part make your way to the far right to where the Barrels are being chucked down at you. Carry on to the right until you hit a ledge, Drop off the edge and grab to the left as quick as you can try to make it so your under the ledge. Drop down and you should land in front of a door. Go inside and shoot the two Plasma Laser Blocks on the upper level and enter the door that just opened to get the Upgrade.
Bazooka: Awarded for Completing Area 05 (Need to access Area 06)
Bazooka Upgrade: Just before the Final Boss on the Albatross Haley gets shot down and gives it to you
Shotgun: Awarded for Completing Area 02
Shotgun Upgrade: In Area 08 once inside advance 3 floors up and head right you come to a room with and opening up top go back in to the corridor and grapple to the right ceiling edge swing right then upward grapple to the brown ceiling piece. Pull yourself up then switch to your shotgun fire a shoot this will make you start to swing. swing to the left and grapple up again you should hit the ceiling use you Shotgun again to start yourself swinging and aim for the door the Upgrade is inside
Vector Cannon: Awarded for Completing Area 09 (Need to access area 07)
Vector Cannon Upgrade: In Area 10 go through the Level until you reach the area just before the Slimes. You should notice two routes up you want the route on the right. Now to get up that route face towards the right wall and shoot your Claw out (Forward + B) it should latch on to the wall. if so hit B to pull yourself in. Now switch and use your shotgun to get your self swinging again. Once you start Swinging swing to the Left and Grapple Up wards you should hit the platform just pull your self up and then swing to the right and shoot the two Vector Beam Blocks and go inside the door for your Upgrade
Joe's Machine Gun: After you complete Area 07 go to Area 18 and talk to the guy(Desmond Troyer) on the 3rd floor on the far left building he'll open the door for you and Joe's Machine Gun is inside
Joe's Machine Gun Upgrade: (This is the Hard one) In Area 07 right at the beginning instead of using you Vector Cannon drop down the shaft. Now get ready to use your straight grapple (Down + B) as soon as you in range of the ceiling use it. Once you on the ceiling swing Right and Upward grapple the ceiling piece thats sticking down. now your going to be hanging to close to the ceiling so drop down and upward grapple to give yourself some space and use your Shotgun to get yourself swinging again and swing to the right then upward grapple to the ceiling piece and pull your self up. Now just head up to the door and use your Machine gun on the box to open the door and the upgrade is inside

Communication Chip's

Red Comms Chip: Open by Default
Green Comms Chip: In a room on the 2nd floor above the Extra Life room in Area 15 (Has FSA in big blue letters above it)
Blue Comms Chip: In the room directly above the Challenge room at Area 14
Yellow Comms Chip: In the First room directly up to the right in front of you at Area 17


Shin Guards: Awarded for Completing Area 08
Bulletproof Vest: Awarded for Completing Area 11
Helmet: In Secret Route 15 -18. Make your way left swinging from moving platform to moving platform until you get to two Up/Down moving platforms and if you look to your left you will see it on a small ledge.
Iron Boots: In the First room directly in front of you next to the Extra Life room at Area 16
Health Recovery Pills: Awarded for Completing Area 10


Permit: Awarded for Completing Area 03 (Allows you to access Area's 7, 8, 9, 17, 18 and 19)
Flares: In the room directly above the Extra Life room at Area 13 (Helps you see inn Area 4's Cave system)
Secret Dossier: In the Secret Route 14 - 17 You'll need the Vector Cannon to hit the Switch's in the Tunnel.
Switch 01: Stand on the Moving Platform aim towards the left wait until the Platform is at Point A and use you Vector Cannon to bounce the shot of the wall at Point B to hit the Switch.
Picture 01
Switch 02: Below the Second moving platform to hit it drop of the left side on the none moving platform and grapple to the right(Point A) Then shot your Vector Cannon it should bounce off the bottom of the platform (Point B) and hit the Switch (Point C).
Picture 02
Switch 03: Swing from Point A to Point B and grapple up to Point C and aim left and shot you Vector Cannon
Picture 03
Switch 04: Stand the Moving Platform and wait for the Moving Platform moving down and crouch and start firing with your Vector Cannon when its at Point A and you should hit the switch at Point B.
Picture 04
Switch 05: Get on the Middle out of the 3 Moving Platforms and crouch on the left edge one the Platform gets to Point A shot with your Vector Cannon and you should Hit the switch at Point B
Picture 05
After that a Moving Platform is know under the Exit Door to you right ride the Platform to the Secret Dossier
Power Claw: Awarded for Completing Area 06 (Need to access Area 03)

To Gain access to the Secret Routes 15 - 18 and 14 - 17 go to Area 19 there is a prison cell which is next to the Extra Life room on the second floor to the far right there is a and Enemy POW inside hit him in the face a couple of times WITH YOU ARM NOT YOUR GUN! for him to tell you about the Secret Routes

Note: Click the Pictures Tabs to see the Larger Version (better quality)

These Videos Where Made by e3Ronan for this guide Thanks e3Ronan

RavenBlackthorn 08-16-2008 04:47 PM

Nice work man, I'll add this link to the guide.

bugmenot 08-16-2008 07:18 PM

Thanks for the great guide -- it's been very helpful.

I'm still having some difficulties getting the helmet, any chance you post a little bit more detail on that one as well?

mikehasabat 08-16-2008 10:11 PM

You must have the weapon before you can upgrade it
I'd like to add that you can't get the upgrades to any given weapon until after you've actually collected the weapon. I'm playing through on Super Hard now and went straight to Area 5 first for the bazooka, then tried to get the grenade upgrade in Area 1 but the icon isn't there!

BTHR Zero X 08-16-2008 10:56 PM


Originally Posted by mikehasabat (Post 1081246)
I'd like to add that you can't get the upgrades to any given weapon until after you've actually collected the weapon. I'm playing through on Super Hard now and went straight to Area 5 first for the bazooka, then tried to get the grenade upgrade in Area 1 but the icon isn't there!

i thought that would be obvious as its an upgrade but thats for the info

Doc Merk 08-19-2008 05:20 PM

To unlock the revolver door in Area 00 with the Yachichi symbol by it, do you have to have all the Yachichi to open the door? The reason I'm asking is because mine wasn't open when I had checked after working midway through the game with a couple of Yachichi's.

If not, how do you open the door? Thanks.

BTHR Zero X 08-19-2008 05:32 PM

The Revolver door is the higher one of the two but the Door with the Yachichi symbol you need all Yachichi's

Doc Merk 08-19-2008 05:52 PM

Hey thanks for the timely response. I appreciate it. Happy killing on the best arcade game yet!

BTHR Zero X 08-19-2008 05:56 PM

No problem and im playing as i type (Albatross Hard Mode)

Ed Boon 08-26-2008 02:54 PM

videos I found useful for:
Joe's Machine Gun Upgrade
Shotgun Upgrade

BTHR Zero X 08-26-2008 03:02 PM

Thank you for those videos but if you look at the bottom of the first post you will see Video Walkthroughs that a friend of mine made just for this guide

Ed Boon 08-26-2008 04:52 PM

whoops, didn't see those before, my bad

BTHR Zero X 08-26-2008 05:25 PM


Originally Posted by Ed Boon (Post 1102923)
whoops, didn't see those before, my bad

no its not your fault dont worry i only just added those my friend has only just made them so dont be sorry ^_^

BTHR Zero X 04-30-2009 11:42 AM

Wow this Died Can I get this Stuck Please

hendrixws 08-01-2009 07:01 PM

I think you mean your other left a lot of the time aka to the right as in the helmet one

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