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ThrawnOmega 09-07-2008 01:59 AM

Chapter Final Missions Insanity Guide
The achievement guide here lists no mission strategies, and I felt the mission guide that is linked isn't particularly helpful, so I decided to make my own guide for finishing each of the last missions of a chapter on Insanity. I'm assuming you've played to the last mission on another difficulty, and only care about the last mission. I'm also assuming you are playing co-op with 3 or 4 people. Hopefully this is helpful to some of you. All these strategies worked great for my team. These are just possible ways to win, you could find something else that also works. business30 Complete Chapter 2 in Insane.

The last mission of Chapter 2 is a Warfare match on Torlan. As you've played through the chapter, you should have collected two cards. One card will give you two additional members to your team; the other card will remove two members of the opponent's team. Either way you will have a 1-person advantage, but I highly recommend removing two opponents instead of padding your own team. Fewer opponents means less enemies trying to kill you, and your orb runner is less likely to be intercepted and killed. The latter point is critical. A good orb runner is the key to victory here.

The key to winning this match is a fast start. Before the mission starts, decide which member of your group is going to be the designated orb runner. This person will probably see the least combat, but their role is critical to the mission's success. As soon as the mission starts, your orb runner should grab the orb and set off for your prime node to capture it ASAP. Once this is accomplished, they should teleport back to the main base and grab the orb again, this time heading for the center node.

Everyone else should head for the Leviathan at the mission's start. Take the Leviathan (and perhaps a more mobile vehicle from the base as an escort) and head immediately for the center road node. Try to fight your way passed the node and do your best to hold the area and kill any enemies that get anywhere near the center node. This should buy enough time for your orb runner to take your prime node and get back to the main base, and possibly even run the orb to the center road node untouched, if your defense is strong enough.

With the center node captured, the orb will probably reappear at your main base. The orb runner should teleport back to the base for the orb, then take it up the right edge of the map toward the enemy prime node. This route is unlikely to have much enemy traffic, since the AI will now have to worry about its prime node and attacking the center. This way, the orb runner can sneak into the enemy prime node almost undetected, and instantly claim it.

The other players should continue with the Leviathan and any other vehicles toward the enemy prime node from the center node they just captured. Attacking players now have two objectives. Objective A is to harass the AI guarding the enemy prime node, and kill them as much as they can, so the orb runner can most easily sneak in from the opposite direction of where your fire is coming from. Objective B is to keep an eye on the center node and prevent the enemy from capturing it. Stationing the Leviathan where it can see and shoot at the enemy base and their prime node at the same time is a good way to work toward both at once. You could also sub-divide these tasks between your team, assigning some people to harass the prime node while others keep an eye on the center node. Whichever strategy you take, you want to have the longest open line of fire you can, so you can take out enemies before they even get close to your nodes.

With the enemy prime node captured, the orb runner's final duty is to grab the orb again and stay with it near the enemy prime node. This way, you're constantly healing the node if the enemy attacks it, and the enemy will be unable to steal the node away with their orb while you're around and alive. The orb runner needs to do everything in their power to defend the enemy prime node and prevent its capture until the end of the match. Order the bots on your team to defend with you, and be sure to let your teammates know if you need help.

With the enemy core now vulnerable, the attacking members of your team are free to pursue any method they choose to destroy it. What my group did was have two players stationed outside the base picking off anyone they saw, keeping the enemy largely pinned inside their base, while one person went in and assaulted the core.

As long as you keep the enemy prime node secure (or the center node, if things start to go badly for you) you can win this mission in an overtime victory if you've managed to damage the core just once. In overtime, both cores start melting down, but if you hit theirs and yours is still fine, the counter on theirs will hit 0 first, giving your team the win.

ThrawnOmega 09-07-2008 02:00 AM of bolts30 Complete Chapter 3 in Insane.

NOTE: Chapter 3's mission pathways branch quite a bit, making for more than one possible ending. Follow this guide to maneuver yourself through Chapter 3 so that you get to Gateway:

The Chapter 3 finale is by default a 2 vs. 4 Team Deathmatch on Gateway. A fully party of humans can make it an even 4-on-4, and you could play a card to give your team two AI bots, making it 6-on-4. However, if you have 3 or more people, I do not recommend adding bots to your team, as they won't play by this strategy, and are prone of wandering solo and getting cut down by roaming pairs of enemies, making them more of a liability than an asset.

This map is divided into three distinct zones. I call them the Space Zone (with the Shock Rifle and the slow-mo elevators), the Snow Zone (with the Flak Cannon and sniper rifle) and the Green Zone.

Holding down the Green Zone is the key to victory here, as this area is the most defensible on the map. It contains a rocket launcher, jump boots, a 50 armor upgrade, ammo, and some health replenishment packs. It's got enough supplies to keep your team going. If you stand on the rock spire where the 50 armor spawns, you can easily turn to see either of the two portals into this region.

Have everyone gather in the Green Zone, and keep an eye on the portals. When the AI enemies come through, call out their locations and blast them away. If you're killed, return to the Green Zone as quickly as possible. It's much easier to win this match if you make the enemy come to you by holding down this area than trying to go after them. war30 Complete Chapter 4 in Insane.

For some, this Team Deathmatch mission on Deimos may actually be harder than the final fight against Akasha. Deimos has lots of narrow passages making it tough to stick together as a group and not mess up the lines of fire of your teammates. The middle of the map also introduces the challenge of having to keep an eye on multiple floors at once. The best way to win is to get the weapons you want in a hurry and get away from the interior corridors with all possible haste.

The Shock Rifle spawn point is the most open area of the map, and has the map's turret overhead as additional protection. With your team hanging out in this area, you will be able to see the enemy coming from multiple directions with time to react. Be sure to station a player in the turret! The turret player will be able to shoot from a distance enemies on multiple floors, while the players at the Shock Rifle spawn can pick off the remainders. Keep forcing the enemy to wander into this shooting gallery you've set up, and victory should be yours. Make sure the enemy does not take the turret from you. If they do, they could easily ruin your day. the Reaper60 Defeat Akasha and complete the campaign in Insane.

By default, the finale is a 1-on-1 showdown with Akasha, but you can make that up to 4-on-1 with friends, and I strongly encourage backup. You'll win the watch if your team combined can kill her 20 times before she scores 20 kills off your crew.

The key to victory here is to absolutely, utterly deny her access to the UDamage and the shield belt that spawn on this map. The shield belt spawns along one of the edges of the map, against the wall of a platform with a river of green goo in front of it. The UDamage spawns under a set of stairs. If you don't know where these items are, I suggest creating a duel on your own on this map to become familiar with its layout.

Play this mission with your team like you're a pack of wolves. Never venture off on your own, for doing so means probable slaughter. If you stick together, Akasha may kill one of you, but the other three should be able to avenge your death quickly.

I can summarize the winning strategy in four words: ''Camp the shield belt.'' With the shield belt on, you're able to survive much more of Akasha's attacks. From the platform where the shield belt spawns, you can also see the UDamage location, and can see for quite a ways into the map. If you camp this platform, you will see Akasha coming at you almost every time, with enough time to get your firing squad ready to gun her down as she draws near. Flak Cannon rounds can be fired up into the above floor and ricochet to do damage or score kills on her despite poor aim.

When the UDamage spawns, send your best player or a team of two to go and get it, and then return to the shield belt platform. It's nice if you can use it to hurt Akasha, but her NOT having it is more important than any use of it by your team. Leave at least two people behind at the shield belt spawn, and never leave that area unguarded. Follow this procedure and you stand the best chance of finishing her off and earning yourself 60 achievement points.

eviltb 09-07-2008 09:34 AM

Thanks for the guide. Good lot of strategies you've got there :)

And dont worry about others negativity. Some people seem to forget the point of this website ;)

Nevander 09-07-2008 07:39 PM

To some people this could be the difference between getting these achievements and not getting them. I think you did a great job writing this. You might want to add that on Gateway, in the Snow Zone, there is a little closed in area behind a snow covered doorway with two 25 healths that makes a good hiding spot. Also at the portal when you enter the snow zone, behind it there is an area I don't think the enemy bots would think of looking. So once you get the lead, everyone go hide at one of those places and let the time run out.

Joco92 09-09-2008 12:44 AM

beautiful guide will be of a lot of use when i finally receive a working xbox.

Frankie B1 09-14-2008 12:50 AM

Yeah nice work, but a tip, for the chapter 4 grab a good weapon and get all your mates into the slomo corridor, there are easily defensible entrances and you'll have a greater time to react if both you and the bot are in the slow bit, it is also pretty quiock to reach which is useful if you die. Try to avoid being in the slow and in a position where a bot in the quick can shoot you as they will obviously have an advantage on you then. But one of the easier missions, probably only defeating Alaska is easier :)

Darkxid3 10-04-2008 11:42 PM

Thanks for the act 3 one, i cud never for the life of me member what the last mission was.

Oh and for killing akasha, i found it better to leave the Udamage to lure her in, and then stand there waiting with a flak :D

Darkxid3 10-05-2008 05:56 PM

Just did that gateway on insane, and it wasnt the last one, so i did the next one on casual and that was the last one instead, so now i have to do act 3 all over again, major annoyed.

ThrawnOmega 10-05-2008 06:55 PM


Originally Posted by Darkxid3 (Post 1205641)
Just did that gateway on insane, and it wasnt the last one, so i did the next one on casual and that was the last one instead, so now i have to do act 3 all over again, major annoyed.

You must have followed a different mission path than I did. My party and I got the achievement after beating that mission.:confused:

Chapter 3's mission layout is confusing as hell. I would recommend using this guide for Chapter 3 to follow mission flow, to get to the Gateway finale:

Sorry about that. I didn't realize the pathways branched so much. The guide has been revised to include this link and changes to advice.

Darkxid3 10-09-2008 12:18 PM

Thats alright, i did shortly after i posted that last msg.

I tried using tht gamefaqs guide before but that just confused the hell outta me.

I cnt member exactly the route i took was something like

Arsenal DM
Heat Ray DM
Islander Warfare
Dusk Warfare
(Maybe another warfare here)
Coret CTF
Heat Ray DM
Carbon Fire DM

I cnt remember from there, but i chose DM over CTF and warfare
and CTF over warfare,

Gateway and another choice will come up, but it wont be the end, and the next one after is the last one which is a CTF.

drac 10-12-2008 05:30 PM

Route I took for Chapter III

Dusk (instead of Heatray)
Containment (instead of Islander)
Islander (will be Containment if you played Islander above)
Strident (unlocks card 2 liandri secuirty bots)
Gateway (unlocks character Matrix) (I believe you don't need to play this map)
Heatray (Last map for Chapter III, a 4 vs 6 DM)

Edit: why did I added Gateway first? It's not even there :(

drac 10-12-2008 08:09 PM

A tip on the last mission (heatray) on chapter III.

It's a 4 vs 6 dm map.

Use increased health card as it will give you 140 health and your team will own the other, easily.
When the darkwalker spawned our team was ahead with 7 kills.

The problem comes when they take the darkwalker but just stay in the back alley where they can't reach you and they will be reduced to 4 or 5 players (1 or 2 using the dark walker).
Order the bots to cover you and the rest basiclly solves itself.

Dre4ms 10-19-2008 10:44 PM

when you're joining a game, is there any way of knowing which games are on insanity level and which are on something else??

ThrawnOmega 10-19-2008 10:53 PM


Originally Posted by Dre4ms (Post 1242133)
when you're joining a game, is there any way of knowing which games are on insanity level and which are on something else??

All missions of the campaign will be on whatever difficulty level the host sets it to. They don't vary from mission to mission. I can't recall from memory if a person joining a game will be able to see what the difficulty level is, but the host will know, so you could always ask them;)

I looked, and when joining matches, all you see is Server (host), map, and players, so you would have to ask about difficulty.

DOes this answer your question?

HacksawDoomx187 12-18-2008 02:43 AM

Thank you so much for making this guide. This is incredibly helpful. I never would have gotten anywhere without this:)

TONY PWN 01-22-2009 12:08 PM

nice guide good strats for someone new to the game

PureTechniquex 02-04-2009 05:14 PM

Thanks for the guide should come in handy when i get around to playing this again.

Ramiel 02-27-2009 01:21 AM

Myself and a friend of mine finished the last level in only 3 tries what we did was sit in the room with the Udamage all the way at the back by the stairs the odd time she came in when she had the shield belt but when the Udamage was up she would come right in and 99% of the time the way of the ramp over the Udam so what we did was rail her with rockets when she crouched under to get the Udam that way she couldnt jump out of the way, just make sure you move around to stay out of the line of fire

AngryTomass 03-23-2009 12:01 PM

Easy way to beat chapter 4
The last level is Deimos. Play to this point on casual, then switch to insane for the last level as mentioned on other threads.

Get 3 mates to join you, get everyone to head to the gun turret through the teleporter.
All 4 players need to switch to jackhammers and surround the telepoter while holding Right Trigger. Everytime they come thrgh the teleporter they meet instant death, even with full armour, as you bounce them between yourselves until they die.

The only risk is the redeemer can be fired into the room from outside. But this only happened twice to us and only killed 2 of us.

If you have not got 3 people to play you could try this same trick with just one other friend. I believe it would still work aslong as you get your positions right on the otherside of the teleporter.

Reloaded 03-26-2009 08:52 PM

For gateway I used the plus 2 Liandra and told everyone to hold position on the minigun in the waterfall section and ended up winning by like 15.

Deimos I had everyone hold position in the link gun room and put them in a triangle formation so they wouldn't all die to 1 rocket and I stayed behind the glass that has the 2 health spots. I was up by like 20 and left my system to make a pizza and won by like 10.

The last level against Ashka I stayed around the shield belt and used the link gun to shoot across the way and won 20-17 on my third try.

That's how I beat it by myself I could have got lucky on some stuff though.

Muckrak3r 03-28-2009 10:58 AM

Can the insane achievements be unlocked when playing online co-op? I can't beat chapter 2's final mission by myself on insane. My team is too stupid to stay alive and I get owned from across the map by stupid weapons. If these can be earned by completing the final mission on Insane online, then I will do that, and post for help in the achievement trading thread.

V1SCER4L 03-30-2009 04:47 PM

After playing through this by myself and getting to the very end, i've come to the conclusion that Epic has indeed made the whackest AI ever made. I love the pre-shot Link gun kills through walls and around corners. I understand having tough AI, but omniscent? that's just obsene.

Gee why does this game have low console sales?

Has nothing to do with the lack of a real campaign or the AI programming they stole from Golden Eye on N64


I'm gonna beat this damn thing if it kills me!!!

This guide wost most helpful though.

Isaccard 07-04-2009 04:59 PM

You can just play through on casual then when you get to the last once switch over to insane. I've done it and it works.

My Gamertag is Papa Skull 08-23-2009 05:05 AM

I did Chapter 2 and 5 all the way to the last mission then did it on insane all by myself. Only used 1 card the whole time, so here is my guide for everyone who is doing the missions on insane all by themselves.

Chapter 2 - Warfare on Torlan - In my opinion it was the hardest insane match I've ever played. What I did was grab the orb and capture the first prime node as fast as possible. Then grabbed the Leviathan and drove it to the Center Node and captured it. I defended the Center Node for about 3 minutes then I drove the Leviathan to the enemy prime node and shot the node with the leviathan until it was un-occupied then captured it. Your Leviathan will blow up when you capture the enemy prime, so wait about 2 minutes for the Leviathan to get back online, then drive to your prime node and take a right. It's a shortcut to the enemy core. Fit your leviathan into the enemys base and shoot the core, you should be able to pull off about 7-10 damage before they all gun you down. (If you can't fit your leviathan in the enemies base, make a run for the enemy core and shoot it with your flak cannon, (it does 4 damage a shot) As you have the lead, (Red Core: 100 - Blue Core: 90) go back to your Leviathan at your base and defend the central mode for about 15 minutes until it reaches overtime and you win. (Whoever has the biggest lead at the end get's the least amount of points taken away at overtime)

Chapter 3 - Team Deathmatch on Gateway - Use one of your cards that decreases the enemies teammates by two, making it 2v2. I followed my teammate until he reached the space area, then I grabbed the shield belt and health vials until the enemies entered. Then I destroyed them with the Flak Cannon, (which is in the snowy area in a building, grab the thigh pads while you're at it) and grabbed more health vials and shield belt. Let your teammate grab a shield belt when you already get one. Once your full on armor, follow your teammate around to get his back. I never finished the match I waited 20 minutes until the match ended.

Chapter 4 - Team Deathmatch on Deimos - The easiest mission in my opinion. Once you start the match enter the portal which sends you to another building with a plasma cannon thing in it. Pick off enemies until the vehicle blows up. The vehicle is very accurate and it kills enemies in 1-2 shots max.

Chapter 5 - Defeat Akasha 1v1 - I did this on my first try. All you have to do is camp the area where the Bio Gun is and hold down LT until the secondary fire is fully charged, and grab the Armored Vest. When you see her try to hit her with the secondary fire, it has a little bit of auto aim so it should be fairly easy to hit her with it. It usually kills her in one shot, since she rarely has any armor on. If you get hit and you dont have any armor left, grab the three 25 health packs which are right in front of the Bio Gun. Do this for 20 minutes and whoever has the highest score at the end wins the match. It was pretty easy since I did it my first try with no help from anyone at all.

ManekiNeko 10-21-2009 11:08 AM

I've checked online and apparently Serenity is the last mission on Chapter 2, and other people have told me Torlan is the last mission? This is the guide I'm following:


(01) Shangri La
(02) Reflection
(03) Sinkhole
(04) Market District
(05) Tank Crossing
(06) Kargo
(07) [Select] Torlan Delta
(08) Hydrosis
(09) [Select] Serenity
(10) Suspense
(11) Downtown
(12) [Select] Diesel
(13) Kargo

(14) Serenity

Edit: I got the "Just Business" Achievement so I must be following it correctly. =p

CIF 04-19-2010 09:36 PM

I can't believe no one's mentioned this: assuming that force respawn doesn't switch on when you play insane, if you die and you(r team) is ahead of Ashka, just don't respawn and wait for time to run out (if suicides don't count against you, you might need to do that). That's how I beat it on casual when I first got the game cause I didn't know how to play against godlike bots.

Very late edit: Force Respawn is on. That sucks. Camping the Shield Belt works very well though.

If you don't have human teammates and are doing the two DM games, stick close to the bots since they're Godlike and you can finish off opponents if they die.

mihai7645 10-04-2010 06:28 PM

i still can't get the last one...i can't beat Akasha by myself and i can't find any way to get two other bots with me...i used the backup card, but i'm still alone with Akasha...

Edit: Got it today, using a simple method, that you can find in this video
It doesn't matter how you get to the hiding spot, just get there with a frag above her.

The only difference is that you would have to dodge her when she goes for the pulse rifle because you can't crouch and she will fire upon you with great accuracy.

I killed her once, hid in that spot with only 8 life points left and waited/dodged for 20mins.

It also works if you replay Chapter V and use the difficulty trick.

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