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Seid 09-11-2008 07:25 PM

Mission: (5) Raid on Balikpapan - Mode: Veteran
Hello ppl,

My name is Rafael, I'm from Brazil and this game (Battlestations: Midway) isn't popular in my country, but I have it and I'm here to get some knowledge, tips and help about this game!

I've completed Rookie mode, it's ok ... the same for Hardcore mode and some online battles too ... I'm trying the Veteran mode, it's realy challenging mode and I did all mission, but unfortunately, the misson 5 (Raid on Balikpapan) I didn't complete (Veteran mode)! This is my last Veteran Mission ... I want to do it!

Well ...
- All Cargo Ships have been destroyed, it's ok!
- All Secondary mission too (Fortress and Boat Hangar)

But I can't sunk Naka ... the biggest ship of reinforcements!!!

The first boat of reinforcements is easy ... just sail away from them and w8 for the small boat get range to attack ... but Naka have a kind of Shield Wall ... impossible ...
I've tried a thousand times ...

Someone, plz ... help me, tell me the secret to sunk and destroy Naka!!!
Tks a lot!

Seid 09-13-2008 07:19 PM

I found this video ...

But I think this video isn't on veteran mode coz he had more time btw the first DD and the second and he used this extra time to destroy the boat hangar!

barrybarfly 01-12-2009 02:37 PM

Only way is to use torpedos. The cruiser has heavy enough armour to basically withstand anything you throw at it before it kills you. This is the hardest mission in the entire game and you're not alone in struggling with it on veteran!!!

EOU Findub 01-13-2009 06:16 PM

Torpedoes are definitely the key to almost any battle. If you master this aspect, you will win almost every time. I actually finished this level the first time I played it. HOWEVER, before you go bashing me for saying how stuck up I am...I had the HARDEST time with one of the more easier missions. I believe it is the second mission where you have to run through a pass with just a Destroyer. It is horrible.

SpeleoFool 02-11-2009 03:36 AM

What a pain....
This mission sucked. I tried about a dozen different tactics and didn't get any of them to work, but here's how I finally did it:

At the start of the mission, open up the tactical map and send the John D. Ford somewhere in column B on the line between 2 and 3. The objective here is to keep it far enough ouside the border of the island that the destroyer won't attack it as it circles. It can sit there until you need it....

At the same time, send the Parrot to the east. It's going on a suicide run down the top of the channel, but don't head south too soon or the destroyer will give you trouble.

When the destroyer is clear, send the Parrot to the main opening of the channel. There are two ships outside the cluster of islands. Fire 4 torpedoes at each as you steam toward the channel. You need to be within 1.3 (not 1.5) miles, but both ships should be easily in range along your way.

When the Parrot enters the channel, keep going full speed and take out as many ships as you can, starting with the closest ones. Hammer them with artillery. You should be able to get at least 2 or 3 before you go down.

When the Parrot sinks the destroyer should be near the south end of the channel. Send the Ford directly at the southwest ship. Fire torpedoes at it as soon as you're in range and have a clear shot (make sure you won't hit the outer islands). Deal with the destroyer if you have to, then head toward the gap between the outer islands.

This is where the magic comes in. Use the tactical map to locate and target ships in the channel, but sail around the outside of the channel islands. You should still be within range of the fortress guns, but you should also have good shots between the islands at the last 2 or 3 cargo ships. Take them down as quickly as you can before you're done in.

I think a healthy dose of luck is required no matter what your tactics, but this is what finally worked for me. Pray you don't get a 1-hit-kill shot in the magazine. Can't even guess how many awesome runs were "sunk" by insta-kills.


P.S. This method can be done quickly enough that you don't have to fight the reinforcement ships. I finished in 6:29.

Midnight Malice 06-05-2009 10:47 PM

I know this thread is old as hell, and I'm sorry to reply to it, but I just finished this mission on veteran.... or so I thought. I sunk all the transport ships before the reinforcements showed up, the Parrot was long gone and the Ford was critical. I blew up the last objective ship, and the game just sat there for about 3 minutes, THEN reinforcements showed up. This is utter crap. The post above me says you don't have to fight the reinforcements, but what just happened to me pretty much says I do.

ninjaman32 08-27-2009 03:00 PM

Take a lesson from the history books
Yes the Nada is a tough ship to tackle with just two destroyers, but it is true that if you sink all the cargo ships in a certain amount of time You complete the mission wihtout having to face the reinforcements. I finished in less than 6 minutes, didnt lose any ships, on VETERAN. The real raid was done with a diversion, a sub sneaked into the harbour fired torpedoes and ran away, when the Jap destroyers chased him several miles away the U.S. destoyers, hiding in a storm squall, came rushing in for the attack on the cargo ships unopposed.
I used the parrot as the submarine and it worked first time. Set both the destroyers repair crews to fight water leaks and send the parrot to the right , the john ford to the left towards the fortress. keep both ships about 1.3 miles away from the patrolling destroyer (if it sees you just start over) the parrot should be moving slowly while the ford is going pull speed away from the destroyer toward the front of the fortress but just out of the fortress gun range.when the ford is there let it sit and have the parrot attack the cargo ships with torpedoes and guns but dont get too close and when the destoyer detects him turn and run away from the island, the jap destroyer and pt boats will chase him leaving the harbour defenseless except for the fortress gun. dont sink any pt boats and no more will come out of the hanger . sink the cargo ships in less than 6:45 and no reinforcements will arrive. good luck and tell me how it worked for you.

Scurvy Curr 08-28-2009 02:26 PM

I hated this mission on Veteran. Basically like others have said, you need to hurry up and finish it FAST! I found a thread on the eidos forums that had a good tactic that helped me finish this. This may take a few tries but once i got it to work i had the mission done in 6 minutes...before the reinforcements show up.

Basically I did this, right of the bat send your ships (still in formation) directly east and as soon as the destroyer and PT boat pass shoot the far east AK with 4 torpedos from the Ford and shoot the far west AK with 4 torpedoes from the Parrot. Sometimes the destroyer or PT boat will turn towards you if they see the torpedos in the water but that is rare.

Set your repair to fire and weapons. Move your ships just outside the harbor where the PT hanger is. Disband your group and set the Ford just outside of the Fortress's artillery range. Bring the Parrot in and as soon as you can shoot torpedoes at closest AK inside the harbor and then hit the Fortress with your Parrot's artillery. Dont stop until it is gone. Switch your repair to water and weapons and take out the PT hanger. Your AI should take care of the PT boat coming at you. If your torpedoes are reloaded target the next AK in the harbor and keep moving the parrot in. Send the Ford in right after him and shoot torpedoes at the furthest boat that you can see. Constantly keep torpedoes firing at the AK's and use your artillary from both boats on the DD and the AK's. If it works right you will finish in time.

This took me several tries but finally i did it in about 6 minutes with the Ford at about 90% health and the Parrot at about 10% health. I think this mission all comes down to luck and your speed of controlling the ships and repairing them accordingly. (sometimes the enemy AI acts different and your AI will outgun them)

Now i am stuck on the level where you have to meet up with the British fleet. Anyone have good advice for that one? My DD's get destroyed right away and then once meet with the fleet they get torn up by the enemy CL and DD's.

burntolive87 08-26-2010 04:22 AM

I am at 15 times and legit I hate this game. It got to the point where i had it in my hands ready to snap it.

Prophollus 08-26-2010 09:40 PM

Quick and dirty: Before splitting the ships, send out one full salvo of torpedoes from each ship. Send one ship East and one ship South-West (to avoid the patrolling ships). It comes down to timing, but the ship sent directly to the east should haul ass and fire at any cargo ships in sight. Depending on where you park and what direction you're facing it is possible to hit as many as five ships without moving.

The ship sent to the south should wait until the patrol has fully entered the cove before approaching. Once again, have it swing North and fire at all parked ships. By this time the patrol should be taking out the first ship, so it won't be focused on you. By slightly entering the cove where the Southern-most ship is docked you can take out the rest of the ships without moving.

Achiever TM 10-26-2010 12:28 PM

I beated it by going east with both ships so i avoided the first DD but sent some torpedos for the 1st AK, then i sunk the 2nd DD and destroyed the PT shipyard and the fortress..after this i sent both of my ship through the "cannal" torpedoing every AK. at the end of the cannal i faced the 1st DD but i had some advantage since i had 2 ships. I lost one of them but at least i beated this stupid mission. I'm missing only Strike on Tulagi, Battle of the Coral Sea and Turning Point at Midway missions on Veteran :)

edit: OK I'm done with Veteran xD mission 5 was the hardest one for me but after a few attempts i found a way to beat it and now I only need to boost some multiplayer achievements to 1K Midway ;)

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