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knight_0f_kh0nshu 10-06-2008 08:29 PM

Questions About Leveling Up
I read the achievement guide for this already, but it's really not very clear to sorry if this post goes against your rules. There's a couple of questions that I have that if anyone could answer, I'd greatly appreciate it.

1). On the "Wargames" missions, does anyone know the maximum points for each mission that you can earn? I don't know if you are supposed to get the same amount of points for each one or not.

2). If you're doing a Wargame mission, does it count against you if you lose a teammate? Also, do you have to finish them in a certain time in order to get Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platnium?

3). In co-op, I finished each co-op mission with four other people and got he points for it, but when I went back to replay the missions, I didn't get any more points. Is is possible to turn the difficulty up in order to get more points while playing co-op campaign?

4). Is there any other way to obtain points other than training, wargames, or co-op campaign? Because I'm finding it hard to max out my character...if that is even possible?

TheChupacabra10 01-06-2009 05:59 PM

Ill do my best to answer what you asked.
I believe in the wargames missions you can only get up to 15 on the highest difficult, and 12 on the lowest difficulty, so if you finish it quickly and get a good score, to go back in and defeat it for 1 or 2 points isnt the solution.

Losing a teammate does hurt you in your ability to achieve each goal

I dont have any answers for the 3rd one

There is no other way to get points other then those three things listed

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