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RaZeDieFox 10-15-2008 12:17 AM

Detailed Treasure Guide
The following is a pretty detailed guide on how to achieve each treasure in the game. A lot of the information on the requirements around online are not 100% accurate, and I'm sure some stuff in mine is not 100% accurate as well. Hopefully this will be helpful to everyone who hasn't acquired every treasure.

A few notes about the guide:
  • Difficulty is rated by *, **, ***, and ****, 4 *s being most difficult. I gave these ratings after my run through. If you feel any are inaccurate, please don't hesitate to suggest a change.
  • The time limits on certain missions may not be correct down to the second, though they should be fairly close.
  • Any mistakes, or missing information, or time limit differences anyone has experienced or noticed please let me know and I will adjust the guide accordingly.
  • Any questions as to any problems you're having if I wasn't quite clear enough on anything, please feel free to post or PM me.
  • To find a list of which treasures you have obtained, go into your weapons screen, then into upgrade skills, once there press "Y".

Special thanks to:
  • EvilTommy- Details on time limit on (Orochi 8) Battle of Mikatagahara
  • Tyger7- Details on conditions on (Shu 8) Battle of Wu Zhang Plains
  • Geckyy- Adjustment on key enemies on (SW 2) Battle of Ji Province
  • Shadow Kisuragi- Details on walkthrough on (Wei 5) Battle of Komake Nagakute and details on triggering rolling rock event on (Shu 8) Battle of Wu Zhang Plains.

RaZeDieFox 10-15-2008 12:18 AM

1. Battle of Shi Ting- No treasure to acquire.

2. Battle of Saika-
Treasure Criteria:
Take over the eastern garrison in less than 5 minutes.
Treasure Acquired:
Key Enemies:
Hognose, Hooknose

  • Head east straight into the eastern garrison, there you will face Hognose and Hooknose, defeat them in less than 5 minutes and the treasure is yours.
Treasure Location: Center of the eastern garrison, the one which you just took over.

3. Battle of Nagashino-
Treasure Criteria: Receive Wuís reinforcements within 5 minutes of the start of the level.
Difficulty: *
Treasure Acquired: Diamond
Key Enemies: Cao Xing, Hou Cheng
  • Head east towards the central garrison, on your way kill all enemy officers in the area. Once inside defeat any additional enemy officers, as well as the Defense Captain inside.
  • Exit the garrison and hang out just in front of it and await the arrival of Lu Buís third wave of officers coming from the south. Defeat them and start heading to the north garrison.
  • Get up to the north garrison and Cao Xing and Hou Cheng will be waiting or will appear shortly after you arrive. Defeating them will secure Lu Xunís arrival point and the treasure will unlock as long as you completed it before 5 minutes has passed.
Treasure Location: In the center of the eastern garrison where Diao Chan is located.

4. Battle of Wuhang Mountains- No treasure to acquire.

5. Battle of Jia Meng Gate-
Treasure Criteria: Defeat Sun Wukong and Keep Zhang Liao alive.
Difficulty: **
Treasure Acquired: Emerald
Key Enemies: Sun WuKong and any threatening Zhang Liao.
  • Go east and defeat all officers in your path, all the way to the south-eastern village, there defeat Dong Zhuo and another officer. Head north and take a left before you reach the eastern garrisonís gate.
  • Head towards the allied main camp from that path you are now on. Defeat all officers near all the gates of the allied main camp. Around this time, Zhang Liao will arrive in the north. Head to his location.
  • Once you arrive there, the location of the Sorcerers controlling the phantom soldiers will appear. One is near the north-west base camp, another is near the central base camp, the third near the east base camp. Swiftly defeat all 3 (west, then central, then eastern) to save your allies.
  • Head back to the central portion of the map, most likely where Zhang Liao and Guan Yu are fighting. Around this time, doubles of Sun Wukong will appear, one at the central garrisonís gate, another at the western garrisonís gate, the other at the eastern garrisonís gate. Defeat the double at the central gate, and then defeat the officer inside the garrison. Await the real Sun Wukong to begin his advance towards you. Defeat him, his doubles will disappear and the treasure will appear.
Treasure Location: Center of the north-eastern field, where the poisonous gases are.

6. Battle of Odani Castle-
Treasure Criteria: Spoil all of Da Jiís planís and defeat Da Ji.
Difficulty: **
Treasure Acquired: Aventurine
Key Enemies: Brigand, Sorcerer, Vagabond, Miscreant, Sorcerer, Da Ji
  • (Note you may not be able to play as Zhao Yun or Zhang Fei for some reason)
  • Follow the path your on and defeat the few officers in your way, make a left to along the southern side of the Main Ward. Make your way to the south-eastern corner, there the first of Da Jiís plans will take place. Defeat the group of Brigandís and continue your advance into the Kingo Ward.
  • Inside the Kingo Ward Hooknose will appear, defeat him to open the western gate. Head out the western gate and head up the hill. Da Ji will have rocks begin to fall there, the Sorcerer responsible for it is inside the Main Ward. Defeat Boomslang to get in the ward, and defeat the Sorcerer once inside. Then defeat Coachwhip to open the northern gate.
  • Outside of the northern gate from the main ward, Da Ji will hatch another plan, defeat the group of Vagabonds and Miscreants. Defeat Lancehead to open the gate.
  • Inside Pachnose will appear, defeat him and move through the newly opened gate. Head west towards the Mt. Yamada Garrison. On your way there, Da Ji will spawn whirlwinds, the Sorcerer responsible is inside the Yamada Garrison, defeat him.
  • Hold off on defeating Da Ji for a moment, and let the game catch up. Once it does, Himiko will appear and make her way to the escape point. Once that happens defeat Da Ji and gather the treasure before heading to defeat Himiko.
Treasure Location: Center of the Mt. Yamada Garrison where you defeated Da Ji.

7. Battle of Koshi Castle-No treasure to acquire.

8. Battle of Wu Zhang Plains-
Treasure Criteria: Ensure Taigong Wang reaches the enemy main gate and rolling rock event ensues within 6 minutes of the level start, and then defeat Da Ji and Himiko (in that order) within 4 minutes of the gate opening.
Difficulty: ****
Treasure Acquired: Bowl of Buddha
Key Enemies: All enemy officers, and sorcerers south of the gate, Da Ji, Himiko.
  • Head north and defeat large groups of peons and any officers within the area. Da Ji will then spawn whirlwinds, defeat the 2 sorcerers responsible (one on east and one on west side of map). Stopping the whirlwinds will help Taigong reach the gate more swiftly.
  • Continue defeating enemy officers south of the gate. This includes Sima Yi and company in the west, and Masamune Date and company in the east. After they have been defeated, Taigong should teleport to the gate and start the rolling rock event. If you did it quickly enough, thats the first part of the criteria.
  • Once the gate has been opened, quickly locate Da Ji on your map and go to defeat her, preferably on horse.
  • After she has been routed, find Himikoís location on your map and head to her. The moment Himiko is defeated, the treasure will appear as long as you have completed the criteria in the amount of time allotted.
Treasure Location: On the far north pathway barely west of Orochi, near that base camp.

RaZeDieFox 10-15-2008 12:18 AM

1. Battle of Si Province- No treasure to acquire.

2. Battle of Si Shui Gate-
Treasure Criteria: Ensure Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan survive long enough to complete fire attack, afterwards defeat Chen Gong.
Difficulty: **
Treasure Acquired: Amber
Key Enemies: Chen Gong
  • First and foremost, you cannot let either Dun or Yuan be defeated, or the fire attack will not happen. Also, you cannot defeat too many enemy officers in the central area otherwise the fire attack will not happen.
  • To start, head north and begin clearing the path of peons and officers, taking out all in your way, base captains included. Xiahou Yuan will begin his advance after a couple of minutes and he will go that way. The less he has to go through the better. Kotaro Fuma will appear in the northeast corner, quickly get rid of him and his buddies.
  • Afterwards, make your way to the middle of the map where Yuan needs to be to execute the fire attack, run ahead of him clearing the way for him to get there quicker. Once he arrives there, the fire attack will ensue.
  • Clear the rest of the enemies in the center if you please. Then head to the northwest base with Lu Bu, that is where Chen Gong resides. Take him out and the treasure is yours.
Treasure Location: Directly in front of the drawbridge into Lu Bu’s main camp.

3. Battle of Shizugatake-
Treasure Criteria: Defeat all 5 Juggernauts(cannons) and get Yuan Xi and Yuan Tan to defect.
Difficulty: *
Treasure Acquired: Malachite
Key Enemies: 5 Juggernauts, Jiang Wei
  • The cannons are labeled as Juggernauts on the officer list, and are quite easy to find. Start by heading north and you will already see the cannons manned by Juggernauts rolling down the hill towards your main camp. Quickly defeat all the Juggernauts on the hill and inside the garrison. After a couple minutes, Xun You will begin his advance to Yuan Xi and Yuan Tan.
  • Turn around and head back to follow Xun You and stick with him. He will head to Yuan Tan first, located in the garrison just east of the center of the map. Once you arrive at the gate, Xun You will convince Yuan Tan to defect, he will also bring Guo Tu and Xin Ping along as well.
  • Continue following Xun You into the north garrison. Jiang Wei will attempt to head to Yuan Xi to give him a letter, defeat him before he can carry out what he plans.
  • Once Jiang Wei has been defeated, he will talk to Yuan Xi and tell him defecting to Wei would be the smart move, that will do it, the treasure will appear right after.
Treasure Location: Center of the north garrison.

4. Battle of Ji Castle- No treasure to acquire.

5. Battle of Komake Nagakute-
Treasure Criteria: Pang Tong must succeed in his fire plan within 6 minutes of when he begins his march.
Difficulty: **
Treasure Acquired: Pearl
Key Enemies: Any in Pang Tongs path, Sun Wukong being the biggest threat
  • Head into the garrison in front of you clearing out enemies, and then onward to the northern garrisons where Pang Tong is located. Escort Cao Cao to Cao Pi, that will trigger a conversation between Pang Tong and Cao Pi, he will then begin his advance. Stick with him.
  • Once you head out of the garrison, you will be confronted by some officers, none too troublesome, the more difficult being Sun Wukong. Defeat them and any other enemies nearby and Pang Tong will continue his advance.
  • Once you reach about halfway down the path near the eastern base camp, take it over and clear the area of peons. Once all is clear, Pang Tong will head west into the center, once he has done that, he will shortly there after start the fire attack. Once the attack is done, treasure is yours as long as you did it within the time allotted.
Treasure Location: Up a ramp just north and east of the Orochi’s camp main gate.
6. Battle of Yamatai-
Treasure Criteria: Stop enemy cannon fire within 5 minutes of when they commence firing, afterwards defeat Keiji Maeda.
Difficulty: **
Treasure Acquired: Carnelian
Key Enemies: Defense Captain, Periclase, Dioptase, Kornerupine, Keiji Maeda
  • Head west and defeat enemies directly in front of you. The cannons will begin firing shortly after the missions starts. Continue west a bit more and head south into the central area of the map. The first defense captain is just across that bridge.
  • As you approach the defense captain, enemy ambush officers (Periclase, Dioptase, and Kornerupine) will appear. Defeat them and the defense captain to stop the cannon. If you have done that within 5 minutes, so far so good.
  • Afterwards, head to the southeast corner where Da Ji has put officers to block your allies from arriving. Keiji Maeda is one of those enemy officers. Take him down and the treasure is yours.
Treasure Location: Appears on the southern path, just west of where Keiji was.

7. Battle of Tong Gate-
Treasure Criteria: Defeat Sun Wukong and his 9 officers, while keeping all of your allies alive.
Difficulty: **
Treasure Acquired: Dragon’s Spleen
Key Enemies: Massicot, Hognose, Boomslang, Feldspar, Keelback, Copperhead, Levyne, Bushmaster, Urutu, Sun Wukong
  • Defeat Diamondback and Coachwhip right off the bat. Then begin to fight Kiyomori, once you start to dwindle his health down, he will teleport himself to safety and spawn reinforcements. Begin in the southeast by defeat the first 3 key enemies, Massicot, Hognose and Boomslang. Even after you defeat them, they will respawn afterwards. Have no worries, as long as you defeat all of them at least once, you will satisfy the treasure condition.
  • After those first 3, head west and defeat the first of 3 sorcerers, he is in the western of the 2 garrisons you pass through. After he has been rid of, the 3 officers that you have defeated will turn into allies. Now head northeast to take on the next 3 key enemies. There take out Feldspar, Keelback, and Copperhead. Once they all 3 respawn the sorcerer can be spotted in the garrison just south of where they were. Defeat him to turn them into allied officers once again.
  • Now head to the northwest corner to take out 3 more key enemies. Defeat Levyne, Bushmaster, and Urutu. Sun Wukong will also appear with some pals around the same time. Be rid of him as well. After they are defeated the treasure will appear. To make life easier the rest of the battle, kill the last sorcerer in the northwest garrison to once again turn the officers to allies. Then go collect your treasure.
Treasure Location: Just south of the northwest garrison where the final sorcerer was.

8. Battle of Guan Du-
Treasure Criteria: Seize the frontlines and carry out the ambush within 9 minutes of the start of the battle, afterwards defeat Himiko within 1 minute 40 seconds of her appearance.
Difficulty: ****
Treasure Acquired: Fire Rat’s Skin
Key Enemies: Hidemune Date, Masamune Date, Botryogen, Hammerjaw, Cottonmouth, Himiko
  • The frontlines consist of Guan Du Castle, and the 3 smaller garrisons along the western edge of the enemy forces. Taking all officers within those is what must be done.
  • Start by defeating the officer and defense captain at the west gate, then defeat the officer a the northwest gate. You may proceed inside now and defeat Hidemune Date and Masamune Date to take over the castle.
  • Head out the north gate and defeat the officer you come across there. Then From there head to the western path (the frontlines of the enemy).Take out Botryogen in the first garrison you get to, ensure Xiahou Hui (your ally) has a clear path to that garrison so he can secure it. Now move north to the next garrison. In the 2nd garrison, defeat Hammerjaw to seize it. Ensure Tsunecki Ikeda has a clear path to the 2nd garrison so he can secure that one.
  • Onwards to the third garrison, take out Bushmaster on your way. Once inside the last garrison, defeat Cottonmouth to seize it. After you have taken that third garrison, head to the northwest and quickly help Nagahide Niwa on his path to secure the third garrison. After it is secured, begin wiping out remaining enemy officers by starting north and working to the south.
  • Be sure to move south quickly, because eventually Himiko will appear in the southeast, drop what you’re doing and rush to her and defeat her as fast as you can. Once she is dead as long as it was done within the time limit, treasure yours.
Treasure Location: Southern path to Bai Ma Castle where Orochi is waiting.

RaZeDieFox 10-15-2008 12:20 AM

1. Battle of Ru Xu Kou- No treasure to acquire.

2. Battle of Kanegasaki-
Treasure Criteria: Locate Dong Zhuo to bring him out of hiding and keep Zhou Yu and Xiao Qiao alive.
Difficulty: *
Treasure Acquired: Fluorite
Key Enemies: Goemon Ishikawa, Dong Zhuo
  • Head south clearing out enemies and officers on your way. Begin your trek west once you reach the southeast corner. Once you reach the central part of the southern path you will come across Goemon Ishikawa, once you defeat him he will tell you Dong Zhuoís location.
  • Go north into the central area, then turn west into the double gated area. Defeat the officers there, Xiao Qiao will begin her advance around this time. Once enemy reinforcements appear in the northwest, defeat them to protect Xiao Qiao.
  • Afterwards, head back to the main camp to help Zhou Yu with enemy reinforcements in the northeast. While this is going on, Xiao Qiao will get Dong Zhuo to come out of hiding and the treasure will appear.
Treasure Location: Southwest corner of the map.

3. Battle of Nan Zhong-
Treasure Criteria: Aid in ensuring Meng Huoís two fire attacks succeed and defeat Pang Tong before he arrives at the allied main camp.
Difficulty: **
Treasure Acquired: Crystal
Key Enemies: Any in Meng Huoís way, Pang Tong
  • Basically youíre going to want to clear as much of the enemy out of the battleground before Meng Huo appears. Start by heading west and snaking around the bend, take out the officers you come across.
  • Once you defeat Cao Ren and all the forces in the central area, Meng Huo will go forth and succeed in his first fire attack. Begin to head east to Meng Huo and follow him to his next destination.
  • Enemy reinforcements will appear between Meng Huo and his destination, defeat them to clear his path. Once those eastern reinforcements are gone, Meng Huo will be fine on his own.
  • Quickly head back south (make use of hidden passages) and head off the forces heading for your main camp, including Pang Tong. Do not defeat Pang Tong yet, wait until Meng Huo does his 2nd fire attack, once he does, defeat Pang Tong. When Pang Tong is dead, the treasure will appear.
Treasure Location: North, central area of the map, where Meng Huoís 2nd attack took place.

4. Battle of Itsukushima- No treasure to acquire.

5. Battle of Okehazama-
Treasure Criteria: Get Huang Gai to the horse depot (northwest corner) within 7 minutes of when he begins his advance.
Difficulty: **
Treasure Acquired: Onyx
Key Enemies: Keiji Maeda, any enemies in Huang Gaiís way
  • Advance west and take out the 4 officers that are closest to your main camp. During this time, Huang Gai will begin his advance to the horse depot via the north exit from the allied main camp. Quickly head the way he went so you can aid in his advance.
  • Run a bit ahead of him so that you can clear the path of peons and he can advance quicker. Once you get to the central north garrison, defeat the officer there and keep moving on. Goemon will destroy the rocks blocking your path, once that happens quickly defeat the officer and base captain in the garrison to your left so Huang Gai doesnít head in there. After that, kill any other enemies near Huang Gai to make his advance get moving.
  • Run ahead of them into the horse depot and start taking out enemies, including Keiji Maeda. Make sure Huang Gai is inside the garrison when you defeat Keiji. Once Keiji is defeated, you will seize the garrison and the treasure will appear as long as you did it quick enough.
Treasure Location: Just east of the smaller garrison directly south of the horse depot.

6. Battle of Ying Ping Gate-
Treasure Criteria: Defeat Diao Chan within 5 minutes of her arrival on the battlefield.
Difficulty: *
Treasure Acquired: Opal
Key Enemies: Diao Chan
  • Head north from where you start and kill the 3 officers in the bottom corridor as quickly as you can. While youíre doing so, fog will appear in that area, making you unable to see the map. If you can find which way is north the sorcerer to defeat is in the northern portion of that corridor.
  • Once those officers are done with head east onto the path that runs along the east side of the map. An ambush unit will appear on that path more to the southern portion, swing down there and deal with that officer while youíre nearby. Then head back north and turn into the next corridor, more ambush units will appear. Fend them off. If youíd like you can swing into the lower portion and defeat more officers there. Donít worry if it says your main camp is under attack, Sun Ce can hold his own until after you take out Diao Chan.
  • Soon enough, Lu Bu and Diao Chan will appear with reinforcements. Lu Bu in the northwest, Diao Chan on the eastern path. Head straight for Diao Chan and obliterate her and her followers. Simple as that and the treasure is yours.
Treasure Location: Eastern path, directly east of the lower main wall, by the triangular shaped intersection.

7. Battle of Yamazaki-
Treasure Criteria: Defeat all advancing units of officers, defeat Sun Wukong, and none of your allies are defeated.
Difficulty: ***
Treasure Acquired: Lionís Fang
Key Enemies: Diamondback, Boomslang, Wang Shuang, Sima Zhao, Keelback, Bushmaster, Hognose, Hooknose, Sima Yi, Guo Huai, Sun Wukong
  • Head down the path east and defeat Diamondback and Boomslang (1st advancing unit). Then head south and you will cross paths with Wang Shuang and Sima Zhao (3rd advancing unit).
  • By this time Sima Yi, and Guo Huai (4th advancing unit) will be nearby, defeat them.
  • Swing back west towards your main camp to take out Keelback, Bushmaster, Hognose and Hooknose (2nd advancing unit).
  • Now thatís all for the advancing units, make your way to Sun Wukong now. Even if Lu Bu and his officers are advancing by now, donít worry about them, they will defect and become your allies. Once Sun Wukong has fallen, claim your treasure.
Treasure Location: Inside Kiyomoriís camp, in the northeast corner of the camp.

8. Battle of Chi Bi-
Treasure Criteria: Seize the altar within 2 minutes of the 1st fleet arrival, and defeat Da Ji and Keiji Maeda within 3 minutes of the 2nd fleet arrival.
Difficulty: ****
Treasure Acquired: Swallowís Shell
Key Enemies: Hognose, Patchnose, Hooknose, Da Ji, Keiji Maeda
  • Stick to the western portion of your fleet of ships, defeat the 2 officers there(although, they will keep being revived) you can leave the 2 on the east side for Lu Bu and his forces to deal with. *Keep a close eye on your health throughout this level, the fire on the ships quickly drains it*
  • Keep waiting near the west side until the fleet arrives. Once it does head to the altar to the west and defeat Hognose, Patchnose, and Hooknose to seize the altar and to stop the revival of the enemy officers.
  • Head back onto your fleet and head to the northeast corner where Lu Bu and his forces have gathered. Await there for the 2nd fleet arrival. Once it does, head straight north, that is where Da Ji is and where Keiji Maeda will appear as an ambush. Take them out. Once they have been defeated, if you did it within the time frame, treasure is yours.
Treasure Location: One boat east of Orochiís main camp.

RaZeDieFox 10-15-2008 12:21 AM

1. Battle of Lou Sang Village- No treasure to acquire.

2. Battle of Ji Province-
Treasure Criteria: Defeat enemy reinforcements and ambush units and defeat Himiko.
Difficulty: ***
Treasure Acquired: Silver
Key Enemies: Keelback, Bushmaster, Yellowbelly, Hammerjaw, Kojiro Sasaki, Sorcerer, Urutu, Mamushi, Sidewinder, Hooknose, Redback, and Harvestman (those are the ambushes/reinforcements)
  • First things first, Himiko cannot escape otherwise you fail the mission. Keep that in mind throughout the mission.
  • Immediately head east and defeat Cottonmouth quickly. From there keep heading east and go to the stairs and stop there. Defeat Keelback there, as he is the first enemy reinforcement.
  • Continue up the stairs, near that west gate, Bushmaster, Yellowbelly and Hammerjaw will appear. Defeat them within 3 minutes of their appearance.
  • Head south into the Altar, Kojiro Sasaki will appear, you must defeat him to open the gates. Quickly defeat him and get back to chasing Himiko.
  • Run past the Sorcerer, Urutu, Mamushi, Sidewinder, Hooknose, Redback, and Harvestman for the time being.
  • Catch up to Himiko and quickly defeat her before she can escape. Once you have defeated her, double back and defeat the rest of the ambush/reinforcement officers you passed.
  • Once you have defeated them all, that will be all of the ambushes and reinforcements, and the treasure will appear.
Treasure Location: Southern, central portion of the map in front of a large tent.

3. Rescue at Hasedo-
Treasure Criteria: Get 300 KO’s while keeping Kanetsugu Naoe (Victory condition) and Yukimura Sanada alive (Yukimura can be in your party).
Difficulty: *
Treasure Acquired: Sapphire
Key Enemies: Urutu, Bushmaster
  • Head north and get up to about 90 KO’s while still advancing (a good crowd clearing character makes things easy). Once you arrive at the southern barrier, defeat Urutu to open the gate, head through the gate.
  • Head east up the hill and defeat the Sorcerer there to save your allies from the phantom soldiers, kill peons along the way. Continue up the hill and defeat another Sorcerer to stop the falling rocks. About this time try to be at or above 150 kills. Head east once you defeat the 2nd Sorcerer.
  • Continue east into the eastern garrison, defeat Bushmaster to open the gate. If the base inside the garrison pours out waves of enemies, kill as many as you can without waiting around too long. Aim for 200-225 KO’s here. Continue north out of the garrison.
  • In the large central field, gather your remaining KO’s and the treasure’s criteria will be fulfilled.
Treasure Location: Middle of the map, center of the large field you are in if you achieved 300 KO‘s at the same time as my guide, you will come across Kotaro Fuma near it.

4. Battle of Chang Ban-
Treasure Criteria: Kanetsugu Naoe must reach Powder Ship within 3 minutes of when he begins his advance to the ship.
Difficulty: *
Treasure Acquired: Amethyst
Key Enemies: Cottonmouth, Lancehead, Mamushi, Sidewinder, Keiji Maeda
  • Move east immediately at the start of the level. On your path, you will come across all of the above officers, so if you quickly defeat them, you can possibly have most of them out of the way before Kanetsugu begins his mission.
  • During the process of defeating the officers or right after move south to the enemy base camp there and defeat the base captain so peons will quit pouring out.
  • From then on, stick to Kanesugu‘s hip and kill anyone near him until he reaches the ship. Treasure will appear as soon as he reaches the ship, as long it was within the time limit.
Treasure Location: Appears just west of the ship entrance.

5. Battle of Liang Province- No treasure to acquire.

6. Battle of Hu Lao Gate-
Treasure Criteria: Defeat Sun Wukong and his 2 allied officers (Wishbone and Goldenrod) within 3 minutes of their appearance, and defeat the 2 Sorcerers that started the fire within 3 minutes of the sorcery being detected.
Difficulty: ***
Treasure Acquired: Topaz
Key Enemies: Sun Wukong, Wishbone, Goldenrod, 2 Sorcerers
  • Head north and defeat the all enemy officers until you defeat the last 3 consisting of Tanenaga Hara, Ujiteru Hojo, and Ujinaga Narita. At around 57’00 (or when you see the alert that additional enemy waves are advancing) start heading back to your allied main camp to prevent it from being attacked.
  • You will face 2 groups of Calvary (horsemen), and 3 groups of ninjas. Defeat them to successfully defend the allied camp. From there head to the southern path where Sakon Shima is headed. Defeat enemy officers in your path. When you reach the eastern garrison with Diamondback inside, Kiyomori will call for Sun Wukong to advance. Quickly head north out of the garrison, and defeat Sun Wukong, Wishbone, and Goldenrod within 3 minutes of their appearance, that will fulfill the first half of the criteria.
  • Head back south and defeat the large waves of peons to quicken Sakon Shima’s advancement to the escape point, him reaching it triggers the fire event.
  • Head north around the bend, through the north garrison, down through the central garrison. When you reach the junction in the cave like area, go left and head south into the central area of the map. In this area, the 2 sorcerers will be awaiting, one near the north entrance to the valley where you came in, the other near the west entrance to the valley. They will not appear on the map until you have spotted them. Once you defeat them both the treasure will appear.
Treasure Location: Northwestern valley, east of Kiyomori’s camp, near the path you must take to circle around into Kiyomori’s camp.

7. Battle of Bai Di Castle-
Treasure Criteria: Nobunaga Oda, Kenshin Uesugi, and Hideyoshi Toyotomi must get into the castle within 20 minutes of the beginning of the level. (All them must be NPC’s, cannot be in your party.)
Difficulty: ***
Treasure Acquired: Chimera Shell
Key Enemies: None in particular, any in the way of the 3 key allies. Sun Wukong is the biggest challenge.
  • Head north immediately and take out every officer in the north-northwest corner, taking those base camps helps but is not necessary. Leave the far west officer for Hideyoshi to take, it will give you time to clear the area.
  • Move into the “maze” and upon you entering Sun Wukong appears along with a couple clones of himself. Defeat him as well as every other officer in the area. Exit the maze on the other side and defeat the last officer and the defense captain near the gate.
  • Next head for Nobunaga (by this time he will be right near the southern gate. Defeat the defense captain and any officers near him, he and his group usually have killed a couple by then.
  • Lastly, head for Kenshin at the east gate. He most likely has more officers near him than Nobunaga did. Defeat them all, and beat the defense captain. Try and clear all the peons as well, Kenshin likes to fight every single peon. Once they’re all inside, the treasure will appear. You should have over 5 minutes left if you did it at a somewhat slow pace.
Treasure Location: Inside the castle gates in the southwest corner.

8. Battle of Sekigahara-
Treasure Criteria: Stop all cannon fire in 3 locations within 3 minutes of the start of level, afterwards defeat Keiji Maeda and Da Ji (no time limit).
Difficulty: ***
Treasure Acquired: Dragon’s Jewel
Key Enemies: Officers at each cannon base, Keiji Maeda and Da Ji.
  • Immediately head down south directly below you on the map, swing around to the west side of the south cannon base. Inside you will fight a few officers, quickly defeat them and head out the east side of the base.
  • Around the bend is the 2nd cannon base. Defeat the officer(s) inside and from there head north.
  • The last cannon base is just north a bit, once again defeat the officer(s) inside to take over the base. As long as you took those 3 bases before the time reads 57’00, that part is complete.
  • Then continue to head north to Da Ji, she is near the west gate of Orochi’s main camp. Once she is defeated, move back to the southwest part of the map near the allied main camp. Keiji Maeda will be headed that way.
  • Defeat Keiji and the criteria have been fulfilled and the treasure will appear.
Treasure Location: Northeast corner of the map inside of Orochi’s main camp.

RaZeDieFox 10-15-2008 12:21 AM

1. Battle of Odawara Castle-
Treasure Criteria: Take over the southern garrison in less than 5 minutes.
Difficulty: *
Treasure Acquired: Obsidian
Key Enemies: Norisada Ueda, Naoshige Chiba
  • Head east straight into the southern garrison (defeat Hiroteru Minagawa on the way), there you will face Norisada Ueda and Naoshige Chiba, defeat them within 5 minutes and the treasure is yours.
Treasure Location: Near the southern base camp between the southern garrison and the Hojo main camp.

2. Battle of Cheng Du-
Treasure Criteria: Breach the southern castle gate in less than 6 minutes.
Difficulty: **
Treasure Acquired: Agate
Key Enemies: Guan Xing, Zhang Bao, Lead Engineer, Mi Zhu
  • Head straight into the southern garrison and defeat Guan Xing and Zhang Bao to seize the garrison.
  • Once they are defeated, some talking will ensue, once that is finished, you will be told to find the Lead Engineer to open the garrisons west gate. The engineer appears randomly in one of the corners of the garrison, ride until you find him, and defeat him.
  • Ride out the west gate directly to Mi Zhu, he is near the southern gate you need to breach. Defeating him will open the gate and you will have fulfilled the treasure criteria. Quickly ride to claim your prize and head for Lui Bei before he can escape.
Treasure Location: Inside the inner ward of the castle, near the northern wall.

3. Battle of Kawanakajima-
Treasure Criteria: Defeat the young warrior (Yukimura Sanada) before he seizes the southern garrison.
Difficulty: *
Treasure Acquired: Ruby
Key Enemies: Yukimura Sanada
  • Head south through your allied main camp, down the eastern path towards the southern garrison, enter it from the easern gate.
  • Go through the garrison to the western gate, right as you are arriving, so will Yukimura, defeat him and the treasure will appear.
Treasure Location: Just north of Skingen Takeda’s south-wastern camp.

4. Battle of He Fei-
Treasure Criteria: Destroy the south-eastern bridge within 7 minutes, and defeat Gan Nng and Zhang Liao within 10 minutes, (both of whom must be defeated AFTER the bridge is destroyed).
Difficulty: ***
Treasure Acquired: Moonstone
Key Enemies: Any in path of engineers reaching bridge, Gan Ning, Zhang Liao
  • Head north and clear that area of enemy officers. Ride south from there crossing a bridge onto the central island. Once you get halfway down the island, Gan Ning, Zhang Liao, and a large quantity of enemy officers will appear. Ignore Gan Ning and Zhang Liao for now.
  • Around this time Zhuge Liang will send out engineers to destroy the bridge, they will come via the south bridges. Ride towards them, defeating officers and peons that will stand in their way. Defend them until the bridge is destroyed (stay on the northern side of the bridge).
  • Once the bridge has been taken out, you are free to defeat Gan Ning and Zhang Liao, as well as their posse. You should still have over 4 minutes to rid of them before you are out of time. Once they have been taken care of, he treasure will appear.
Treasure Location: Northern part of the west island within a courtyard.

5. Battle of Edo Castle-
Treasure Criteria: Single player must defeat all ambush units.
Difficulty: ***
Treasure Acquired: Garnet
Key Enemies: Masamune Date (twice), Masakage Rusu, Shigezane Date, Kojuro Katakura, Nobuyasu Goto, Ina, Naomasa Ii, and Yasumasa Sakakibara
  • Breach the western gate by defeating the gate captain, Masamune Date will then appear, defeat him. Hang around the west gate until Masakage Rusu appears, defeat him and head to the southern gate afterwards.
  • At the southern gate, defeat Shigezane Date. By this time the northern and eastern ambush units will have appeared. Head east from here to take on the 3rd ambush unit.
  • There you will face Kojuro Katakura, lay him to waste and head to the north gate.
  • Defeat Nobuyasu Goto there, after he has been rid of, head inside the castle and clean up any stragglers that are still alive. Afterwards, head into the keep, shortly after you enter, a sneak attack will appear in the northwest corner of the castle. Ride to them via the west castle gate.
  • Once you reach them, defeat the 3 officers, Ina, Naomasa Ii, and Yasumasa Sakakibara, after they’re gone, make your way to the main keep to take out Masamune one last time.
  • You will come across him on the 2nd floor of the main keep, defeat him and the treasure will appear.
Treasure Location: 2nd floor of the main keep in the northeast corner of the building.

6. Battle of Yi Ling-
Treasure Criteria: Defeat all enemy sneak attacks within 3 minutes of their appearance.
Difficulty: ***
Treasure Acquired: Phoenix Wing
Key Enemies: Guo Jia, Hao Zhao, Cao Zhang, Xun Yu
  • From the star head to the center area of the map, jus north of the maze. There take out as many officers as you can before they begin their retreat into the maze. Avoid following any into the maze, it will only get you turned around and could cost you precious time whe the reinforcements arrive.
  • Advance to the south west enemy main camp via the west path, wait just north of the gate. After a few minutes, Cao Cao will call for his engineers to set fire to your cannon bases, ignore them. Continue waiting where you are.
  • Once their attack has succeeded, Cao Cao will then send forth his sneak attack units. At the west gate you will face Guo Jia and Hao Zhao, quickly defeat them, then ride to the east where the other 2 officers are advancing towards your main camp.
  • Once you reach the other sneak attack officers, Cao Zhang and Xun Yu, defeat them. If you were able to defeat them all within 3 minutes after they appeared, the treasure is yours.
Treasure Location: Northwest corner of the central garrison (just north of sentinel maze).

7. Battle of Mikatagahara-
Treasure Criteria: Carry out Da Ji’s sorcery within 10 minutes of when the plan has begun and a single player defeats specific officers.
Difficulty: ****
Treasure Acquired: Jeweled Branch
Key Enemies: Mitsuharu Fuwa, Mitsuhide Akechi, Morimasa Sakuma, Ranmaru Mori, Nagayoshi Mori, Koroku Hackisuka,
  • Head straight into the southeast garrison and defeat Mitsuharu Fuwa, the first of the required enemy officers. Head west from there to Da Ji’s location, there while waiting for her to send sorcerers out to carry out her plan, head north into the center valley.
  • Once down there clear out as many enemies as you can, but make sure to take over the base camp just east of you. From there continue towards the storehouse, taking out as many officers as possible, but focus on getting the base camp just south of the storehouse quickly. After you have taken it, head back to the sorcerers fast and get them moving if they arent already.
  • Guide them down to the storehouse asap, as they like to fight every peon. Using Orochi helps a lot because he can good crowd clearing attacks. Once you have arrived at the storehouse, hurry inside and defeat Mitsuhide Akechi (2nd required officer), and the rest of the officers to seize the garrison.
  • Once it is seized, the sorcery will take place and Da Ji will teleport herself to the storehouse. If she teleports within 10 or so minutes of when she ordered to escort the sorcerers, you’ve succeeded in that half of the criteria.
  • Once that has finished, you now only have to hunt down the remainder of the “famous” officers. Most of them should be headed towards the south portion of the map to attack your forces. Find them on your map and head to them. Morimasa Sakuma will be just south of the central garrison, head him off there. The last 3 (Ranmaru Mori, Nagayoshi Mori, and Koroku Hackisuka) will be on the southern path, head to defeat them. Once they are gone, treasure criteria filled.
Treasure Location: Center of the western storehouse.

8. Battle of Hinokawa- No treasure to acquire.

EvilTommy 10-15-2008 03:36 AM

That was a wonderful treasure guide :D good work m8. I liked it better then igi one. Oh and thanks for the thank you on the guide :)

RaZeDieFox 10-15-2008 04:55 AM

Thanks, glad ya like it :)... and no problem, your tip on that stage helped me getting the treasure as well.

Now if we could just get a mod to sticky my guide and tricka's achievement guide.

Tricka21 10-15-2008 10:12 AM

Dude kisck ass treasure guide you wern't kidding when you said it was more detailed than IGN's version. I'd rather have your link imbedded in my achievement guide lol. SWEET GUIDE!

o0EVIL0o x360a 10-15-2008 04:49 PM

IMO, way better than the Gamefaqs guide. The names are in english and everything is spelled out pretty clearly. Props.

RaZeDieFox 10-15-2008 08:14 PM

Thanks guys, appreciate the input. Pretty much put just as much time typing the guide for each level, as I did playing each level lol.

But as I said, any other input or corrections you see that need to be done, feel free to let me know.

I'd still like to get pictures of the maps for each and mark some key spots, i.e. important locations, treasure locations etc etc.... But I dont know how to take a picture of it though my TV other than a webcam which would turn out crappy.

Pond cat 10-15-2008 09:51 PM

Best guide out there for sure! Its so easy to use and has really helped, THANK YOU :)

EvilTommy 10-15-2008 10:02 PM

I can try take some pictures for you. I dont have a webcame but i have a 40 inch full hd tellie and my cellphone is a nokia n95 8 gb version with 5 megapixels camera so with that i think its possible to try getting good pictures. I can edit it in photoshop by marking around key spots if u like. At least i can try and see how it goes

RaZeDieFox 10-15-2008 10:59 PM

Feel free to link my guide if you wanna Tricka.

If you can get some pretty good quality pictures that'd be awesome. I can do the photoshop work so you dont have to worry about that... not sure what exactly I wanna mark on each map anyways.

Or does anyone else know of a good way to take pictures?

Geckyy 10-28-2008 07:29 PM

For Battle Of Ji Province (SW chapter 2) you DO NOT have to beat Himiko to get the treasure. You just have to beat every unit who turns up and ambushes you. I was defeating every enemy on the way to Himiko,:uzi: beat Da Ji then when Himiko was ambushed by an ally:woop: I beat the last 2 officers by her and then the treasure appeared.;)

P.S Great work on the guide. MUCH better than IGN one, and I was struggling what to do for Battle of Wu Zhang Plains for ages.:Bounce::Bounce::Bounce:

RaZeDieFox 10-29-2008 09:49 PM

Yea, I meant to adjust that... Himiko is not part of the treasure criteria, but she is a victory condition. If she escapes, then you lose, so thats why I had that in there, Ill adjust it to make it more clear.

Thanks for the input!

**Guide Update**

Adjustment to Samurai Mission 2 Battle of Ji Province.
  • Defeating Himiko is not part of treasure criteria, but not letting her escape is a victory condition.
Thanks to Geckyy for pointing this out.

Geckyy 10-30-2008 09:55 AM

Just a side note - on Battle Of Wu Zhang Plains (Shu chapter 8) if you are playing as Taigong Wang can you not get the treasure?:confused: Just saying because I did all the requirements in the time allowed but I did not get the treasure, it might have been because I was playing as Taigong Wang at the time:(


RaZeDieFox 10-30-2008 10:33 AM

Yea I bet you cant play as him, or as any key allies in any of these to fulfill the criteria.

Shadow Kisuragi 11-02-2008 03:19 PM

A couple things Raze:

Battle of Komake Nagakute-
In order to trigger the conversation between Cao Pi and Pang Tong, you must escort Cao Cao to Cao Pi first.

Battle of Odani Castle-
Apparently, you can't play as Zhang Fei/Zhao Yun (not sure if one or both). I had to switch them out for the treasure to trigger, and I didn't see either of them listed as key allies.

Also, for Wu Zhang Plains, I've been reading that you trigger the gate by defeating all enemies south of the gate, though I've yet to try that out with a decent setup.

RaZeDieFox 11-02-2008 05:48 PM

Thats weird how you cant use Zhao Yun or Zhang Fei on that level, I put it as a note in there.

**Guide Update**

Adjustment to Wei Mission 5 Battle of Komake Nagakute.
  • Escorting Cao Cao to Cao Pi will trigger Cao Pi and Pang Tongs conversation.
Thanks to Shadow Kisuragi for pointing this out.

Shadow Kisuragi 11-05-2008 01:27 PM

4. Battle of Chang Ban-
Treasure Criteria: Kanetsugu Naoe must reach Powder Ship within 3 minutes of when he begins his advance to the ship.

I got this by just defeating the officers on the Naval Route (east). Kanetsugu Naoe hadn't even started moving towards the Powder Ship, and it unlocked right after I defeated Keiji as the last officer on the route.

FroBoy11 11-05-2008 08:22 PM

For some reason I can't get the Dragon's Spleen. I kill the officers, and then they disappear. Then I kill the sorcerers, and turn the officers into allies. I do this all the way up until Sun Wukong arrives. Now once he gets there am I supposed to kill him right away or wait for the last sorcerer to get there first?

RaZeDieFox 11-05-2008 09:44 PM

Make sure you kill all 9 officers before they are turned into allies, and then kill Sun Wukong as soon as he appears. Just be sure you're not killing sorcerers before you kill the enemy officers they control. To be safe you could always kill each of the 9 officers without killing any sorcerers, just to be sure you get them all. Also at the same time, remember none of your allies can die.

Geckyy 11-06-2008 09:55 PM

Hey, just to repeat what Shadow Kisuragi said awhile ago, you DO NOT have to escort Kanetsugu to the powder ship to recieve the treasure, because like what Shadow Kisuragi said, I got the treasure after defeating the last officer on the way to the powder ship, which was Keiji Maeda. Kanetsugu hadn't even moved.


RaZeDieFox 11-06-2008 11:48 PM

Weird I didnt get it until he got to the ship...

Probably has to do with whether or not you defeat all those officers, (Keiji and company) before Kanetsugu begins his advance. You guys probably killed em before he began his advance. I killed em after he had already began his advance.

Geckyy 12-03-2008 09:42 PM

Did Battle Of Wu Zhang Plains without Taigong Wang and treasure obtained. Yay!:woop::Bounce: Now have about 2 thirds of all treasures now, but sadly am starting story mode again because I forgot the ones I don't have.:confused: I hate the fact that it gives you no insight as to what treasures you're missing.:( :uzi:

RaZeDieFox 12-04-2008 11:03 PM


Originally Posted by Geckyy (Post 1378277)
but sadly am starting story mode again because I forgot the ones I don't have.:confused: I hate the fact that it gives you no insight as to what treasures you're missing.:( :uzi:

Go into your weapon screen and then into upgrade skills and press "Y" to view a list of which treasures you have already obtained.

Ill add that to my first post so others know this as well.

Andrew14man 12-13-2008 02:39 AM

awesome man! thanks!! will use for sure!

Shadow Kisuragi 12-14-2008 05:47 PM

Battle of Wu Zhang Plains-
For the gate event, the best way to trigger it is to defeat all generals and sorcerers south of the gate. This includes the west side (Sima Yi & co), central (Orochi's generals) and east side (Masamune Date & co). Once all of these generals are defeated, Taigong Wong will teleport to the gate and start the event.

Also, instead of using a horse (this can go for all timed events), use Sun Wukong. He walks faster than most horses can run.

I got the treasure first try using this method, after attempting it about 20 times using the method above. The key is defeating all generals south of the gate as quickly as possible so that the event triggers quickly.

DangerousK 12-20-2008 03:40 PM


6. Battle of Odani Castle-
Treasure Criteria: Spoil all of Da Jiís planís and defeat Da Ji.
Difficulty: **
Treasure Acquired: Aventurine
  • Hold off on defeating Da Ji for a moment, and let the game catch up. Once it does, Himiko will appear and make her way to the escape point. Once that happens defeat Da Ji and gather the treasure before heading to defeat Himiko.

I've done this one multiple times and I still have yet to have the treasure appear after defeating Da Ji. I've let Himiko go all the way to the Ally base and then defeated Da Ji and it doesn't do anything. I was using Lu Bu, Guan Yu, and Orochi.

Any ideas as to why the treasure isn't showing up?

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