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Originally Posted by Tyger7 View Post
Ok so I tried the method of going on heatray a few times, and had been horified when the bot would either find me before the walker showed up, or would find bio gun, get invisible, and destroy me within my time. I had to find an easier way, and I did once I beat the game!

Instant Action Duel

Set up the game with the weapon replacement to impact hammers

Put the time to 60 mins and 20 kills

Level: Deimos

If you beat the game you will recognize this level as the last one in chapter 4. If not, then you might wanna run around the level to get a little familiar, but really don't have to.

At the start, rush for the portal that leads to the ship way out in space. It is at the end of the level on the second floor up above that one mini nuke gun.

Anyways, teleport and get on the big gun. It now suddenly feels like a mini game, in which you are searching for the bot and using him as target practice. He never once in the whole match went through the portal, and I did keep an eye out just in case. He grabbed the mini nuke gun 3 times, and shot it, and was denied so very easily. The rocket comes at you at an extremely slow pace, and you shoot it once and it blows up.

Anyways, yes, very very easy! You dont have to wait around at all to jump into the portal. You can then kill him over and over. I had put low gravity on as well, so when he was doing his tricky jumping around, he would fly in the air and be an easy target, sometimes even flying off the level.

I hope this helps anyone who was having trouble on the heat ray level, I did this on my first try and it was a breeze. I would normally zoom halfway to the level, then zoom in to kill him when needed.

Good luck!
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I Got My Untouchable On HeatRay With The Dark Walker
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