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I have bad news. I found everything (power ups, parts of armor, redeemers, big kegs, shaped charges, stasis fields...) without health packs and I haven't unlocked achievement. I think that all health packs and health vials are needed for achiev. Unfortunately, this is very hard task to find every health item (easy to miss) on every map.

I have a list of power ups/super pickups for x360 exclusive maps. Did I find everything on them?
- KOOS BARGE (berserk, body armor, thigh pads)
- MORBIAS (redeemer)
- FACING WORLDS (UDamage x2, Redeemer x2, big keg, helmet x2, body armor x2)
- SEARCHLIGHT (invisiblity x2, shield belt, body armor x2, thigh pads x2)
- RAILS (berserk, jump boots x2, redeemer, helmet x2, udamage x2, shield belt x2, body armor x2)
- COLD HARBOUR (berserk, jump boots, redeemer, shield belt)

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