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Originally Posted by Str8up_wizard View Post
so anyone picking up everything stop you dont have to, i am absolute when i say the power ups are only invulnerability berserk Udamage invisibility shield belts and jump boots the whole "german translation' thing is taken out of context the word power up is only translated to mean pick up and power up dont worry about that. trust me this list is 99% compleate and im sorry to say it if i earn that achivement before anyone else im going to exploit it for MS points for a few weeks till everyone has get a life... and the unacomplished value of the one achivement demishes, but ill give you guys an idea of what makes me think that its not a glich and all i ask is that you tell me if you manage to get the achivement from my advice.

1st - the missing power ups HAVE TO BE from the xbox exclusive maps as they arnt shown by the prima guide book we are all used to using.

2ND - it is probable that we are looking for an hidden power up but make sure you always pick up the power ups cuz there may be one we have all overlooked

3RD - if it is indeed hidden the it is probabale that the missing power up is on an CTF map (not VCTF) as you cant see all the ledges you can translocate to from ground lvl

4TH - me and my friend may be the only ones who noticed this but once when on morbais we are like 99% positive we saw a guy grab an Shield belt (but we never found it and just assumed that our eyes were BSing themselves) there may be an SB there but im not saying there is.

5TH - if it wasnt on a CTF map it may be on an open ended map (an map you can fall off) as there could be ledges that an pair of JB could be hanging off of. i would check out vast sized maps like one of the classic torlan map or an map that has sides that no longer have nodes

6TH - if 5th is wrong and theres nothing off ledges id look high in seemingly ending areas as we all know some times that is the case

also all of these ideas of where to look only apply to the 13 xbox exclusive maps

oh and i doubt that it was a programming error or an glitch cuz i waited for fking ever for this game to come out on xbox after that pushing back BS those 7 months FKing sucked knowing that pc and ps3 had it but xbox didnt i will be dambed if after making me wait they fked up.

sides thats what they spent those 7 months doing "supposedly" trying to make xbox 360s version none glichy i hear that the ps3 version you get stuck in walls alot that sucks for the ps3 users im glich free
Sup Wizzard. haha nice "around the world" achievement
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