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oh and

all the stuff about the ammo the ammo is included as an weapon they are styled together and the whole "armor and health too" thing is wrong first to end it anyone who actualy bought UT3 grab your UT3 Xbox 360 instruction manual and first look at the table of contents... hey look at that they seperate pickups and power ups huh how about that.... turn to pg 34... wow it says on the description POWERUPS PROVIDE SPECIAL COMBAT ABILITIES
health armor and ammo dont usaly alter you do they?? ohh look at this it says the IMPACT HAMMERS ALT-FIRE can knock off POWERUPS so hmm you can pick up ammo armor and some heath and then ill hit you with the impact hammer and see what pops out if you lose ammo health and armor then your right but if you dont youll stick to realistic ideas and folo the manuals as for deployables hmm its in the name isnt it they are deployable and riddle me this if power ups are isntently activated why is it that deployables wont respawn untill you use them but boots will?? HMM so i guess theyre not powerups.. oh and the redeemer uhh since when was that anything other than a gun and some people are like well you cant change wepons with it on well yeah cuz they dont want you pickin it up and rotating and playing keepaway with it so they set it up so that you cant fire a wepon till you fire the redeemer.

oh and if your thinking of the mutator NO SUPER PICKUPS then your sadly mistaken cuz those are depolyables the redemeer and powerups together and the achivement isnt all super pick ups

and now i have the 7TH idea for you guys

7TH - mabey you have to win the match for it to count

ohh and an 8TH idea

8TH - mabey you have to do it twice as to show that you know where they are ( but on 8th i doubt it ) on a side note if the 7th is correct the guess what i have all but like the first 7 warfare maps finished and once i get the ones on Avalanch through Dusk Free mine and win ill tell you if i get the achivement )

if anyone get the achivement tell me also my XBL account is STR8UP_WIZARD
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