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Talking Suming up thus far

1) More parts; seriously, after all the time that had to of passed, this is warranted now. 2) More Areas and Battlefields; with the detailed explanation of how this became a three-way war (GSSR > Morskoj, Far East Union > Sal Kar, America > Tarakia), more countries overall would be excessive. 3) Chassis-friendly terrain, which could spur the idea of a terrain-specific Chassis. 4) Defender control (for the little guy). 5) A thought-out single player; my idea for such… a new version of Cerberus, Pilot details (a character editor w/o the RPG style), a more real-time approach (which includes a seven-layer RT campaign). Some of my squad-mates also mentioned a laser type weapon (DE - Direct Energy), better "Super" weapons (referring to Ghalib, MSK-X0 & M99 Patriot), and maybe that of an EMP device (no longer than a 18000 effect time). I figure that this one will take place about a decade from the first one, so some of this stuff won't be too crazy. Feel free to be specific; I'm seriously keeping track of this stuff. However, I'm drawing the line at lasers (though I will try to get a Counter-Sniper and Satellite up there).

Lastly, I have "ESK-AZ1 Golem" to replace Ghalib (added a 90 anti-Hound Rocket system and 12 [KE] Defender Cannons aside from it's 36x4 HEAT Missiles), "MSK-XP1 Masekiev" to replace MSK-X0 (added longer range rockets and a faster reload time on the [CE] Heavy Howitzer) and "MTX-001 Justice" to replace M99 Patriot (added more maneuverability and a [DE] Super Laser). I've already have the design specs (and no, there not as sad as the original "unidentified" weapons).
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