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oh i mean

Originally Posted by RedxEyex420 View Post
what do mean achievements are never glitched?? you might just have to do it more then once???
oh i mean that the achievements go through an attachment code. basically to be an "Glitched" achievement does't necessarily mean that we cant achieve it , just that when it was being programmed in there was an type error that (more than likely) was over how many times you must collect.

Im not necessarily an expert with the Xbox dash and XBL but im am very experienced with using Microsoft OS programming styles, and im assuming that the XBL and XBD are formally the same.

just on an side note to all those who dont want microsoft bloatware but hate apple there SOON will be an alternative other than linux they are finalizing GOOGLE's OS and soon we will all have 1 lauguage computers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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