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Ok everone, i just sent this message to Epic games, and we will see what comes back...

Listen up Epic... In Unreal Tournament III there is an achievement called like the back of my hand... ITS GLITCHED/BROKEN/UNACHIEVEABLE! I know it, and YOU KNOW IT. I speak for millions of gamers, but specifically the gamers on We have compiled multiple lists and crossed checked them with each other since this game came out!! FIX THIS PROBLEM. I expect a real answer and not some BS automated answer like the ones you have sent to everyone else. I want to know why this does not work. Also, i want to know WHEN and HOW you are going to fix this... Thank you for listening, and i hope you solve this soon.

Everyone feel free to copy and paste this and send it to

Thats where i sent it. Lets send them the same message like they did to us! lol
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