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That takes way too long.

Best ways I've found is

T-Hunt, Presido, Realistic. Soon as the map starts throw a c4 right in front of the door, run around the sandbags to ur right and back to where you started (to trigger enemies), soon as the door opens, det the C4, and you get 3-4 enemies, throw another one down straight away, and get 3 more. Then restart OR run round the left side of the building to far door, open the right hand double door, it will immediatly close, then crouch and camp the left side of the double door with the shotgun, you get about 10 guys as they come out. Works quite well, and quicker than that kid was doing in that vid.


Remove the update, and use the level 1 spawn glitch, I've read you can get 40-50K an hour that way, so starting from nothing you can get elite in 8 hours.

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