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Achievement Guide

There's not much help you can push for this game, but, here's a few tips that may give you some guidance.

Area 1 Clear - You must do this in championship mode, you really want to grab the Captured Galaga, in the first two levels it's not a big deal if you can't get them, but to beat levels 3, 4, and 5, you need it. Just take your time on the levels, your biggest goal is to survive, not score points, so focus on where you are on the screen, because this game gets confusing.

Area 2 Clear - See Area 1

Area 3 Clear - See Area 1

Area 4 Clear - See Area 1

Area 5 Clear - See area 1

All Championship Areas clear - See Area 1

Adventure Area 2 Clear - See All Adventure Areas Clear

Adventure Area 3 Clear - See All Adventure Areas Clear

Adventure Area 4 Clear - See All Adventure Areas Clear

All Adventure Areas Clear - This is the hardest achievement on the game. Try to grab the Galaga on every level, and conserve lives the best you can. Restart if you lose a life on the first level, because you need all the help you can get later on in the game. You gain an extra life somewhere between 59,000-64,000 points, so that will in fact help quite a bit, but Area 4 and 5 are very difficult. Beat all of the levels in Championship mode a few times to acquaint yourself with them first before attacking this achievement.

Zero Deployments - A deployment is when you press the right stick right a certain direction, and one of your satellites stands still. Just be sure to not touch the right stick at all. Easiest done on first level in championship mode, don't worry about dying, grab the Galaga if you can, it will make this a lot easier.

One Life Only - Memorize the first level, I got this on my first try, but this game may take practice and memorization because the same formations attack you every time, so if you die, just finish the level to get more practice, and try again.

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