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Just completed the lvl 3 Epic Necrotizing Aura charm which gives every armor skill tree spot a +1 bonus (awesome as you can re-spec your tree and still keep them all at lvl 10 while only using 9 skill points.) You can spend those saved skill points on another new skill or to further enhance others you like. As a bonus it also emits a stationary toxin pool that damages targets that touch it. Looking to sell it outright for bounty (not gonna be cheap lol) or trade it for/towards any piece of red armor for a cybernetic champion (my class that unfortunately can't use this lvl 3 armor charm that I worked hard to create!) :-(

just hit me up on live under gamertag swingle007 and we'll work out a deal. Again, this charm is fully ready to use with the charm quest completed and all lvl 2 charms already installed. :-)

EDIT: SOLD TO FTW 69...thanks man!

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