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Hello,im looking for human berserker shoulders,chest,boots or any red runes of use to my class, im shure you can tell by looking at them.

Now the trade list.
urd +50% spider aniti missle duration
worth +20% salvage bonus
eagle +20% sword fierce damage range

face hewer of the jomsviking 1h sword
storm-lance of the world serpent 1h stave
shaper of the fjords 1h hammer
a source of agony plasma pistols
tyr's carbine of old slug rifle
sword of the betrayer 1h sword
runic hammer of the dwarf-kin 2hand thor's hammer

charms "ill just list the effects"
gravity field
damage to health
absorb damage
damage to health convert
radiation cluster
gravity field
toxin pool
gravity field
target vulnerable to critical strikes

All items are red and human alignment when that applies.

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