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Muspelheim's Ceaseless Cold (Two Handed Hammer)
Damage 2299
Value 329725
Align: Cybernetic
Class: None
Spider Duration +20%
Spider Damage +20%
2-handed Status Change +1%
Enthalpy Drain +6%

Twin Tails of the Onyx Serpen
t (Slug Pistol)
Damage 251
Slug Fire Rate +10%
Slug Fire Rate +10%
Increased Ammo +10%
Metalstorm +6%

Doom - Rune
Cannon Damage +15%

Epic Graviton Pulse Charm
Kill Enemies in Air 0/12000
Value: 6250
Bonus: Weapon Armour All Skills +1
On contact there is a chance of creating a short-lived gravity field that pulls targets into it Killing them outright

Epic Curse of the Fleshleech
Quest: Kill Goblins 0/4000
Value: 6812
Bonus: Weapon All Skills +1
On contact, there is a chance of converting damage done into health for the player

Epic Charm of Rot
Quest: Earn All Tokens For Helheim 0/3
Value: 6812
Bonus: Weapon Armor All Skills +1
On contact, there is a chance of injecting target with a toxin, causing damage over time.

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