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DogOfWar Tano's Gamercard
Willing To Trade Runes/Charms For Armor:

Lvl 3 Epic Necrotizing Aura
Quest Find Secret Areas 0/15
Value 6250
Bonus Armor All Skills +1
Chance of creating a toxing pool that damages targets that touch it for a time.

Lvl 25 Ballistics
Effect Dexterity +50%
Value 250000
Bonus +50%
Add bonus +50%
Bonus Cap +50%

Needing these Epic Items:
Caustic Chassis of Skoll
Strenth of Skoll
Red Claws of Skoll
Mobility Chassis of Skoll
Skoll's Traction Pads
Unerring Deadmark of Skoll-Obtained Not Needed

If anybody has these pieces of armor please send me a message so we can work out an agreement on a price.
GT: Tanogra

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