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looking for epic berzerk/cyber

i need lvl 50 red armor for berzerk/cybernetic

i have:
weapon: Stormblades of the Desecrator
chest: Hallow Heart of the Desecrator

i need:
helm: Desecrator's Rictus Mask
shoulder: The Desecrators's Reach
hands: Grips of the Desecrator
legs: Spectral Pillars of the Desecrator
feet: Desecrator's Enraged Footings

i will pay VERY well 10mil a piece!! for real not a ploy i have proof if needed

i also have for sale:

twin sword: Gouging Claws of Fenrir
Restriction: BERZ/CYBER
Base Damage: 1881
Attack speed +10%
Battle Cry Damage +5%
Battle Cry Efficiency +20%
Defenseless +8%

1-H staff: Bane of Jomsvikings
Restriction: CYBER
Base Damage: 209
1-Handed Critical +1%
Melee Juggle Time +8%
Sentient Weapon Damage +20%
Slowed +10%

2-H Hammer: Skuld's Cold Love
Restrictions: HUMAN
Base Damage: 2299
2-Handed Status Chance +1%
2-Handed Damage +10% (not added in base damage)
Battle Cry Damage +5%
Rupture +6%

laser pistol: Eyes of the Searing-Star
Restrictions: CYBER
Base Damage: 216
Laser Penetration Rate +10%
Sentient Weapon Speed +20%
Sentient Weapon Damage +20%
Thermal Induction Pulse +6%

plasma cannon: The Incinerating Grief
Restrictions: CYBER
Base Damage: 293
Cannon Damage +10% (not added in base damage)
Increased Ammo +10%
Hybrid Radius +10%
Rupture +6%

laser cannon: The Incinerating Grief (same name as plasma cannon)
Restrictions: CYBER
Base Damage: 303
Cannon Damage +10% (not added in base damage)
Increased Ammo +10%
Laser Penetration Rate +10%
Enthalpy Drain +6%

also looking for any red runes or red charms that affect both armor AND weapon i will pay well for those too starting at 1mil and will go higher

GT: whitemare
please add voice or text message with friend request so i kno its for this

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