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Below is everything I own (that I don't need) and am willing to sell or trade. I need any of the human berserker armor pieces except gloves/weapon/helm and am willing to trade or just straight up buy them. Message me on XBL, fonzycore, if you have any questions or offers. I also need a level 3 life leach charm with a weapon (or weapon+armor) bonus. I'd take any human/berserker mastery runes as well.

LV 50 2H Staff: Tyr's Brilliant Fusion Lance
Base attack: 2299
Alignment: Human
2-Handed Status Chance +1%
2-Handed Damage +10%
Thermal Induction Pulse +6%
Rapture +6%

LV 50 Helm: Rage-plate Skull-helm
Base armor: 199
Alignment: Human / Berserker
Total Armor +17%
Sentient Weapon Speed +20%
Sentient Weapon Damage +20%
-Empty rune slot-

LV 3 Charm: Epic Necrotizing Focus
LV 3 Charm: Force of Two Hundred Hammers
LV 3 Charm: Grand Molecular Diffusion Focus

LV 25 Rune: Insidious Light - Laser Damage +15%
LV 25 Rune: Determination - Hammer Slide Distance +10%
LV 25 Rune: The Bottomless Quiver - Increased Ammo +25%
LV 25 Rune: Carnage - Staff Fierce Damage +25%

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