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Originally Posted by Wreckon Dracgon View Post
I think I'm going to just put the game on the shelf and wait... I mean yes I could just run through it in about 10 hours but I don't want to sit playing the same boring ass levels over, and over.

At least with Hitman it was fun and you could do other things while you were going through it again for the different difficulty achievements..

With the "You Can't Hunt that Animal" BS you can't get any of the other animal achievements on your playbacks.

For example to clear the first area you have to hunt Caribou, Elk, Deer (I think) and the first fishing mission. But during these missions you see beavers, wolverines, foxes, etc... but you can't shoot any of them to get the achievements. Which means you have to play the levels again just for the 25/50 points for that levels completion on said difficulty.
Um not ot point this out to you in a negative way but your taling about the wrong game. Open season is a game mode in cabelas Alaskan hunt, were talking about the cartoon game open season totally different games

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