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Bag of bolts30 Complete Chapter 3 in Insane.

NOTE: Chapter 3's mission pathways branch quite a bit, making for more than one possible ending. Follow this guide to maneuver yourself through Chapter 3 so that you get to Gateway:

The Chapter 3 finale is by default a 2 vs. 4 Team Deathmatch on Gateway. A fully party of humans can make it an even 4-on-4, and you could play a card to give your team two AI bots, making it 6-on-4. However, if you have 3 or more people, I do not recommend adding bots to your team, as they won't play by this strategy, and are prone of wandering solo and getting cut down by roaming pairs of enemies, making them more of a liability than an asset.

This map is divided into three distinct zones. I call them the Space Zone (with the Shock Rifle and the slow-mo elevators), the Snow Zone (with the Flak Cannon and sniper rifle) and the Green Zone.

Holding down the Green Zone is the key to victory here, as this area is the most defensible on the map. It contains a rocket launcher, jump boots, a 50 armor upgrade, ammo, and some health replenishment packs. It's got enough supplies to keep your team going. If you stand on the rock spire where the 50 armor spawns, you can easily turn to see either of the two portals into this region.

Have everyone gather in the Green Zone, and keep an eye on the portals. When the AI enemies come through, call out their locations and blast them away. If you're killed, return to the Green Zone as quickly as possible. It's much easier to win this match if you make the enemy come to you by holding down this area than trying to go after them.

Open war30 Complete Chapter 4 in Insane.

For some, this Team Deathmatch mission on Deimos may actually be harder than the final fight against Akasha. Deimos has lots of narrow passages making it tough to stick together as a group and not mess up the lines of fire of your teammates. The middle of the map also introduces the challenge of having to keep an eye on multiple floors at once. The best way to win is to get the weapons you want in a hurry and get away from the interior corridors with all possible haste.

The Shock Rifle spawn point is the most open area of the map, and has the map's turret overhead as additional protection. With your team hanging out in this area, you will be able to see the enemy coming from multiple directions with time to react. Be sure to station a player in the turret! The turret player will be able to shoot from a distance enemies on multiple floors, while the players at the Shock Rifle spawn can pick off the remainders. Keep forcing the enemy to wander into this shooting gallery you've set up, and victory should be yours. Make sure the enemy does not take the turret from you. If they do, they could easily ruin your day.

Fear the Reaper60 Defeat Akasha and complete the campaign in Insane.

By default, the finale is a 1-on-1 showdown with Akasha, but you can make that up to 4-on-1 with friends, and I strongly encourage backup. You'll win the watch if your team combined can kill her 20 times before she scores 20 kills off your crew.

The key to victory here is to absolutely, utterly deny her access to the UDamage and the shield belt that spawn on this map. The shield belt spawns along one of the edges of the map, against the wall of a platform with a river of green goo in front of it. The UDamage spawns under a set of stairs. If you don't know where these items are, I suggest creating a duel on your own on this map to become familiar with its layout.

Play this mission with your team like you're a pack of wolves. Never venture off on your own, for doing so means probable slaughter. If you stick together, Akasha may kill one of you, but the other three should be able to avenge your death quickly.

I can summarize the winning strategy in four words: ''Camp the shield belt.'' With the shield belt on, you're able to survive much more of Akasha's attacks. From the platform where the shield belt spawns, you can also see the UDamage location, and can see for quite a ways into the map. If you camp this platform, you will see Akasha coming at you almost every time, with enough time to get your firing squad ready to gun her down as she draws near. Flak Cannon rounds can be fired up into the above floor and ricochet to do damage or score kills on her despite poor aim.

When the UDamage spawns, send your best player or a team of two to go and get it, and then return to the shield belt platform. It's nice if you can use it to hurt Akasha, but her NOT having it is more important than any use of it by your team. Leave at least two people behind at the shield belt spawn, and never leave that area unguarded. Follow this procedure and you stand the best chance of finishing her off and earning yourself 60 achievement points.

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