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Mission: (5) Raid on Balikpapan - Mode: Veteran

Hello ppl,

My name is Rafael, I'm from Brazil and this game (Battlestations: Midway) isn't popular in my country, but I have it and I'm here to get some knowledge, tips and help about this game!

I've completed Rookie mode, it's ok ... the same for Hardcore mode and some online battles too ... I'm trying the Veteran mode, it's realy challenging mode and I did all mission, but unfortunately, the misson 5 (Raid on Balikpapan) I didn't complete (Veteran mode)! This is my last Veteran Mission ... I want to do it!

Well ...
- All Cargo Ships have been destroyed, it's ok!
- All Secondary mission too (Fortress and Boat Hangar)

But I can't sunk Naka ... the biggest ship of reinforcements!!!

The first boat of reinforcements is easy ... just sail away from them and w8 for the small boat get range to attack ... but Naka have a kind of Shield Wall ... impossible ...
I've tried a thousand times ...

Someone, plz ... help me, tell me the secret to sunk and destroy Naka!!!
Tks a lot!
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